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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCASION

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Astrology, 292:apparatus, avails itself upon every possible occasion of every advance made by the form, andAtomin the series, it was found necessary on each occasion to present a bird's-eye view of the groundAutobiography, 81:and handled me roughly when she thought the occasion warranted it. If she did not like the way IAutobiography, 148:the building with me because I thought it might occasion talk and gossip. So each night when theDiscipleship1, 90:particular kind, according to the demand of the occasion) to that which lies without himself. ThisDiscipleship1, 203:with the Tibetan's work and is still, on occasion, in touch with the Tibetan. Of him, the TibetanExternalisation, 11:disciple of the Ageless Wisdom should the occasion warrant it, and circumstances justify such anExternalisation, 445:and the Full Moon of June - Christ's "Unique Occasion" as it has been called - which falls on MayExternalisation, 480:the coming Full Moon of June as "Christ's Unique Occasion." (The Reappearance of the Christ,Externalisation, 553:the Wesak Festival and Christ's Unique Occasion. One point I must make here, and I make it withFire, 723:Such entities from Sirius appear at the occasion of the initiation of the solar Logos, and TheyFire, 763:manifestation which the Adept creates on occasion through the power of the will and in which HeHealing, 467:and of restitution. This can and frequently does occasion a struggle which is quite apparent to theHealing, 472:in past lives. When I say, for instance, that on occasion the "soul may leave the door ofHercules, 188:of man is sound and pure, is rising to the occasion and we are coming through, but don't think itInitiation, 69:in small classes, or individually (should the occasion warrant it) in the Master's private study.Magic, 63:all seems dull and sterile; his service is on occasion a fruitful and satisfying experience and heMagic, 265:for his need, to be discarded or used as occasion warrants. Magic, 574:the words which he spoke on any particular occasion were prompted by a desire to impose his willMeditation, 135:(though riot the sprites or sylphs) move on occasion to their assistance, and in the control ofMeditation, 327:will be there for five to seven years and on occasion even longer; those who are old disciples andPsychology1, 81:the questions which They addressed to Him on one occasion when They met "under the eye of the Lord"Psychology2, 218:sought to express the wider [218] possibility or occasion as the Hierarchy sees it today. TheirPsychology2, 501:for and find those he seeks to damage, and find occasion to hurt those he hates; he will favorPsychology2, 619:themselves; speak the truth with love when occasion occurs; refuse to become bitter over the painPsychology2, 693:exigencies of the time, the necessities of the occasion, and the varying circumstances of place,Reappearance, 15:II - The World Today CHAPTER TWO Christ's Unique Occasion - The World Today In any acceptance ofReappearance, 15:and that the Christ is confronted with an unique occasion. This unique opportunity with which He isReappearance, 23:conferences, confronted Christ with His unique occasion and presented Him with a decision which HeReappearance, 24:Today Reverently we might say that in this "occasion" of the Christ's, two facts were involved and
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