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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBSTACLE

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Destiny, 79:Piscean personality attitude provides a great obstacle and accounts for what has puzzled all whoDiscipleship1, 74:every cost and in the face of every imaginable obstacle. The New Group of World Servers mustDiscipleship2, 177:oriented and aligned, and thus present no obstacle to the inflow of divine energy. These threeExternalisation, 620:Circumstances and environment offer no true obstacle to the spiritual life. Perhaps he hides behindGlamour, 90:in the following manner: Process Correspondence Obstacle 1. Physical coordination Mineral kingdomGlamour, 222:Their complete assurance proves a serious obstacle to clear-sighted work because that has all to goHealing, 508:nature so constituted that it presents no obstacle to the furthering of these selfish intentions,Intellect, 131:neither is it thought. Here lies the greatest obstacle to the intuition and the state ofMagic, 240:for illusory fears to grow. Fear is the main obstacle frequently to a very vital step forward whichPatanjali, 62:to hold the meditative attitude when achieved. Obstacle I - Bodily Disability It is interesting toPatanjali, 62:It is interesting to note that the first obstacle has relation to the physical body. AspirantsPatanjali, 64:who have "kept the law and the commandments." Obstacle II - Mental Inertia The next great basicPatanjali, 64:II - Mental Inertia The next great basic obstacle (for these obstacles are given in the order ofPatanjali, 65:so doing, the true raja yogins will be gathered. Obstacle III - Wrong Questioning This is the nextPatanjali, 66:shalt gain union with the Soul." Gita II.51.52. Obstacle IV - Carelessness The attitude of mindPatanjali, 66:one object to another." See Book III Sutra 11. Obstacle V - Laziness All the commentators agree asPatanjali, 67:He permits time to slip by and does nothing. Obstacle VI - Lack of dispassion This has been wellPatanjali, 67:sutras and need not be enlarged upon here. Obstacle VII - Erroneous perception This inability toPatanjali, 70:prepare intelligently for the next step forward. Obstacle VIII - Inability to achieve ConcentrationPatanjali, 70:with and will not be further touched upon here. Obstacle IX - Failure to hold the MeditativePatanjali, 73:to the seven obstacles earlier considered. Obstacle Remedy 1. Bodily disability Wholesome, sanePatanjali, 140:are subtly known as the seeds which produce the "obstacle-producing forms," then they can bePatanjali, 368:forth. That which proved a hindrance and an obstacle to the full expression of divinity inRays, 351:initiation presents an insuperable barrier and obstacle; to the true spiritual neophyte, the doorReappearance, 167:Circumstances and environment offer no true obstacle to the spiritual life. Perhaps he hides behind
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