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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBJECTS

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Astrology, 592:hovers behind all manifestation and behind all objects, all qualified expressions of divinity andDiscipleship1, 327:disappears into the mists of illusion. Then all objects and affairs loom too large and appear tooDiscipleship1, 686:freedom, and in this he is basically right. He objects to having to obey. This is today axiomatic.Discipleship2, 170:thought and mental perception, they can be made objects of human desire. Ideas are simply channelsDiscipleship2, 225:on luxuries, on expensive and unnecessary objects of desire, the billions (and, my brother, it isDiscipleship2, 280:to him of such magnitude and importance (as objects of his enhanced vision) that he confounds themDiscipleship2, 669:emotion or devotion; it is love aware of the objects of love as they essentially are and a loveExternalisation, 187:States. The way of living and the spiritual objects of the democracies are recognized by all, andFire, 196:and unity. 82 Sensations aroused by sense objects are experienced by means of the outer instrumentsFire, 304:average man in each incarnation achieves three objects: The development of consciousness or theFire, 454:constructive ends of evolution, and many other objects which will grow out of the scientificFire, 652:has been effected, and hence one of the great objects of the war has been achieved. A still moreFire, 746:But when a man has thus freed himself from the objects of sense in the three worlds he againFire, 894:investigated. This third eye is one of the objects of kundalinic vivification, and in the spinalFire, 914:the etheric counterparts of so-called inanimate objects. These are named in the order and theFire, 935:The devas who form the etheric doubles of all objects out of their own substance must also beFire, 1141:Four kinds of symbols: Symbols of extraneous objects - physical plane things. Symbols of emotionalGlamour, 75:that all forms of possessions and all material objects, whether it is money, or a house, a pictureHealing, 231:to the primitive instincts, but was directed to objects and objectives extraneous to the body,Healing, 302:others and in all forms. On every hand, He saw objects of His [303] devotion and ever they provedHealing, 303:loved were lost, grew dim and disappeared. The objects of His love slowly faded out. Only a worldIntellect, 76:we create and then set in front of ourselves as objects of worship, or those ideas about happinessIntellect, 80:and God are synonymous terms. The mind knows two objects, we are told - the outer world through theIntellect, 151:intelligence which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mind stuff, thenIntellect, 191:intelligence which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mind stuff, thenIntellect, 217:meet from their family and friends; the husband objects to his wife meditating, or vice versa; sonsIntellect, 224:that, within and beyond all manifested objects, there lies an Ideal Object or Ideal Pattern, whichMagic, 24:of evolution. The average reader, however, objects to being forced to recognize wider points ofMagic, 135:to cooperate with the Great White Lodge has four objects in view. First, that in the working out ofMagic, 372:at the realization that one of the principal objects of endeavor at the present time on the part ofMagic, 412:exchange. They control the multiplicity of form-objects which modern man regards as essential toMagic, 543:[543] consciousness and become aware of astral objects and that illusive world of ever changingMagic, 550:what is called the "true form" of all material objects or phenomena, and they are responsive to theMeditation, 107:object He had in view. He had not all possible objects in view for this one solar system: He hadMeditation, 108:some one particular object, - not all possible objects. Each Personality is to the Ego what theMeditation, 157:by the mystic. These forms are for three objects: They put the pupil in direct contact with his ownMeditation, 196:or other of the bodies or on all. It has for its objects therefore: The swinging of a body, or aMeditation, 197:touch with the causal. This is one of the main objects of the true rhythmic movement, distortionsMeditation, 267:the Masters via Meditation A Probationer's Three Objects During the period wherein a man is underPatanjaliNon-attachment is freedom from longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional,Patanjali, 28:Non-attachment is freedom from longing for all objects of desire, either earthly or traditional,Patanjali, 29:himself of thirst for either seen or revealed objects." "The mind stuff (chitta) - if it be rid ofPatanjali, 29:mind stuff (chitta) - if it be rid of thirst for objects that are seen, such as women, or food orPatanjali, 29:primary matter - if even when in contact with objects either supernormal or not, it be, by virtuePatanjali, 29:of elevation, aware of the inadequateness of objects - will have a consciousness of beingPatanjali, 33:aspires. As the aspirant chooses with care the "objects" upon which he will meditate, he throughPatanjali, 33:upon which he will meditate, he through these objects, builds himself a ladder by means of which hePatanjali, 67:been well translated by some as "addiction to objects." This is the desire for material andPatanjali, 75:to gravitate with facility towards material objects. The nature of those objects will be dependentPatanjali, 75:towards material objects. The nature of those objects will be dependent upon the point in evolutionPatanjali, 84:"free from passion." Heat, or desire for all objects, is overcome. He stands then free from hisPatanjali, 99:in his commentary says as follows: "The grosser objects are only the elements and everythingPatanjali, 100:manufactured out of them. The five [100] objects begin with Tanmatras or five particles. ThePatanjali, 100:are all included in the category of five objects. The Purusha (the soul) alone is excepted fromPatanjali, 101:will be apprehended, and the steps, stages, objects, seeds, organs, forms (subtle or gross) willPatanjali, 112:of knowledge. 7. Desire is attachment to objects of pleasure. 8. Hate is aversion for any object ofPatanjali, 135:- The Steps to Union 7. Desire is attachment to objects of pleasure. This is not a literalPatanjali, 135:is best to translate the sutra as above. These objects of pleasure cover all the attachments whichPatanjali, 135:of discipleship; they cover desire for gross objects on the physical plane as well as attachment toPatanjali, 135:back alone upon himself. He has exhausted all objects of attachment, and even his guru seems toPatanjali, 231:by the mind. They must be drawn away from their objects and fixed upon the mind and assimilated toPatanjali, 244:He begins however with the form or "object." Objects upon which to concentrate are of four kinds:Patanjali, 245:to concentrate are of four kinds: [245] External objects, such as images of the deity, pictures orPatanjali, 245:the deity, pictures or forms in nature, Internal objects, such as the centers in the etheric body,Patanjali, 246:It is the realization of the necessity for "objects" in concentration that originated the demandPatanjali, 246:sacred sculptures and pictures. All these objects entail the use of the lower concrete mind andPatanjali, 246:it adjust what he chooses. The four types of objects mentioned above carry the aspirant graduallyPatanjali, 258:therefore, [258] deal with the nature of the objects seen and the control of the mind as the realPatanjali, 368:is the end and aim of yoga. It relates to all objects from the pradhana (spirit-matter A.B.) to thePatanjali, 368:forms A. B.), as also to all conditions of these objects. Moreover it produces knowledge of allPatanjali, 369:of illumination. 20. Neither can it know two objects simultaneously, itself and that which isPatanjali, 369:intelligence which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mind stuff, thenPatanjali, 369:reflect other mental impressions and perceive objects of sensuous perception. 28. These reflectionsPatanjali, 385:planetary or human) is outward going towards objects of desire, towards sentient existence, towardsPatanjali, 385:materialised existence can be enjoyed, and objects perceived. This is the great illusion by whichPatanjali, 404:an indirect manner, the existence of things as objects external to the mind. ThePatanjali, 404:there is, indeed, complete similarity among objects of the same class, still the way in which thePatanjali, 404:of the same class, still the way in which the objects affect the mind, and the way in which thePatanjali, 404:affected by them, are entirely distinct. Hence objects exist out of the thinking principle. ThoughPatanjali, 404:exist out of the thinking principle. Though objects are similar they are not presented to differentPatanjali, 405:that eternal vasana of the form of external objects is the cause of all our distinctive knowledgePatanjali, 413:4 - Illumination 20. Neither can it know two objects simultaneously, itself and that which isPatanjali, 415:intelligence, which stands alone and freed from objects, reflects itself in the mind stuff, thenPatanjali, 417:is also perceived, and the "perception of all objects" becomes possible. It becomes literally true,Patanjali, 422:reflect other mental impressions and perceive objects of sensuous perception. These reflections arePatanjali, xii:mind-stuff." The soul is inherently freed from objects and stands ever in the state of isolatedPatanjali, xii:he has consciously to free himself from all objects of desire and stand as a unified whole,Problems, 98:from the older generation. The Gentile also objects in many cases. The Jew is a good citizen,Psychology1, 209:fiery wrath. He will lay down his life for the objects of his devotion or reverence, but he willPsychology2, 170:of the depths.' The Worker then destroyed the objects of his previous toil, sparing three treasuresPsychology2, 567:- minerals, possessions and other material objects, for instance - we tend to make a magicalRays, 5:are due to our identification with the objects of desire, with the form aspect, and with that whichRays, 6:of the Subjective Aspect in Man. One of the objects of evolution is that the subjective realityRays, 572:and factories to produce the plethora of objects men deem needful for their happiness andRays, 572:scale in the field of creative art. Devotion to objects will eventually be superseded by theSoul, 27:17. "They say the sense powers are higher than objects; than the sense powers, emotion is higher;Soul, 62:to your principles light, colors, and the other objects of the senses... Finally, incorporealSoul, 72:its thinking; on the other, all the world of objects, other [73] persons and God. The efforts ofSoul, 73:way to span the chasm between the self and other objects. But with ideas as events in the head, andSoul, 73:the representations in the head were true to the objects in the outer realm. Upon the two sides of
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