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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULT

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Telepathy, 39:group activity is incredibly powerful. The occult aphorism that "energy follows thought" is eitherTelepathy, 44:the divine Nirmanakayas. I only mention Their occult name so that you may learn to recognize ThemTelepathy, 47:carefully taken into the calculations of the occult investigators. Impressions are received andTelepathy, 55:for much of the abstract formulations of the occult sciences and the academic psychologists areTelepathy, 61:into the brain the needed energies and that occult information which together make a man a MasterTelepathy, 65:is inherent in all forms of life. That is an occult platitude. It is an innate potency whichTelepathy, 69:act ever in response to a Law of Imminence or of occult prevision which is almost unrecognizableTelepathy, 72:The active use of the esoteric sense in the occult training offered to aspirants, disciples andTelepathy, 75:to say may prove to be of value to the general occult public. Messages emanating from theTelepathy, 77:and the percentage does not refer to some one occult group, one religious faith or one nation. TheTelepathy, 77:somewhat humiliating for the Western mystic and occult student. The World Scriptures emanate fromTelepathy, 93:This marks the first stage in his truly occult service, and to this new type of service he will beTelepathy, 104:plane. Scientists, mystics, mathematicians, occult students, aspirants and disciples, educators andTelepathy, 104:facing the aspiring disciple and the earnest occult student is to record directly in the brainTelepathy, 106:point reached in evolution, the mystical or the occult approach of the disciple to the center ofTelepathy, 107:mind is the slayer of the real." There is a deep occult significance to the words "an open mind";Telepathy, 107:of the higher impressions is a basic occult science and takes much learning and application toTelepathy, 112:see) and also the use of the ajna center. The occult Science of Impression. This becomes possibleTelepathy, 125:the human kingdom. These are the elements of the occult science and - for students such as you -Telepathy, 126:be disclosed to man. May I remind you of the occult statement that every living being or manifestedTelepathy, 131:within yourself, you will greatly simplify your occult thinking. Let me here make a few moreTelepathy, 139:emotional nature. Not one among them, or among occult students generally, pays any attention to theTelepathy, 140:- non-existent. One of the main obligations of occult students today is to testify to the fact ofTelepathy, 140:is a living vibrant entity substantiate this occult point of view. Generally speaking, science hasTelepathy, 140:the technique of the theosophists and other occult groups. When the new presentation of the occultTelepathy, 140:occult groups. When the new presentation of the occult teaching made its appearance through theTelepathy, 140:by) of theosophical members presented the occult [141] teaching in such a manner that it travestiedTelepathy, 142:even though it ignores and despises occultism, Occult scientists handicap themselves either becauseTelepathy, 151:body is not in reality an ovoid (as the older occult books teach) but usually takes the form orTelepathy, 154:responsible for the great ignorance prevalent in occult circles. Prana might be defined as theTelepathy, 168:will later constitute the basis of a new occult science. Therefore, there is yet much to be graspedTelepathy, 174:by the pledged disciple. There is true occult teaching in the statement in The New Testament thatTelepathy, 176:line with the information given to them in the occult books. An understanding of what I have saidTelepathy, 178:is etheric in nature and - so we are told in the occult science - Space is an Entity. The glory of
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