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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBLITERATED

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Bethlehem, 221:The light of the Transfiguration is suddenly obliterated; and because of the intensity of thatDiscipleship2, 641:all personal problems and conditions temporarily obliterated from your consciousness. To produceDiscipleship2, 655:dependability (because the lower self has been obliterated and no longer obstructs the vision) theyExternalisation, 268:engross his attention. All these attitudes are obliterated by the realization of an overpoweringMagic, 302:cause much distress in the world before it is obliterated. It grows out of three human capacities:Magic, 397:every atom of the body is gathered together and obliterated in the light of the soul when thatProblems, 41:done. Much can, however, be offset and even obliterated by the wise action of parents, doctors,Rays, 110:initiation when all personality tendencies are obliterated) as it would be to teach the masses ofRays, 114:the central luminary; all little fires must be obliterated by solar fire. The solar Angel controlsRays, 741:The physical effects of war are far more easily obliterated than are the mental effects. The greatReappearance, 142:of Christian living; millions of books have obliterated the living words of Christ; the arguments
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