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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSERVING

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Astrology, 425:and response or the activity of the perceiving, observing consciousness - carried on through theDiscipleship1, 259:As you do this remember that your soul is observing you, the personality, progressing on thisDiscipleship1, 548:are spiritual and of equal importance to the observing, contacting soul. This, I would ask you toDiscipleship2, 66:result of registered pain and through which the observing disciple must move. The glamor inducedDiscipleship2, 456:frictions which (from the angle of the observing disciple) seem to mar the picture. At intervals -Externalisation, 469:Church. It is a picture of a listening, observing Christ, animated by pity and compassion, but WhoGlamour, 243:of detachment and stand serene as the observing Director, there would be no more waste motion, noGlamour, 263:with the point of tension from which the observing disciple or aspirant is working. The point ofIntellect, 83:the mind is used as an instrument for observing the eternal states, and becomes in time anRays, 145:forms are prone"; They are part of a great [145] observing Group which "moves forward in time andSoul, 23:as would be used by the physicist or chemist in observing the reactions of bodies or compounds in
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