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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OBVIOUSLY

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Astrology, 114:of the hypothesis. Ancient astrology was obviously incomplete but until man became patentlyAstrology, 222:and when that emerges clearly, the man is obviously a disciple and the esoteric planets will thenAstrology, 294:is the goal, then the Sun must obviously rule, for it is the source of physical consciousnessAstrology, 497:of the vehicle of response. These two ideas are obviously revolutionary and when to them you addAutobiography, 97:to stay with me and take care of me as I was obviously too ill to be left alone. So I went back toAutobiography, 129:fun at me. I didn't belong, apparently. I was obviously too good and, of course, exceedingly properAutobiography, 141:rescued me, who was born with no equipment, with obviously no background, with no money and with noBethlehem, 103:into definite periods and cycles, and though obviously the detail of what He had to do was onlyDestiny, 39:mind deductions and the surety that he is obviously right. They do not embody the spiritual valuesDestiny, 62:quality of the Spanish character, they are obviously of sixth ray origin and are highlyDiscipleship1, XIV:these men would die a few years later. He is obviously preparing them for that great transition. InDiscipleship1, 71:We enter into no activities which are obviously foreordained to failure. Many experiments are beingDiscipleship2, 318:The presentation of those truths which obviously grow out of a recognition of truths alreadyDiscipleship2, 425:down into the physical plane. This must be obviously a most difficult statement for you to grasp,Discipleship2, 446:lives in the world of causes, for this is obviously the world of initiation. He deals thereforeHealing, 80:and over-stimulation of the centers, are obviously fundamental causes as far as the dense physicalHealing, 140:problems, illness and death. [140] This must obviously be so when the vast number of energies andHealing, 242:Arising from Obscure Planetary Conditions It is obviously impossible for me to enlarge upon thisHealing, 293:within which he moves and which he shares. It is obviously impossible for me to elucidate thisHealing, 537:is wrong is the claim that the ordinary man (obviously not at this advanced point in evolution) canHealing, 576:to the new interpretation because it was so obviously modern in its implications. In fact, theHealing, 666:by the church commentators - but practically and obviously. It is evidenced by the disastrousHercules, 146:the energy of matter, represented by food, is obviously used to produce that of motion. Can theInitiation, 185:man who has reached the fifth initiation. It is obviously impossible, and also unnecessary, toMagic, 592:the need for excessive care, for there will obviously be a direct effect upon the externalPatanjali, 231:learned and certain work accomplished. These can obviously not be given in such a work as this. TheProblems, 5:and in a realization of the distinction obviously existing between primitive men and our modernProblems, 135:because peace has never truly been known and is obviously still far away. Above everything else,Psychology2, 613:apparent to you that the revelation of power is obviously part of the expression of the first rayPsychology2, 660:should be called to those activities which are obviously in line with the Plan, and the work andRays, 385:leave much to be desired, and the soul is obviously not in constant control; a great struggle isRays, 405:The Path of Training for Planetary Logoi It is obviously impossible to say much about this Path.Rays, 657:cultures which have evolved out of them. This obviously we cannot do, for it would require researchReappearance, 130:and the world of experience will [130] be obviously blended through the stimulation of the adventTelepathy, 173:the Personality 3. The Sphere of Radiation. This obviously concerns the radius of influence or the
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