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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULT

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Discipleship2, 687:follows thought and this is the basis of all occult practice and is of prime significance in thisDiscipleship2, 738:move on with hands outstretched to you. True occult reverence holds the key. This meansDiscipleship2, 739:to do work which is practically entirely along occult lines. The study of psychology whichDiscipleship2, 739:meet, and the keeping of the mind upon things occult will do much to offset the astral sensitivityDiscipleship2, 740:meditation will suffice. I ask you to do much occult study and much teaching and helping of occultDiscipleship2, 740:occult study and much teaching and helping of occult students. Your work for another year should beDiscipleship2, 743:occur which are always promptly filled. The occult law which governs all progress in an Ashram isDiscipleship2, 743:a condition which is in the nature of a group occult paradox - his outer effectiveness produces anDiscipleship2, 746:time for real service. You are becoming - as an occult phrase puts it - "grounded in your place";Discipleship2, 760:some of you is not simply significant of an occult truth but of an existent fact in the threeDiscipleship2, 762:all disciples have to pass; it is a test of that occult detachment which every disciple has toDiscipleship2, 763:still to love them as before and even more. This occult solitariness must be consciously developedEducation, 7:the practical demonstration of the truth of the occult aphorism that "before a man can tread theEducation, 8:concerning the periods indicated by such occult teachers as Steiner, for though the seven yearEducation, 10:and the more impractical tendencies; and the occult, which would include the intellectual,Education, 32:The spider symbol is often used in the ancient occult books and the scriptures of India inEducation, 40:his mental nature and prior to unfolding true occult awareness or knowledge and the reactions ofEducation, 96:Antahkarana. It is really the true science of occult bridge building or bridging in consciousness.Education, 127:psychological schools, or is termed either occult or mystical. We could therefore, in connectionExternalisation, 5:today especially in connection with esoteric, occult and mystical groups and the spiritualisticExternalisation, 6:to lay the blame for the sad failures, the occult wrecks, for the half-demented psychics, theExternalisation, 7:many are called and the few chosen. This is the occult law. We are now in a period of tremendousExternalisation, 18:impress too strongly upon aspirants in all occult schools that the yoga for this transition periodExternalisation, 33:impression and energy of the planetary or occult Hierarchy. Consequently, we have: Negative GroupsExternalisation, 34:a way that they were ready to become part of the occult Hierarchy, even in the stage of acceptedExternalisation, 35:to the world of souls, as typified for us in the occult Hierarchy. They also hold within themselvesExternalisation, 47:potent than ever before. For this there is an occult reason of a most interesting nature. Those ofExternalisation, 50:in applied knowledge, expressed wisdom and occult understanding. This group synthesizes all that isExternalisation, 59:group will be more definitely and academically occult in its significance than will be the case inExternalisation, 104:forces. This is the scientific aspect of the occult life. The world is today full of forces inExternalisation, 113:is uppermost in the minds of the unthinking, occult students today: Why could not the HierarchyExternalisation, 113:but in so doing They would have broken an occult law and hindered the true development of mankind.Externalisation, 117:explain or elaborate the subject of Karma. This occult yet fundamentally exoteric theme, the Law ofExternalisation, 144:significance and meanings. These may enable the occult students in the world today to use it withExternalisation, 145:use a translation of an almost untranslatable occult idea) by the dynamic will aspect, and carriedExternalisation, 146:the daily and constant use of the Sacred Word by occult students and aspirants in their dailyExternalisation, 147:from a member of the Hierarchy, was used by the occult Hierarchy of the planet, and was endorsed byExternalisation, 148:does not require such a sustained effort in occult concentration. They must learn to breathe itExternalisation, 151:is, for that very reason, potent. Esoteric and occult students demonstrate almost unavoidably aExternalisation, 154:World Picture You will now see a little of the occult objective which lay behind the words which IExternalisation, 219:the conflict in some way, and remind you of the occult significance of those oft misunderstoodExternalisation, 223:spiritually, owing to the scientific work of the occult Hierarchy and Their trained helpers. ThisExternalisation, 251:issue. To the casual thinker and the untrained occult student it might appear that - given anExternalisation, 253:I am using phrases in both the simple and the occult sense. Externalisation, 285:the mystical into the clearer atmosphere of the occult, and must now emphasize the reality of theExternalisation, 322:activity was the writing and distribution of the occult teachings through the medium of the booksExternalisation, 338:points of time - two Stanzas or parts of a great occult mantram, the first one to help focus theExternalisation, 340:will of the individual, group or nation. The occult law of spiritual freedom had to be recognizedExternalisation, 342:have it ever succeeds in achieving. This is an occult law, for desire is, as yet, the strongestExternalisation, 445:to come. Even those who have no knowledge of occult matters or of human fate or of the effectiveExternalisation, 459:is most intimately synchronized. In a deeply occult sense, they are all working together, becauseExternalisation, 468:or not those who read my words accept the occult teaching of a spiritual and planetary HierarchyExternalisation, 503:be graduated into a higher school, given the occult interpretations, and taught that, after all,Externalisation, 511:Eye the work can go forward. It is a far more occult organization than can be realized, and isExternalisation, 512:technique is one. These inner groups consist of occult students and of those who are in direct orExternalisation, 513:more useful work offered in cooperation with the Occult Hierarchy. In the esoteric group, which isExternalisation, 513:spiritual esotericists found in all exoteric occult groups, in the church, by whatever name it mayExternalisation, 527:I have here given you a most important item of occult information, but one which is of noExternalisation, 527:however, to present proof of the significant occult relation between the three planetary centers.Externalisation, 571:particular Ashram are able to work in this way. Occult bodies and esoteric groups are, at thisExternalisation, 571:the early stages, to be destructive. The present occult groups which came into existence prior toExternalisation, 582:the Mysteries (as outlined by me in Letters on Occult Meditation) will come into being andExternalisation, 587:and bear fruit upward" has for him a deeply occult significance. I am not here touching upon theExternalisation, 588:groups now occupied with the dissemination of occult teaching would be well-advised to change theirExternalisation, 589:of the Hierarchy which has colored all the occult movements and the various Theosophical andExternalisation, 604:great potency of the inner groups. Esotericists, occult students, Rosicrucians and TheosophistsExternalisation, 646:preoccupation with money. There is very deep occult meaning to be found in the statement in the NewExternalisation, 654:expressed - of the neophyte upon the occult way. It is occult students for whom search is now beingExternalisation, 654:- of the neophyte upon the occult way. It is occult students for whom search is now being made, andExternalisation, 657:through the medium of esoteric and so-called occult groups. The more advanced a man may be, theExternalisation, 660:with physical plane effects, because the old occult truism "as above, so below" will be rapidly andExternalisation, 663:ever understood or adequately explained. The occult fact is that there is no being on Earth, fromExternalisation, 666:the orthodox religious man or the hide-bound occult student would regard as non-spiritual, yet allExternalisation, 674:essentially means. The keynotes upon which the occult philosophy is built are: There is naught inExternalisation, 690:lower level does not in practice hold good. The occult law proclaims that the greater can alwaysExternalisation, 691:realm of the soul; it must be motivated by an occult absorption in the task, and implemented by theExternalisation, 696:and about the fundamental and needed occult truths - with particular emphasis upon the Law of CauseExternalisation, 700:also in several of my other books, (Letters on Occult Meditation, Letters VIII and IX. A TreatiseFire, xviii:comprehension of things macrocosmic, but if the occult method is adhered to, if the Law ofFire, 41:p. 11 15. 7 The term "ring-pass-not" is used in occult literature to denote the periphery of theFire, 44:by separation or differentiation. In the various occult books it is called by different terms andFire, 44:the basis of all expression and in one peculiar occult sense the sumtotal of existence. It providesFire, 63:seven entities are mentioned in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever,Fire, 66:the essence of the cosmic Lord, called in the occult books, Fohat. 23 This is so in the same senseFire, 70:within the atom. We have noted in "Letters on Occult Meditation" that the atoms of the lowerFire, 71:may be prematurely forced by yoga practice." - Occult Chemistry, p. 28. Fire, 88:in more intelligent practical living in the occult sense of the term "living"; which, if studiedFire, 104:trend which applied medicine may later take when occult laws are better understood. One fact mustFire, 110:great root-races and of the seven kalpas." Every occult book, symbol and allegory can be subjectedFire, 112:the first group of four cosmic Lipika Lords is occult and is only revealed somewhat at the fourthFire, 123:of human service. This is the object of all occult training. This angle of the matter we will takeFire, 136:the power in himself. It is an electric fiery occult, or fohatic power, the great pristine forceFire, 143:the line of least resistance. While this is an occult statement worthy of consideration, yet itFire, 146:Ray), and we know it as that which in some occult manner links the system up with its cosmicFire, 147:seven entities are mentioned in the ancient occult science of India in any connection whatsoever,Fire, 151:and my Father are One" (John, 10:30) is the most occult statement in the Christian Bible, for itFire, 151:present scientific accessories, but (like all occult statements) it contains within it the seed ofFire, 151:within the solar periphery is a recognized occult fact, and indications are available to prove thatFire, 155:of Light and Color," and later in Mrs. Besant's "Occult Chemistry." This depression is produced byFire, 156:Akashic. Electrical. Pranic. In considering the occult meaning of what is here suggested, one point
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