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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSESSION

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Autobiography, 164:as the first. Then there comes danger of obsession. We have had to handle many cases of obsessionAutobiography, 164:obsession. We have had to handle many cases of obsession as the result of automatic writing. In theExternalisation, 307:plans. This is the spiritual correspondence to obsession. In the case of obsession, a man is takenExternalisation, 307:correspondence to obsession. In the case of obsession, a man is taken possession of and inspired byExternalisation, 307:an incredibly focused potency. In the case of obsession, the evil force enslaves the personalityExternalisation, 461:United States, French national idealism, and the obsession of certain factors in the Polish raceFire, 126:to drive them forward, he stands in danger of obsession, insanity, physical death, or of direGlamour, 118:to a lack of vitality, physical weakness, obsession and many forms of difficulty. [119] In theHealing, 80:its vehicle [80] for outer manifestation, and obsession or possession is easily established. ThisHealing, 254:humanity of the basic diseases, of lunacy and obsession, and to prevent crime. This is finallyHealing, 316:body and the dense physical vehicle. Then obsession or possession can occur. Such cases areHealing, 339:is very seldom brought about by any form of obsession such as "an earth bound entity or a livingHealing, 342:Premature clairvoyance and clairaudience. Obsession. Absence of mind. Soullessness. This is, ofHealing, 374:for instance, of known physical illness, of obsession, or of mental difficulty and - working underMagic, 162:This is the "idée fixe" of the psychiatrist; the obsession which drives to lunacy; the one-pointedMagic, 501:higher psychics and seers there is no trance, obsession or mediumship. It is the web in the brainMeditation, 100:danger to be guarded against is that of [100] obsession, but in pure thoughts, spiritual aims, andMeditation, 121:- Dangers to be avoided in Meditation Dangers of Obsession Dangers from discarnate entities areMeditation, 121:from discarnate entities are frankly those of obsession, either of a temporary nature and lastingMeditation, 122:the point that this entrance which we call obsession is effected largely through the negativeMeditation, 122:so exquisitely attuned, that the danger of obsession is greater than ever heretofore. But for yourMeditation, 122:so great. Divine inspiration or that "divine obsession" which is the privilege of all advancedMeditation, 123:to be remembered is that in the case of wrong obsession the man is at the mercy of the obsessingMeditation, 123:a partner in the transaction. In divine obsession the man consciously and willingly cooperates withMeditation, 123:is ever the greater helping of the race. The obsession is then not the result of a negativeMeditation, 123:- Dangers to be avoided in Meditation Causes of Obsession October 9, 1919 One of the activitiesMeditation, 123:We have been told in various occult books that obsession and insanity are very closely allied.Meditation, 123:blessing. Let us deal first with the causes of obsession, leaving the subject of [124] insanity forMeditation, 124:by the real Ego. This is the most common form of obsession, and affects those with powerfulMeditation, 124:polarized in the emotional body. A rarer kind of obsession is the mental. In coming days as theMeditation, 124:one may expect perhaps to see more of it. Mental obsession involves the displacement taking placeMeditation, 125:the two lower vehicles. In the case of emotional obsession the Thinker is left with his emotionalMeditation, 125:and is difficult to cure. A still rarer cause of obsession is definitely the work of the darkMeditation, 125:and this is taken advantage of. This type of obsession shows itself in the transformation that isMeditation, 127:More anent this can later be given. Where mental obsession is involved the matter is moreMeditation, 127:will center around the first two groups. Mental obsession must await greater knowledge, thoughPsychology2, 419:incentives, immaturity and [419] sometimes obsession or possession. Frequently what is called aPsychology2, 419:cannot here deal at length with the problems of obsession, due to the withdrawal of thePsychology2, 458:human animal. Certain cases of possession or obsession will be found, wherein the life thread isPsychology2, 458:whereas in the average case of possession or obsession there is a dual personality problem and evenPsychology2, 583:of trance conditions and of many kinds of obsession, temporary or permanent. I do not include inPsychology2, 603:only his fanatical devotion and his emotional obsession. The ajna center swings into activityPsychology2, 723:very great. The result is in the nature of group obsession, which is a relatively new thing, but
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