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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSESSING

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Externalisation, 10:if he is not literally an empty shell, which an obsessing entity can occupy and use. When speakingHealing, 317:or they may be completely the victim of some obsessing mental thought. Such mental obsessions canMeditation, 123:wrong obsession the man is at the mercy of the obsessing entity, and is unconsciously orMeditation, 125:is left in his mental body, [125] whilst the obsessing entity (clothed in mental matter) enters theMeditation, 125:on mental levels, and thus gives opportunity to obsessing entities to assume control. This, as IMeditation, 126:Dangers to be avoided in Meditation The Kinds of Obsessing Entities These are too numerous toMeditation, 127:will use these mantrams at night when the obsessing entity may be supposed to be absent during theMeditation, 127:after his re-entry and will seek to force the obsessing one to stay absent. When the real owner hasPsychology2, 458:serves a useful purpose, for it enables the obsessing entity to continue in possession. I refer toPsychology2, 600:aspiration, worship and longing) ended by obsessing him to such an extent that he finally ended byRays, 142:of our planetary Logos. Light is the great and obsessing enterprise in the three worlds of human
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