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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBVIOUS

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Externalisation, 119:who had not left the Father's home. It is obvious, is it not, from this parable, where theExternalisation, 156:saviors. The implications will, therefore, be obvious to real students. In considering these greatExternalisation, 197:in its working out. Certain facts are obvious. The old order has failed. The resources of the worldExternalisation, 213:yet to be determined. Two things are, however, obvious to us as we look at the present worldExternalisation, 247:all around you; your faith will see behind the obvious to the "substance of things hoped for, theExternalisation, 320:Reconstruction Work September 1941 It will be obvious to you that there is little that I can say asExternalisation, 340:and the negation of the spiritual values, it is obvious that on the material plane the line ofExternalisation, 378:already be dimly seen; the failure - complete, obvious and irremediable - of the old order and theExternalisation, 415:humanity and the spiritual Hierarchy. It will be obvious to you that as humanity, through its mostExternalisation, 486:will increasingly make its presence obvious, and that humanity will indeed rise out of its unhappyExternalisation, 531:have attained the fifth initiation, it will be obvious to you that there is little that I can sayExternalisation, 532:broad that their inclusions and implications are obvious. This, for instance, concerns the "centerExternalisation, 649:the coming of Christ will inaugurate. It will be obvious (if you have considered my words withExternalisation, 662:Morya works is also exceedingly busy. It is obvious to you that as this is a first ray Ashram, theFire, 59:though not solar, space. It is, therefore, obvious that this matter of fire is as complex as thatFire, 83:a fact which is oft overlooked, though logically obvious; each Ray is the vehicle for a cosmicFire, 314:is conceded. On the other planes it is not so obvious. On the buddhic plane, the Builders on theFire, 358:achieves the aims of evolution. It will be obvious that the Heavenly Man Who stands for theFire, 734:have been carefully followed, it will be obvious that in studying the question of pralaya, we areFire, 966:measures up to that necessitated. It will be obvious, likewise, that the disciple's power forGlamour, 16:it [16] can be dissipated and dispelled. It is obvious that I cannot deal with the subjectGlamour, 32:seeing the LIGHT as it is. This is all the more obvious when it is remembered that the otherGlamour, 144:illumination as the antithesis of glamor it is obvious that my remarks must necessarily be limitedGlamour, 205:is, as yet to us, pure darkness. It will be obvious to you that this increasing light brings withGlamour, 221:world glamor must be handled (as will be obvious to you) by those who are working at theGlamour, 230:Mother aspect. Its likeness to the swastika is obvious and will be one of the reasons for itsGlamour, 234:to gain facility in this work, but it is surely obvious that in learning what is an [235] entirelyGlamour, 244:words in their fullest significance. It will be obvious to you, therefore, that in these threeHealing, 47:heir. It is in this connection that it becomes obvious that the work of the physician and of theHealing, 54:you now have before you for consideration, it is obvious that the following facts emerge. TheseHealing, 70:it is for men to face up to life. It will be obvious that the problems of worry and irritationHealing, 93:in the very material of the planet itself, it is obvious that human thought is not responsible forHealing, 175:ills to which disciples fall heir. It will be obvious to you, for instance, that the transferenceHealing, 205:the one, under right direction, heal. It will be obvious to you, therefore, that healers at theHealing, 229:and quite easily perceived. The penalty was obvious and the results immediate; the Teachers of theHealing, 270:public is yet, as a whole, ignorant. It will be obvious to you that it is entirely needless for meHealing, 354:consider this later in more detail. It will be obvious to you that when we begin to deal with theHealing, 387:no matter what that future may bring. It will be obvious too that there lies before you theHealing, 388:Basic Requirements for Healing It will also be obvious to you that the word "restitution" concernsHealing, 395:These three processes are Death. It will be obvious to you that when humanity attains this outlookHealing, 405:be to you an arresting thought. It will be obvious, however, that there is little that I can sayHealing, 447:in mind what I have elsewhere given, it is obvious that that which must find entrance is that vitalHealing, 526:center in the healer's body. It will be obvious to you, therefore, how much knowledge andHealing, 553:all that the undeveloped man can do. It will be obvious to you that broad generalizations such asHealing, 562:attends that type of person - the so-called obvious old maid or bachelor. Needless to remark, thereHealing, 572:the true healer within the form. In its most obvious and lowest connotation this phrase simply saysHealing, 574:where the point of friction had been. It will be obvious to you that this form of healing work isHealing, 588:problem. If this sentence is studied it will be obvious that a definition such as that can be usedHealing, 600:from disease and death. [600] It will be obvious that the healer, as he trains himself in theHealing, 600:relative simplicity is such that it will be obvious that anyone can be a healer if he so choosesHealing, 643:From just casually reading this Rule it will be obvious that its significance is vital to allHealing, 675:complete picture of the situation. It is obvious that this "penetration" into the causes of theHealing, 693:CHAPTER IX The Seven Modes of Healing It will be obvious to you that even if the techniques or theHealing, 700:and consequently their rays are apparent and obvious to the healer, which greatly helps. You couldHealing, 710:thus respond and so must likewise disappear. The obvious and simplest meaning of the fifth ray modeHercules, 118:nothing beyond his own small ring-pass-not. How obvious, and what breeders of true tolerance, areInitiation, 4:the consciousness of the mental plane, it is obvious that his comprehension of cosmic data can beInitiation, 164:who are on that particular planetary ray. It is obvious how necessary such knowledge is to theInitiation, 180:remaining two planes of the solar system. It is obvious, therefore, that it is correct to speak ofIntellect, 229:specific results in particular people, but it is obvious that they cannot be included in such aIntellect, 232:idea upon which we seek to concentrate. It is obvious that each person will follow the bent of hisIntellect, 237:be found at the close of the book, but it is obvious that in a book of this description the moreMagic, 68:between selfish and unselfish action is the most obvious one to follow upon the choice betweenMagic, 69:and only right action can be taken. It is obvious, therefore, that all resolves itself into anMagic, 200:at this stage of our training. The reason is obvious. Most aspirants are at the stage of the thirdMagic, 342:cure for this type of [342] discouragement is obvious, is it not? Rest and relaxation build anew,Magic, 476:of the one who has brought it into being. It is obvious that already the nature of speech inMagic, 542:and how little attention is paid to the more obvious and more easily discerned etheric forms andMagic, 546:Angel is attaining definite concretion." The obvious and most apparent meaning is, therefore,Magic, 558:Such is the true procedure. It will be obvious, therefore, why the manifested unit, man, is urgedMagic, 637:persistently permits himself to be glamored is obvious. His vision becomes fogged and misty and heMeditation, 20:for frequent change, and the explanation of the obvious condition of variety and apparent chaos inMeditation, 80:and be etherically quiet. Therefore, it will be obvious how great is the need for consciousMeditation, 208:but subject to rule and law. It is therefore obvious to you why it is so often emphasized that inMeditation, 236:of all the above on the environment, it will be obvious at once to the careful student that thePatanjali, 28:of the same idea only carried down to its more obvious present expression, man as the personality.Patanjali, 221:the etheric levels of consciousness. It will be obvious that much of the teaching conveyed in thisProblems, 55:future profession or mode of life which it is obvious will condition them. Citizenship will then beProblems, 57:be excluded, only a better motivation will be obvious and a nationalistic, selfish presentationProblems, 60:errors and mistakes of the past techniques are obvious but there is no need to waste time inProblems, 65:fuller and richer life for everyone. It will be obvious that very many decades must elapse beforeProblems, 66:entirely new economic age. This is increasingly obvious to all thinking people. Because of theProblems, 77:be right human relations among nations, it is obvious that such relations should exist also betweenProblems, 94:and just and exact propaganda. It will be obvious that it will not be possible to take up the taleProblems, 114:of the Racial Minorities The Solution It will be obvious that a finding of a solution to theProblems, 160:and in truth be functioning on earth. it will be obvious to you that this technique of invocationProblems, 167:nations lack the necessities of life, it is obvious that there is a trouble-breeding factor therePsychology1, 268:conflicting views, and of varying ideas. It is obvious that the matter is a difficult one toPsychology1, 271:differing climatic conditions. It is therefore obvious, - is it not? - that it is no part of myPsychology1, 296:elaborate in this direction, for this truth is obvious and has oft been voiced. Later, but not forPsychology1, 315:to trace parallels, and it is becoming obvious to the careful student that the emergence of thePsychology1, 336:of twelve planetary manifestations. It will be obvious to the observant reader also that certainPsychology1, 350:to the inner guidance) can offset the more obvious major effects. This will give an interestingPsychology1, 384:be of the mind, and her glory of the soul. It is obvious that the governing faculty is strongly thePsychology2, 55:eventually subordinate the more superficial and obvious energies (which have worked their wayPsychology2, 201:following ways: Either non-existent, the only obvious and provable thing being the intelligentPsychology2, 216:and clear it might be wise to distrust the obvious interpretation. The matter is abstruse. It isPsychology2, 218:midst of a troubled and bewildered world. For obvious reasons, a vision of the Plan, nebulous as itPsychology2, 234:the subconscious life of God Himself, it will be obvious that, given the original premise thatPsychology2, 294:activity after the third initiation. It will be obvious, therefore, that when the psychologist
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