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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBTAINED

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Astrology, 638:and black astrology... the good or bad results obtained do not depend upon the principles which areBethlehemand service which in former ages could be obtained from the average layman by the expounding ofExternalisation, 219:- acquisitive material desire, aggressively obtained - into soul consciousness, with itsExternalisation, 493:Dark Forces triumphed, and had the Axis Powers obtained possession of the needed scientificFire, VII:often spoke of her amazement at the glimpses she obtained through contact with the Tibetan's mind,Fire, 188:knowledge-senses... by which knowledge is obtained... They axe the avenues inward. "Karma-indriyas"Fire, 286:or exoteric information is largely that obtained or ascertained by men in the Hall of Learning byFire, 966:through which direct and certain knowledge is obtained. - S. D., I. 77. The initiate directs theFire, 1046:'I shall obtain the This and the I.' Having obtained them, you will pass on to the Negation, to theHercules, 117:to understand his spiritual mission, though he obtained its objective. Again, one wonders why theHercules, 137:a method by which the "ease" of Libra may be obtained. We all know of men and women, in history andInitiation, 183:number of the initiates and [183] those who have obtained adeptship in the last cycle, have beenIntellect, 124:but a more or less non-rational structure, obtained intuitively. Once it has been set up, it isMeditation, 168:ladder whereby expansions of consciousness are obtained, and the man is enabled to extend theMeditation, 282:to the world. Methods of Approach and Effects obtained The methods of approach are broadly threePatanjali, 356:of the Prakriti. These three attainments... are obtained by conquering the substantive appearance
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