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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSOLETE

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Autobiography, 99:days) and corset-covers, never seen today and as obsolete as the Dodo. One thing I will say forAutobiography, 120:Jews hang on to a religion which is basically obsolete. I asked myself a few days ago what part ofAutobiography, 215:I had to submit to having my views regarded as obsolete and try to remember my own days of revolt.Autobiography, 233:calf was that they had reverted to a past and obsolete religion which they should have left behind.Bethlehem, 264:good is present. The teaching of Christ is not obsolete and out of date. It needs only to beDestiny, 135:vanish. Even the word "materialism" will become obsolete and men in the future will be amused atDiscipleship1, 99:the ancient techniques - now becoming somewhat obsolete - and the giving of those hints which willDiscipleship2, 18:of the ancient technique, now becoming somewhat obsolete, and give you hints as to the nature andExternalisation, 77:system the knowledge (necessary then but obsolete now) that his race was the "chosen people." TheExternalisation, 542:of the Hierarchy with Shamballa will render obsolete these ancient ceremonial rites. In thisExternalisation, 543:the faults of the world religions, with their obsolete theologies and their lack of love, and toExternalisation, 544:- of the orthodox Jewish faith, with its obsolete teaching, its separative emphasis, its hatred ofExternalisation, 551:it is so ancient that its teachings are largely obsolete. Because when the Jews become spiritualExternalisation, 571:to old rites and ceremonies, to ancient and obsolete but precious ideas, and his constant warfareExternalisation, 577:and will exert such pressure that old and obsolete methods, ancient outworn theologies and selfishFire, 475:through ignorance will become impossible and obsolete. The time will come, when the attitude of manGlamour, 227:today (from the angle of the Hierarchy) entirely obsolete and of no importance where disciples andHealing, 267:dogmas and customs which are intrinsically obsolete and which create points of constant irritationProblems, 100:Jew apart, and these he enforces no matter how obsolete they are or inconvenient to others. TheseProblems, 100:He regards the Jew as a follower of an obsolete religion; he [101] intensely dislikes the cruel andProblems, 143:and threat - to keep people in line with the obsolete old teaching. The essential truth liesRays, 28:when motive (heart and soul) becomes spiritually obsolete because purpose has reached a point ofRays, 341:of the people, the Hierarchy chose the mode (now obsolete) of holding out the prospect ofRays, 534:and right in the Jewish dispensation, are now obsolete and should be abrogated. It is equally trueRays, 754:incorporate it in the new form. Judaism is old, obsolete and separative and has no true message forReappearance, 147:and threat - to keep people in line with the obsolete old teaching. The essential truth lies
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