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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBLIGATION

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Autobiography, 130:If these had been people who were under obligation to me, the story would be different, but allAutobiography, 198:charge for the work. In this way we are under no obligation, financially, to the students and IDestiny, 130:them in terms of their specific life obligation or dharma and producing the desired results throughDiscipleship1, 140:cherish those who are linked to them by karmic obligation and whose lives touch theirs in the lifeDiscipleship1, 285:It is a creative function. This is your obligation to your soul, and herein oft lies your failure.Discipleship1, 297:right for others. Between one's personal dharma, obligation and individual duties and one's groupDiscipleship1, 429:it is present, there comes the fulfilment of obligation and the performance of duty, but noDiscipleship1, 561:work... After your meditation, say the following obligation: "I play my part with stern resolve,Discipleship1, 570:of the soul and the fulfilment of your soul's obligation and the shouldering of the responsibilityDiscipleship1, 606:month - Duty. 2nd month - Dharma, or responsible obligation. 3rd month - Discrimination. 4th monthDiscipleship1, 625:and cooperation at those points where duty and obligation bring contact. Ponder on this... Discipleship1, 689:is how to fulfil the immediate personality obligation and, at the same time, produce an effect uponDiscipleship2, 179:as well as its daily use a major duty and obligation. This I have earlier impressed upon you andDiscipleship2, 455:with your objective life of service, of obligation and of duty. I commend these three words to youDiscipleship2, 455:For this coming year I give you another three: Obligation, Service, Duty. For the year beginningDiscipleship2, Esoter:work remains the same; it is part of your karmic obligation which may not be avoided, but the modeDiscipleship2, 617:invoke your loving sense of responsibility and obligation but only temporarily and only for thisDiscipleship2, 631:that the work of the Ashram is ever the prime obligation of the disciple. Necessarily, this workDiscipleship2, 632:stages in service and in recognition of duty and obligation are related to status more than to soulDiscipleship2, 738:The duty of the individual in the group. The obligation of the individual to humanity. TheDiscipleship2, 744:Your field of service and your field of karmic obligation must never rule each other out, but youDiscipleship2, 745:Ashram, and that fact carries with it a definite obligation and [746] responsibility. In my lastEducation, 50:and rightly direct his instincts. The second obligation upon the educators will be to bring aboutFire, 909:be allowed rashly to enter into the marriage obligation. There is no need to enlarge further uponGlamour, xi:state the purpose: Dharma means duty, or obligation, and it is your definite and specificGlamour, xi:obligation, and it is your definite and specific obligation to develop the intuition. The means orHealing, 502:to the call which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call emerging from theHealing, 535:to the call which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call emerging from theHealing, 678:to the call which comes within the sphere of obligation; recognize the call, emerging from theHealing, 685:to the call which comes within the sphere of obligation. What is this sphere of obligation to whichHealing, 685:the sphere of obligation. What is this sphere of obligation to which the initiate of high standingHealing, 685:of evolution. They are: Instinct, Duty, Dharma, Obligation; an understanding of the differencesHealing, 687:will, expressed through the Plan. The sphere of obligation. The initiate, having learnt the natureHealing, 687:divine aspects, passes now into the sphere of obligation. This sphere, which can be entered onlyHealing, 687:is recognized by him as expressing his major obligation to life. I use the word "life" in itsHercules, 49:of life, no field of expression, no meeting of obligation, no use of the physical apparatus, inHercules, 106:of his experience in matter. It is the cup of obligation certain of the ancient Masonic rituals,Initiation, 205:by the endeavor to fulfil every duty and obligation, to control every action and deed, and toIntellect, 207:eliminate the non-essentials out of his life. No obligation will be evaded, for the focused mindIntellect, 218:a way that involves no omission of duty or of obligation. It simply involves organization andMagic, 70:by selfish desire, then [70] your just obligation will be met, your responsibilities shouldered,Magic, 103:based on experience in occult work. There is no obligation to obey. We seek to train intelligentMeditation, 117:with them is twofold again; first to repay an obligation should such a debt have been incurred; andMeditation, 117:so that he may work out from under karmic obligation [118] and advance toward ultimate liberation;Meditation, 118:of an unsuitable nature he neglects his proper obligation he delays the purpose of his life, and inMeditation, 118:the band of Servers. All these groups involve obligation and work and all must be allowed for inPatanjali, 187:lawlessness. The word translated duty or obligation, could well be expressed by that comprehensivePatanjali, 288:"union with." One is full of desire and causes obligation and effects; the other is free fromProblems, 113:the [113] Negro backward, uneducated and under obligation to the white) and the freedom which hePsychology2, 177:will come back and with understanding take this obligation in the light. His eyes are towards thePsychology2, 276:and gave the touch of acquiescence in the obligation assumed when the approach of appropriationPsychology2, 600:usually) the meeting of a sensed requirement or obligation which would serve the mystic, bringingRays, 714:of the divine purpose. It is Their function and obligation to work that purpose out into
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