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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSERVED

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Atomincluded in the term of "occultism." It will be observed that there is in this series aAtom, 60:death. Several replied by saying that they had observed a bluish light issuing from the top of theDiscipleship1, 11:name) must be carefully striven for, accurately observed when in any way attained, and an exactDiscipleship1, 445:nature (good as well as undesirable) need to be observed if I desire to serve more intelligently?Discipleship1, 635:postponed their united group activity. You have observed none of the rules governing my disciples,Fire, 105:systemic standpoint, these same effects may be observed, functionally, this time in connection withFire, 121:mastered the three cosmic ethers. It is to be observed that just as in man the dense physical bodyFire, 219:of the cosmos. The various forms that are observed from a molecule of salt crystal to theFire, 280:upon His axis, and a like phenomenon may be observed. A planet repulses a planet similarly charged,Fire, 332:with each [332] separately, and it should be observed that the manifestation of the groups ofFire, 588:is the one in which the synthesis is first observed - the door into the fifth kingdom of SpiritFire, 1073:is limited to one center. [1073] It will be observed, therefore, that the stimulation of magneticGlamour, 95:the troubles of the evolving man begin to be observed by him and consciously encountered, and heHealing, 447:body is taking place have never yet been observed or recorded; they are, however, definitelyHercules, 45:this sign, and in the celestial chart it will be observed that the little group of stars calledHercules, 131:Libran. Thus is the principle of balance observed. The Libran goes about weighing and balancing allHercules, 181:the victims of the pestilence. Two rivers, he observed, the Alpheus and the Peneus, flowed quietlyIntellect, 230:Soul. For long ages this soul has perceived and observed me. Now for the first time I am in aMeditation, 85:forms the petals of the lotus) it will be observed that certain petals predominantly stand out, andPatanjali, 152:is seen, The Observer Observation That which is observed, The Spectator Vision The Spectacle, andPatanjali, 187:Certain governing factors in conduct must be observed and no latitude is permitted in thesePatanjali, 380:and mental planes. It might, therefore, be observed that (for the seeker after truth) incarnation,Psychology2, 65:the atoms which construct the form. It will be observed that we are here discussing the groupPsychology2, 288:alignment and consequent control. It will be observed that the rays governing the mind include onePsychology2, 342:the various levels of divine manifestation. We observed that these forms, in due process of time,Rays, 164:body is taking place have never yet been observed or recorded; they are, however, definitely
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