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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULT

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Healing, 573:and the patient is fortunate to have a trained occult healer available (either an initiate or anHealing, 575:In ordinary cases, however, and where no occult knowledge is present on the part of the patient,Healing, 576:which have, since time began, conditioned all occult healers, working under hierarchicalHealing, 600:point of friction. That, as with all else in the occult sciences, disease and healing are both ofHealing, 601:physician. The healer will provide the required occult knowledge. The time when any nice, kindlyHealing, 602:[602] the case. Then the healer's orthodox and occult knowledge, his visualizing capacity and hisHealing, 602:with Law V makes clear the need for this occult knowledge, for it states very definitely certainHealing, 615:is regarded as of such vital importance in all occult teaching. It has been emphasized (thoughHealing, 615:and the dense physical body. The whole system of occult or esoteric revelation is based on thisHealing, 630:relation to it will be subjected to methods of occult healing, though the ordinary ameliorative,Healing, 630:trouble will next receive attention. Methods of occult healing are then employed, directed to theHealing, 630:equipped to arrive at a true diagnosis in an occult manner. He therefore falls back on the generalHealing, 631:hastening process. This is not, however, a true occult healing and no true occult healing methodsHealing, 631:not, however, a true occult healing and no true occult healing methods were employed or involved.Healing, 634:entity, occupying or informing (which is the occult word I prefer) a dense physical vehicle. ThisHealing, 657:of the patient recognizes this unity by the "occult quickening" of his own aura and by itsHealing, 684:where listening, responsiveness and occult obedience are developed and have their extensions in theHealing, 694:"expressed Intentions" of the correctly trained occult healer. I seek to generate in you also aHealing, 713:will, in almost the immediate future (from the occult angle) be regarded as little short ofHercules, 12:hidden band of world workers, the Rishis and the occult Hierarchy of our planet, is now focusedHercules, 70:but must add to the mystical achievement the occult knowledge of reality. This is often forgottenHercules, 92:of finding that elusive, sensitive, and deeply occult, or hidden, spiritual intuition which willHercules, 101:east tells us that the number five is the most occult and the most deeply significant of theHercules, 168:Casting pearls before swine: talking about the occult troubles for which the hearers are not ready.Initiation, 1:that open before the perfected man, and on the Occult Hierarchy, certain statements may be madeInitiation, 2:in certain facts that are stated in the occult literature now extant. These facts are three inInitiation, 15:living of the aspirant himself and not of some occult teacher performing an occult rite - leads toInitiation, 15:and not of some occult teacher performing an occult rite - leads to what one might term a crisis.Initiation, 20:WORK OF THE HIERARCHY Though the subject of the occult Hierarchy of the planet is of such aInitiation, 26:In dealing with this matter of the work of the occult Hierarchy, in a book for the general public,Initiation, 28:those great Beings. This can be studied in other occult books in the occident, and in the sacredInitiation, 38:and has already been given out in the different occult books. Yet in the wise and carefulInitiation, 52:otherwise be impossible. It might be wise for occult students everywhere to recognize these facts,Initiation, 55:with many organizations of an esoteric and occult kind, as well as through the politicians andInitiation, 59:Egypt. He it was who gave out to the world that occult treatise "Light on the Path," and his workInitiation, 61:initiation. At the head of certain of the great occult groups, of the Freemasons of the world, andInitiation, 65:Their work is more rudimentary, though occult from a worldly standpoint, and they learn underInitiation, 66:vehicle coordinates. It is really the occult apprehension of the law of gravitation or attraction,Initiation, 66:corollaries. The disciple learns the meaning of occult cohesion, and of that internal unity whichInitiation, 68:by the brilliance of his light. This is an occult fact. The finer the grade of matter built intoInitiation, 74:preparation for initiation. Speech is the most occult manifestation in existence; it is the meansInitiation, 78:The aspirant has an appreciation of the occult value of money in service. He seeks nothing forInitiation, 79:the Master's plans as he senses those plans. The occult significance of money is littleInitiation, 79:life becomes an instrument of destruction in the occult sense of the term. Wherever he goes theInitiation, 89:initiate has frequent access to the library of occult books, and after this initiation he canInitiation, 89:has to master the charts; he becomes versed in occult technicalities and develops fourthInitiation, 94:It has been emphasized many times in the occult teachings that the process of initiation, as it isInitiation, 101:system and the healing of nervous disorders. Occult memory. The initiate finally becomes awareInitiation, 101:of the growth of that inner recollection, or "occult memory," which concerns the work of theInitiation, 102:certain work for the Lodge if he is free from occult occupation and mystic introspection during theInitiation, 105:Existences. It is literally true, in an occult sense, that "not a sparrow falleth" without its fallInitiation, 108:that the truism "as above so below" is an occult fact in nature. At the final two initiations manyInitiation, 114:and of group vibration, and through this occult sense of touch he accustoms himself to that whichInitiation, 119:initiate - through the newly aroused sense of occult sight - of [120] the part he has played andInitiation, 127:Sirius whose Lodges are found functioning as the occult Hierarchies in the different planets.Initiation, 127:planetary scheme. 4. Hierarchical, used by an occult Hierarchy for minor initiations, and for theInitiation, 127:they blaze. Synthesis of the fires through an occult activity that brings them within the radius ofInitiation, 128:moves in a specified manner. There is a definite occult reason, under the laws of electricity,Initiation, 137:has led to the expression, sometimes used in occult books, of "the cracking of the causal body" atInitiation, 140:the microcosm the same will be seen. There is an occult hint here that, pondered on, will revealInitiation, 146:Two Types of Oaths All oaths connected with the occult Hierarchy may be divided into two groups:Initiation, 146:to reveal, on pain of summary punishment, any occult secret, or to express in words outside theInitiation, 170:fully self-conscious and self-reliant in the occult sense, and to become creators through perfectedInitiation, 176:kingdom into the human, which is called in many occult textbooks the "moment of individualization,"Initiation, 180:initiations. The matter is complicated for occult students, owing to certain mysterious factorsInitiation, 184:which is least is faithful also in much," is an occult statement of fact, and should characterizeInitiation, 189:Is On It will have become apparent to all occult students who have studied with care the worldInitiation, 190:subjective inner side, and it corresponds, in an occult sense, to the pupil of the eye. The realInitiation, 193:Those careless of initiation receive not the occult accolade, and those anxious, throughInitiation, 198:[198] slowly, and applicants must learn the occult truth of the words: - "Make haste slowly." AInitiation, 199:strict silence concerning themselves, their occult work or knowledge, the affairs of thoseInitiation, 199:associated with them, and the work of their occult group. Only in group circles or in connectionInitiation, 200:be faced more strenuously by all eventuating occult groups. Initiation, 203:veils of Maya. This rule refers to the work of occult investigation, which must be pursued at someInitiation, 206:this subject will be revealed to students in occult schools who will gather together all that canInitiation, 207:have gleaned anent the planet Mercury, and which occult students have gathered concerning the innerInitiation, 215:in the Atlantic ocean, according to the occult teaching and Plato. Atlantis was the home of theInitiation, 218:physical body of a human being is, according to occult teaching, formed of two parts, the denseInitiation, 218:Hierarchy which is called by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formed ofIntellect, 178:witness. Just as these three great sciences are occult to, and practically unattainable by, theIntellect, 178:school student, so the higher metaphysics is occult and unattainable, even to the academician whoIntellect, 185:"He was one, who, having mastered the mystic and occult sciences, had communicated to him...Intellect, 193:in the first procession, so there exists some occult thing behind the first procession, intellectMagic, 10:and the significance of the terms we use. 1. Occult. This term concerns the hidden forces of beingMagic, 15:of humanity, playing the same function as the occult method of meditation (in its first two stagesMagic, 15:great schools of thought are simply exponents of occult meditation and the brilliant discoveries ofMagic, 21:of men. But when one is dealing with things occult and subjective, and when the subject about whichMagic, 28:his mind. Yet one of the main necessities before occult aspirants at this time is to endeavor toMagic, 29:total that we call God. This is a truism and an occult platitude but when acted upon leads to aMagic, 44:love-wisdom, or atma-buddhi, according to the occult terminology. In the upper body we have anMagic, 46:is responsive and, when astrologers work in the occult way and [47] consider the planetaryMagic, 71:on White Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study RULE TWO When the shadow hath responded,Magic, 71:work of the four proceedeth. The Hindrances to Occult Study This rule is one of the most difficultMagic, 74:on White Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study The life of meditation proceeds and theMagic, 76:on White Magic - Rule Two - The Hindrances to Occult Study Our consideration of this rule will fallMagic, 77:may rapidly be consummated is my earnest wish. Occult study is of profound importance, and studentsMagic, 77:the steady working out of the truths learnt. Occult study, as understood in the Occident, isMagic, 77:may be appreciated by the man who aspires to the occult path, but the systematic working out of theMagic, 78:[78] The Occidental hindrances to correct occult study. How these hindrances may be surmounted.Magic, 78:in the equipping of himself for treading the occult path, for that is the stage, and for the
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