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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULT

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Autobiography, 184:you note that I say the general public and not occult groups. I know and believe that the generalAutobiography, 184:for a normal and sensible interpretation of occult truth than are the members of the average occultAutobiography, 184:occult truth than are the members of the average occult group. Autobiography, 189:where he started one of the best magazines along occult lines extant today. It is called "The AryanAutobiography, 190:from the various Theosophical societies and occult groups came regularly. Mr. Richard Prater, anAutobiography, 191:and "Initiation Human & Solar," "Letters on Occult Meditation" and "The Consciousness of the Atom"Autobiography, 191:request always amused me. I'm not one of those occult teachers who claims to know exactly what theAutobiography, 193:desire to be of some help, and three books on occult subjects. Since that time over 30,000 peopleAutobiography, 196:position has been the curse of the T.S. and many occult groups. Often have I said to the schoolAutobiography, 196:without their heart or their head and the true occult student is a combination of both. No ArcaneAutobiography, 197:of the planet. It is a school wherein true, occult obedience is developed. This occult obedienceAutobiography, 197:true, occult obedience is developed. This occult obedience involves no obedience to me or any otherAutobiography, 198:in the world to do is to start a self-interest occult school and it is being done all the time, butAutobiography, 217:non-sectarian and open to esoteric thinkers and occult students of all groups in Europe andAutobiography, 227:had been founded by Sir Subra Maniyer. It was an occult order of apparently an advanced kind. I hadAutobiography, 245:having no sympathy with the flood of so-called occult literature being passed out to the public byAutobiography, 245:being passed out to the public by the various occult groups, having no experience in writing forAutobiography, 245:her disgust of this type of work and of the many occult presentations of truth which wereAutobiography, 246:with the organization life of the various occult groups which claimed to be working under TheirAutobiography, 246:such is the history of practically all the known occult groups which attract the attention of theAutobiography, 246:have found no collaboration from her. Letters on Occult Meditation followed next. These indicated aAutobiography, 247:control of the astral or emotional body. Many occult books have been written on the subject of theAutobiography, 248:nor will she. She knows it is against the occult law and has seen too many people of no particularAutobiography, 249:to status and title which is a blight on so many occult groups, leading to the full tide ofAutobiography, 249:which distinguishes the majority of the occult groups, which renders futile so many of theAutobiography, 250:or to A.A.B. Students can work in any of the occult, esoteric, metaphysical or orthodox groups andAutobiography, 250:the school. Leaders and senior workers in many occult groups are also working in the Arcane School,Autobiography, 251:Some are occultists, working in the various occult groups; some are mystics, working with visionAutobiography, 255:given out by the various teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculous claims put out by theAutobiography, 257:[257] A.A.B. in her 25 years work for me in the occult field has taken no advantage of the factAutobiography, 262:metaphysical, Theosophical, Rosicrucian and occult orders which are everywhere to be found. TheseAutobiography, 262:with his personal interpretation of standard, occult information, emphasizes the need forAutobiography, 263:transmitted by the teacher, in violation of the occult law that no Master ever gives a command orAutobiography, 263:and isolate the truths which are really occult and thus vision clearly the goal of esotericAutobiography, 263:Of these dogmatic utterances, the many occult schools, the [264] inner schools and the variousAutobiography, 265:of the soul. They will deal with the world of occult values and will be mental in nature, layingAutobiography, 265:of the mystic (a necessary stage) there is the occult fact of identity with the divine. 3. EsotericAutobiography, 266:of Esotericism The words "esoteric" and "occult" signify "that which is hidden"; they indicate thatAutobiography, 271:and drop away. He teaches certain unalterable occult principles to which the entire group isAutobiography, 272:be upon individual responsibility and the basic occult principles. We could divide the schools inAutobiography, 273:because the leader adheres more closely to the occult rules and endeavors to conform to theAutobiography, 274:new and more suitable methods of teaching occult truth. The Arcane School is a part of this latterAutobiography, 282:spiritual living, upon the mental grasp of the occult teaching and upon those rules and processesAutobiography, 283:These are as follows: Each student is pledged to occult obedience. Each student is entirely free toAutobiography, 284:accepted disciple - technically understood. The occult obedience referred to is the obedienceAutobiography, 284:expectation has, however, nothing to do with occult obedience, but is simply common sense. OccultAutobiography, 284:occult obedience, but is simply common sense. Occult obedience is a spontaneous reaction of theAutobiography, 285:by this means and by following the path of true occult obedience. The school workers andAutobiography, 285:or touch alcohol, as is frequently the case in occult schools. We regard these matters as entirelyAutobiography, 293:to the processes of meditation and of occult study. The man whose fixed mental belief is that "theAutobiography, 299:was D.K., partly because he had specialized in occult philosophy and cosmic law, who was given theBethlehem, 25:and rather easily attained vision, as so many occult and esoteric books seem to claim. InitiationBethlehem, 27:to have reached this status because some occult leader or some psychic seer has told them that itBethlehem, 28:all scientific achievement, as well as all real occult knowledge, are spiritual in nature, andBethlehem, 249:liberation. Much of the teaching given in the occult and esoteric books is distorted and fanciful,Destiny, 16:as yet referred to in the current writings on occult subjects. It is wise and valuable to rememberDestiny, 56:governing, standardizing, group-conscious, occult by inclination, aggressive, full of grandeur,Destiny, 90:produces the many magical, spiritualistic and occult groups which flourish today in the States. RayDestiny, 102:interpreting and using it. The ancient occult truism remains accurate: "Consciousness is dependentDestiny, 132:desired synthesis of the mystical way and the occult path. It will lead later to the formulation ofDiscipleship1, XI:extant today among esotericists and in occult schools and too much theological separateness. It hasDiscipleship1, 5:New Age need to learn. There is no such thing as occult obedience as usually taught by the currentDiscipleship1, 5:obedience as usually taught by the current occult schools. In the olden days in the East, theDiscipleship1, 11:be contemplative, but contemplative in the occult sense and not the mystical. In any meditationDiscipleship1, 17:the world and to which I referred in Letters on Occult Meditation may be possible if all of youDiscipleship1, 18:objectives of both methods - the mystic and the occult - are the same. [19] Discipleship1, 20:in a united push forward of all spiritual and occult agencies and the carrying of the truth alongDiscipleship1, 25:foolish impulses which characterize the present occult and world organizations. [26] The variousDiscipleship1, 27:no "space in consciousness" (to use an ancient occult phrase) for the reiteration of the knownDiscipleship1, 31:Have you realized, however, my brothers, what occult progress in the world you have been permittedDiscipleship1, 32:foundations, outlined in my book, Letters on Occult Meditation. The recognition on a fairly largeDiscipleship1, 33:produced a sense of loss and was against the occult law. They have equally demanded reticence aboutDiscipleship1, 44:Knowers. Theirs is the more strictly occult way and it has become increasingly the way of ourDiscipleship1, 45:work undertaken would fail to materialize. An occult law would have been broken. Free, intelligentDiscipleship1, 52:Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part V There is an occult process which reaches its culmination in oneDiscipleship1, 55:the world. I use the word "enlightenment" in its occult sense. The full measure of what can be doneDiscipleship1, 70:there is so much distorted sensing of these occult systems of energy utilization and so much misuseDiscipleship1, 83:of all souls contacted. Has accepted the occult technique of service. His service to humanityDiscipleship1, 87:up of heart and head, of the mystic and the occult approach, and also of feeling and knowledge. Discipleship1, 89:is the initial step in the demonstration of the occult law that "energy follows thought." This, ofDiscipleship1, 89:This, of course, everyone interested in occult study recognizes theoretically. One of the tasksDiscipleship1, 104:time in the realization of the years spent in occult work, nor in feverish anticipation of a fewDiscipleship1, 104:anticipation of a few more years of directed occult effort under my tuition. The time equation hasDiscipleship1, 106:your way into the center of life from which all occult work is done. To be enjoined to be is anDiscipleship1, 119:response. We are beginning to deal with the more occult subtleties in our work and for these youDiscipleship1, 119:- viewing them with complete detachment. The occult sentences in which I would like to state yourDiscipleship1, 123:value or permanent gain. In connection with the occult sentences I gave you a year ago and which IDiscipleship1, 125:and right reward of patient effort and true occult obedience. Yet, my brother, you have had all youDiscipleship1, 151:you are aware and with it I need not deal. These occult phrases deal with things basic and oftDiscipleship1, 156:which burns not but ever heals." This method is occult and safe and constitutes no barrier toDiscipleship1, 191:attracted attention where your words on occult matters would have fallen on deaf ears. Herein isDiscipleship1, 193:is one of the preparatory steps towards that occult phenomenon, called by the oriental teachers,Discipleship1, 237:in training for discipleship): Learn that occult reticence which produces inner power and outerDiscipleship1, 237:you are the victim of your virtues and of your occult inexperience. Do you not know, my brother,Discipleship1, 274:for you and I can do it best in certain occult sentences which I have chosen for you and which takeDiscipleship1, 283:and thus it clothes and veils ideas. There is an occult (hidden) beauty also to be achieved in theDiscipleship1, 283:Mystical beauty veils, in beauty, the ideal. Occult beauty reveals, in beauty, the ideal. For youDiscipleship1, 283:reveals, in beauty, the ideal. For you the occult achievement must be the goal, and the revelationDiscipleship1, 284:the distinctiveness of mystical inspiration and occult revelation and on their synthesis in allDiscipleship1, 284:which informs all such events. Forget not the occult truth that time and events are one basic
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