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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSERVATION

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Astrology, 189:or who is already a disciple - pledged or under observation - will profit much from a deep andAutobiography, 89:not to be unduly troubled; that I had been under observation and was doing what He wanted me to do.Autobiography, 115:had been sent to San Francisco and put under observation by a physician and psychiatrist there inAutobiography, 117:by her father who had also been dismissed from observation with a clean bill of health. There isAutobiography, 133:Evans had left me when I was thirty-five. Much observation had indicated to me that thirty-five isBethlehem, 280:things which Christ did have largely escaped our observation. That He followed in the steps of manyDiscipleship1, 16:and learn, in freedom to choose or reject, in observation and in techniques. All have their value.Discipleship1, 49:knowledge. Ponder on this distinction. Right observation of reality upon the soul plane. This leadsDiscipleship1, 65:and word; the practice of this, with proper observation, will greatly help all of you. Next comes aDiscipleship1, 66:of the consciousness-aspect and the careful observation of all that goes on beneath the surface -Discipleship1, 162:own which was the result of several years' close observation of the members of my group. I haveDiscipleship1, 194:illusion. The goal is to develop the powers of observation which are those of the soul, and theDiscipleship1, 316:of centralization of the self, and of right observation are essential [317] to this group. TheyDiscipleship1, 318:field of service. The power to attain right observation, so as to see correctly that which shouldDiscipleship1, 444:What or who is the Observer? What is under observation? Am I capable of learning to observe, and ofDiscipleship1, 444:and of freeing myself from those results of observation which may not be desirable? Can I observeDiscipleship1, 444:development, have I ever given the technique of observation a fair trial? Do I feel it now to beDiscipleship1, 444:usefulness in service? In what way can right observation speed my progress upon the Path? If it isDiscipleship1, 444:is the main hindrance? Is my mind the organ of observation for the spiritual man? Can I offer thisDiscipleship1, 444:of the soul? As I review today, what part has observation played? How do I define the wordDiscipleship1, 444:observation played? How do I define the word "observation"? Observation in the spiritual sense is aDiscipleship1, 444:played? How do I define the word "observation"? Observation in the spiritual sense is a facultyDiscipleship1, 444:self? Can I center my consciousness in the Self? Observation is a power of the Observer. It worksDiscipleship1, 445:my daily life. What is the archetypal pattern of observation, and how can it be expressed in myDiscipleship1, 445:of the way of life? Can I draw upon the power of observation and the wisdom of the Observer whenDiscipleship1, 445:redeemer of the lower nature. In what way does observation aid in this redemption? Does redeemingDiscipleship1, 445:Does redeeming force, released through observation, pour through me? In what fashion will theDiscipleship1, 445:pour through me? In what fashion will the observation of the Observer bring changes in my life, myDiscipleship1, 445:myself? Which of my bodies requires the most observation and control? Have I demonstrated theDiscipleship1, 445:and control? Have I demonstrated the powers of observation today? Have I been in conscious contactDiscipleship1, 445:the major hindrance to my constant practice of observation? How can I offset this difficulty? HowDiscipleship1, 445:way can I most truly serve them? And how will observation help me to do this? Discipleship1, 558:You see clearly from the angle of mental observation, acutely and intelligently applied. Now learnDiscipleship1, 587:apart, no critical reaction and no superior observation. Your first ray personality, plus yourDiscipleship1, 655:through meditation and through constant daily observation. It must be dealt with through rightDiscipleship2, 277:which is the consummation of the practice of observation; they stand ever ready to make the neededDiscipleship2, 475:at this time. It will entail a task of watchful observation, of a determined going out to helpDiscipleship2, 533:when you reached that age that I intensified my observation of you. You had, if I may so expressDiscipleship2, 538:and become deliberately dictated by conscious observation; they then have in them a significantDiscipleship2, 623:which determines very largely the field of his observation and the focus of his directed attentionEducation, 8:coming to him via the five senses to the brain. Observation, rapid response, and physicalExternalisation, 36:This freedom will be brought about when "right observation" takes the place of the disturbed visionExternalisation, 506:intuitive perception of its people. He has under observation all those who are true psychics, andGlamour, 38:it is. The time must come when your processes of observation are so keen that you will recognize itGlamour, 142:and unless they cultivate the habit of careful observation, they may suffer from over-stimulationGlamour, 248:take time and will be the result of prolonged observation and a close analysis of acts and sentientGlamour, 248:in the life of the disciple. He will add to this observation and analysis of the strength of theGlamour, 248:spiritual and significant help. This period of observation is, however, confined to mental andGlamour, 248:is, however, confined to mental and intelligent observation. It forms the background of the work toGlamour, 249:to another period of investigation and careful observation, if he is not already aware of them.Glamour, 249:He enters upon a prolonged period of observation, of experiment and experience and institutes aGlamour, 251:and relatively inactive, being only the organ of observation where the soul is concerned and it isHealing, 399:as the result of war and the strain of war, the observation of pain and agony which cannot beHealing, 479:trends in which diseased conditions are found. Observation, experimentation, trial and error,Healing, 479:effects of disease. Time, and constant trained observation, have equally definitely indicated curesHealing, 490:as to the extent of the awareness and of observation, for a similar latitude must be allowed forInitiation, 59:his, the Spiritualistic movement. He has under observation all those who are psychics of the higherInitiation, 166:three ways: First, by a long prior training in observation; this can be begun here and now by allIntellect, 105:is foreign or extraneous to the matter under observation. Patanjali defines it thus: "The bindingIntellect, 255:the complete cessation of the work, a close observation should be made of where (in the human body)Magic, 601:of the Observer, detached from the mechanism of observation [602] and contact; he must recognizeMagic, 604:the holding of the attitude of constant detached observation. The new Group of World Workers mightMagic, 609:It is persistence in the attitude of right observation that brings about detachment from form, aMeditation, 123:occult student is the study and the scientific observation of this matter. We have been told inMeditation, 267:early part of his probation, whilst be is under observation, he can only sense and hold the groupMeditation, 298:Belgium, Sweden, and Austria are likewise under observation, and should the response [299] be asPatanjali, 152:The Seer Sight That which is seen, The Observer Observation That which is observed, The SpectatorPatanjali, 415:is to be found, and behind the object of observation lies the one who observes. This perceiver,Psychology1, 117:the soul of each trains the personality in true observation. In the case of the communicators, theyPsychology2, 138:the admission of the Ray hypothesis and an observation of the methods employed by these clearlyPsychology2, 183:will be so nebulous and fine that, to the outer observation, it will be practically non-existent.Psychology2, 507:freed, in sleep, from the physical body. His observation of the activities of others. These he isPsychology2, 710:of the nature of the men and the women under observation. Some study of the psychology of theRays, 667:duty will then be clear. It is by this close observation on the part of the world servers that theSoul, 149:to the scientific method of inquiry by observation, experiment and calculation; what it lacks inTelepathy, 101:In this case, however, the motive prompting observation is not self-interest, but the determinationTelepathy, 145:is as yet too intricate, and the mechanism of observation of the student too undeveloped, for me to
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