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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULTISM

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Meditation, 147:mystic. Mysticism is but one step on the path of occultism. In this solar system - the system ofMeditation, 170:It is, as I have said before, the line of occultism. It emphasizes the hierarchical method, itMeditation, 180:occult students. ...approached the study of occultism. from this angle, and therefore, he attainedMeditation, 204:those who keep it live by it. The true study of occultism is the study of the why and how ofMeditation, 302:matter what the offshoots, the basic school of occultism is that one which has its root in theMeditation, 311:four branches of the one fundamental School of Occultism, the work will begin in an inconspicuousMeditation, 318:ray teacher will be found in every school of occultism. If a first ray school, the personnel andMeditation, 320:or quality before he is admitted. Teachers of occultism waste not time on those not ready. OnlyMeditation, 329:of sex. Psychic Development Study of practical occultism. Study of psychism. Study of the astralMeditation, 356:One. The threefold spirit on its own plane. In occultism it often means the unified triad - Atma,Meditation, 360:The very first step in the path of occultism is the discrimination between the real and the unreal,Patanjali, 72:turmoil. These life currents (for the student of occultism) are two in number: a. The life breathPatanjali, 72:mentally polarized. The clue for the student of occultism who aspires to liberation is not to bePatanjali, 188:There is no better basis for the work of Eastern occultism than strict adherence to thePatanjali, 199:the true magician. There is as all students of occultism know, a close connection between thePatanjali, 224:rightly understood give the key to all practical occultism and make the yogi a master of life. TheyPatanjali, 297:and reduce its terms to those of modern occultism. "By constant steady meditation upon thePsychology1, 153:influence and of radiance (synonymous terms in occultism) on a large scale can be seen today in thePsychology1, 190:is of a most confusing nature to the beginner in occultism, and only those students who conform toPsychology1, 195:aspect. Students would do well to remember that occultism may be the study of forces, and that thePsychology2, 234:these relations. This series of text books of occultism and of the occult forces which I havePsychology2, 237:history, adventure, religion, mysticism, occultism and many other terms applied to the adventurousPsychology2, 317:or offset the material concept of body-building. Occultism is the science of energy manipulation,Psychology2, 451:our recognition of the existence of energy. In occultism (or esotericism) [452] we use the wordPsychology2, 510:The charge is often made that the "jargon" of occultism and its academic information is of no truePsychology2, 575:of light and power. This is the stage of Occultism. All these expressions of divine knowledge arePsychology2, 585:This is itself astral in nature. [585] Occultism and science are the way of escape from the highestRays, 61:of the divine revelation. In terms of practical occultism, he is recognizing an ever wideningRays, 100:the Personality. The above is the very A B C of occultism and a familiar truth to all of you. WhatRays, 115:two basic requirements for the new schools of occultism. Rays, 251:been revolutionary where the older schools of occultism are concerned. The teaching includes: ARays, 261:deeds meaning, This is the A.B.C. of elementary occultism and of true psychology. Later, they enterRays, 330:esoteric sense. This is one of the paradoxes of occultism but it can be understood if the studentRays, 342:trained under orthodox (so called) schools of occultism. The Master K.H., in one of the few (theRays, 358:has been known and taught ever since modern occultism began to influence human thinking: the fourRays, 370:to that of "vibration," so widely used in modern occultism. There is therefore a dual inflow intoRays, 559:times - does not exist. From the angle of occultism, history only covers the emergence of thoseRays, 594:aspiration will disappear. The science of occultism is the first step upon the way of trueRays, 666:it is then renounced, and the "lighted Way" of occultism is then followed, leading to the lightedRays, 671:into action. All this is again only the ABC of occultism. What is oft omitted from normalReappearance, 125:discussions, the silly claim-making, the pseudo-occultism and the futile efforts to "take anReappearance, 127:real than modern astrology, or all the pseudo-occultism so widely extant. In the era which liesSoul, 113:for the rest is in general peculiar to Tantrik Occultism. The Tantrik theory regarding the ChakrasTelepathy, 66:apparently some contradictions where orthodox occultism is concerned, but that is ever the case asTelepathy, 139:conform. Note that phraseology. The attitude of occultism is, at this time, relatively negative toTelepathy, 140:gift of science to humanity and not the gift of occultism. The demonstration that light and matterTelepathy, 142:lead, even though it ignores and despises occultism, Occult scientists handicap themselves eitherTelepathy, 173:but it embodies the practical use of the new occultism in the coming New Age. The oriental symbols
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