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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSERVERS

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Autobiography, 156:crashed whilst piloting a plane, training army observers. I had been introduced to him, after aDiscipleship1, 26:a demonstration laboratory of the trained observers of the world and can handle world glamor andDiscipleship1, 36:2. Another group is that of the Trained Observers. Their objective is to see clearly through allDiscipleship1, 36:glamor, which is the astral plane. The Trained Observers are asked to remember that their greatDiscipleship1, 445:Do I recognize and am I in touch with other Observers of the way of life? Can I draw upon the powerEducation, 64:the angle or point of view of certain divine Observers) definitely tangible and formed of creativeEducation, 116:it will act with wisdom and train with care its Observers and Communicators. These will be men andExternalisation, 31:on mental levels. The second group, the Trained Observers, has the objective to see clearly throughExternalisation, 36:new world order. The second group, the trained observers, will inaugurate the era of light and of aExternalisation, 38:angles the work of the second group (the Trained Observers) is exceedingly hard, harder perhapsExternalisation, 138:war are well known. All who are conscious of and observers of the war within their own natures,Glamour, 15:a demonstrating laboratory for the trained Observers of the world. One of the things which theGlamour, 38:differ. Yours is the work of the trained observers, and that training takes much time. At present,Magic, 56:cloud of witnesses who are the "onlookers and observers". They possess the power of spiritualMagic, 604:its outer ranks as a trained body of organized observers. I would divide the group into threeMagic, 604:place themselves. First, there are the Organized Observers. These aspirants are learning to do twoMagic, 606:which all disciples should grasp. [606] But observers of times and seasons can make rapid progressMagic, 606:two centuries have passed away. These "Organized Observers" form the outer circle of the new groupMagic, 606:out of the more exoteric circle of the organized observers, but have a wider scope of service thanMagic, 606:in touch with each other, and with the organized observers, but they are likewise in touch with theMagic, 606:and information accumulated by the organized observers and adapt it to the need of the world, andMagic, 609:These latter in their turn seek to employ the Observers. Knowers, Communicators, and Observers -Magic, 609:the Observers. Knowers, Communicators, and Observers - all working in a close if oft-timesPsychology1, 117:on White Magic I referred to the two groups of Observers and Communicators (the third group liesPsychology1, 117:and the question was asked: Who trains these Observers and Communicators? I should like to make itPsychology1, 117:I should like to make it clear that the observers train themselves or - more accurately - the soulPsychology1, 181:it will act with wisdom and train with care its Observers and Communicators. These will be men andRays, 580:focused on the astral plane. To all intelligent observers, this ideological situation is clear; it
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