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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCASIONAL

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Atom, 6:consideration of the matters here discussed, the occasional repetition of the fundamental pointsAutobiography, 70:Gurkhas, native soldiers and policemen, an occasional elephant with his mahout, strange smells,Autobiography, 91:in 1903 is of importance to me. There surely are occasional lives that stand out in theAutobiography, 155:There was nothing in Walter Evans' very brief occasional letters to indicate a change of heart andDiscipleship1, 219:(as was the case in your last life) to an occasional cyclic and almost violent emphasis upon someDiscipleship1, 219:emphasis upon some individual. This is now only occasional (relatively speaking). You are learningDiscipleship1, 343:than are any of you. Your questions and your occasional papers will be of value to the group.Discipleship1, 510:would be? Would you say: Real success with occasional brief relapses through old habits of thoughtDiscipleship1, 704:awareness of the Ashram and its life is only an occasional inspiration instead of a fixed habit ofDiscipleship2, 247:"stabilizing points of crisis," in which the "occasional becomes the constant and the intendedDiscipleship2, 301:[301] stimulation of his Ashram; he gives him occasional hints, and as the disciple acts and worksExternalisation, 512:students and of those who are in direct or occasional touch with the Masters and of those whoseFire, 101:and - viewed as a separating web - it permits occasional exit to those of suitable vibration. Fire, 1131:experience, experiment, frequent failures, occasional success, mature reflection and introspection,Fire, 1169:of stars and Systems is the cause of the occasional irregular flaring-up or intensification of sunsGlamour, 31:The bulk of the people are purely emotional with occasional flashes of real mental understanding -Glamour, 31:flashes of real mental understanding - very occasional, my brother, and usually entirely absent.Glamour, 39:dim glimpses of the Portal of Initiation and an occasional flash of light from the Angel of theHealing, 5:The sumtotal of forces, feelings, desires and occasional mental processes which characterizes theHealing, 170:system. But the time is not yet. I but give occasional indications of such a science upon which theHealing, 444:the process of daily sleep and the process of occasional dying are identical, with the oneHealing, 521:for instance, H.P.B. (under my instruction) made occasional reference, very briefly and obscurely,Magic, 202:types of energy, physical, emotional and an occasional flow of soul energy. The point to beMagic, 415:personalities, and not personalities actuated by occasional soul impulses. The members of the manyMagic, 495:the process of daily sleep and the process of occasional dying are identical, with the oneMeditation, 111:advanced students at present all that is felt is occasional flashes of illumination, but later willMeditation, 126:the same way that a child loves to dress up. Occasional visitors from other planets who enterMeditation, 257:face to face"; now we catch glimpses through the occasional windows we pass in our ascension of theMeditation, 273:is a gradual process and carries a man from an occasional outer contact with [274] a Master and HisPsychology1, 13:are aware of the kingdom of the soul and of an occasional reaction to impression from that kingdom,Psychology1, 106:to whom They offer opportunity and give an occasional hint. Each of Them has a few, a very few,Psychology2, 64:instrument; it can be seen whether that grasp is occasional and partial or whether it is entire andPsychology2, 301:glands and their effects, upon dreams and their occasional effect, upon instinctual behavior (whichRays, 457:and the mystical experience, does have occasional contact with the soul, and this happens withRays, 459:clearer; a growing soul contact is established; occasional flashes of intuitive perception from theRays, 544:his personality with soul energy. Those who make occasional and rare soul contacts (and there areReappearance, 86:not, in the future, be the experience of the occasional disciple but the general experience of
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