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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULTIST

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Astrology, 48:as being the dense physical body, whereas to the occultist the physical body is not the form, but aAstrology, 307:inherent sensitivity; he must also be a trained occultist, mentally polarized and profoundly awareAstrology, 439:the truest sense of the word to even the trained occultist and to the majority of the members ofAstrology, 515:It is a statement of fact that the world of the occultist is the world of energy, of forces, ofAstrology, 547:response and resultant activity is - as the occultist well knows - dependent upon the quality ofAtom, 37:from the primordial ether of the Oriental occultist. We are led back to that intangible somethingAutobiography, 22:is rooted in the mystical consciousness. A good occultist must be, first of all, a practicingAutobiography, 41:to that of the frequently discredited mystic and occultist. I have a good standing as anAutobiography, 179:my habit of prayer. I believe that the true occultist uses prayer and meditation interchangeablyAutobiography, 183:tired and sick it is the academic, technical occultist. The second group that makes me tired areDestiny, 145:and the Rays Ray I Force Energy Action The Occultist. Ray II Consciousness Expansion Initiation TheDiscipleship1, 81:for the first initiation [81] and is a true occultist - working with energy under hierarchicalDiscipleship1, 85:of the immediate impasse than the mystic or the occultist because he thinks in terms of [86]Discipleship1, 86:and useless; he is ready to work as a practical occultist (and not only as a mystical idealist)Discipleship1, 158:lies the difference between the mystic and the occultist. You are in much better physical conditionDiscipleship1, 357:coupled also to the reticence of the trained occultist. This gift you and F. C. D. have in greatDiscipleship1, 358:seed thoughts, or with ideas. You are a natural occultist and have the key to the realm of ideasDiscipleship1, 555:You see, my brother, you are essentially the occultist, being a first ray soul and working throughDiscipleship1, 556:As we train disciples, we seek to develop in the occultist mystical awareness and, in the mystic,Discipleship1, 709:he is a human being but he is also a mystic, an occultist, a psychic and a disciple. And - becauseDiscipleship1, 759:The neophyte knows that the goal of the occultist is to work with forces. He fails, however, toDiscipleship2, 131:your duty to aid your brother to become a better occultist and disciple. That is his concern, hisDiscipleship2, 307:relation of these revelations to the life of the occultist, and must he first of all register andExternalisation, 579:mankind into the benefits of the atomic age. The occultist has ever proclaimed that the fieldExternalisation, 674:Energy follows or conforms itself to thought The occultist works in energy and with energies. TheFire, 103:immature physical bodies are a menace to the occultist, and no true seer will be found with a bodyFire, 136:subject, for these are organs with which the occultist has nothing to do. I will not thereforeFire, 278:and of activity (from the point of view of the occultist), can only be conceived as relative toFire, 278:conscious entity, to some Thinker. Time to the occultist is that cycle, greater or lesser, in whichFire, 455:aspirant will take his place. [455] The true occultist is a scientist and a devotee, and whereFire, 521:this carefully in mind, remembering that to the occultist there is no such thing as substance, butFire, 638:existence of etheric matter as understood by the occultist, and until it has developed theFire, 639:vitality, then the rôle of the scientist and the occultist will merge. H. P. B. has said (See S.Fire, 639:the realization that, from the standpoint of the occultist, the lowest vibration with which he mayFire, 640:perceived and sensed by the Inner Man in the Occultist." - S. D., II, 167, 168. 9 An atom is anFire, 647:seven is one of the lines of study for the occultist. As each of the petals of the etheric centersFire, 656:but consciousness as understood by the occultist. Each of the atomic subplanes in the solar systemFire, 664:the third." This conveys to the mind of the occultist the knowledge [665] that in the flow of forceFire, 673:surmount and many of the problems which face the occultist, including the "sin of the mindless,"Fire, 792:considered before a man is considered a true occultist. 100 years of Brahma - An occult century.Fire, 832:only worked with the positive force aspect. The occultist must recognize and work with three typesFire, 919:vision, and the truth of the contentions of the occultist is proved past all controversy. It willFire, 1023:etheric web. The worker in white magic, being an occultist, deals in universals, and starts hisFire, 1028:is but an effect of inner underlying causes. The occultist does not concern himself with effects,Fire, 1061:is not regarded as a principle at all; the occultist deals with principles alone. It might be ofFire, 1129:of development, is the third eye which is to the occultist and true white magician what the fourthFire, 1206:as being the dense physical body, whereas to the occultist the physical body is not the form, but aFire, 1236:subjective side of nature (that alone which the occultist considers and works with) and theGlamour, 243:Their disciples (as I have told you) that the occultist works in the world of forces. All humanGlamour, 243:outgoing and incoming energies. The occultist, however, works there; he becomes a consciousHealing, 45:Gland Physical Organs Type of Force Origin Body Occultist - Initiate - Master - Dominant after 3rdHealing, 116:he is rapidly becoming the practical mystic or occultist. This is a definite transitional cycleHealing, 116:and that more definite position which the occultist assumes. I shall not therefore deal with theHealing, 117:the Other than himself. Only when he becomes the occultist does the mystic learn that all the timeHealing, 117:of development which precedes that of trained occultist. There are many conditions prevalent inHealing, 181:by the pseudo-occultists of the world. The true occultist in training has naught to do with theHealing, 214:the practical mystic, the humanitarian and the occultist. Healing, 512:the Christian calls the Kingdom of God and the occultist calls the spiritual Hierarchy of ourHealing, 538:directly with the physical body at all; being an occultist, he will regard that body as not aHealing, 603:in spite of the platitudes of the sentimental occultist. In fact, the presence of these desirableHercules, 12:led us, and this is where the astrologer, the occultist, the idealist and the mystic also meet andHercules, 68:to be greatest. From the standpoint of the occultist, Sirius is of profound significance. "Our GodHercules, 157:I want to see ruled out of the vocabulary of the occultist, "initiate" and "master". "Initiate" isHercules, 166:feel able to have power? One definition of an occultist is a human being who works in the world ofHercules, 186:We shall all be practical occultists, the occultist who lives and works in a [187] world of forcesInitiation, 11:blending of the paths of the mystic and the occultist, - the rearing of the temple of wisdom uponInitiation, 80:in service: 1st Ray Force Energy Action The Occultist. 2nd Ray Consciousness Expansion InitiationInitiation, 81:problem now is concerned with the mystic and the occultist, and their eventual synthesis. A carefulInitiation, 160:conscious realization, may be known the true occultist. The Solar Logos sounded forth a Word, theInitiation, 197:a sane common sense are the marks of the true occultist. When a real sense of humor existsInitiation, 218:of this Hierarchy which is called by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formedInitiation, 222:The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life weMagic, 34:producing registered experience then we have the occultist plus the mystic. Magic, 82:out those laws, in order to conform to them, the occultist begins to offset karma, and thus colorsMagic, 110:selves. Is [110] this not the path of the occultist and of the sage rather than of the mystic andMagic, 110:ray or even of the basic distinction between the occultist and the mystic. In the rounded-outMagic, 120:The path of knowledge is that of the occultist and the sage; that of love is that of the mystic andMagic, 120:ways must be known; the mystic must become the occultist; the white occultist has been the saintlyMagic, 120:the mystic must become the occultist; the white occultist has been the saintly mystic. TrueMagic, 226:or in the ahamkara principle, as the occultist (who loves difficult phrases) is apt to call it.Magic, 281:environment. Never let it be forgotten that the occultist always sees the correlation [282] betweenMagic, 283:and therefore not material at all. But the occultist regards the etheric medium as a form or aspectMagic, 291:within the solar ring-pass-not. The work of the occultist and of the aspirant is to arrive at anMagic, 348:end is great, but the path is rough and the true occultist walks it alone. The capacity to standMagic, 431:practical mystics and a few occultists. The true occultist is rare. Magic, 448:and spiritual impulse, a man can become a true occultist, and produce organized results, andMeditation, 48:service is the bedrock of the life of the occultist, and danger lurks when it exists not, andMeditation, 72:lower centers were developed and with them the occultist has naught to do. They form the basis ofMeditation, 90:of matter that is one of the functions of the occultist (the result of well-adjusted vehicles thatMeditation, 139:The Use of Form by the mystic and the occultist. Specific Forms. The Use of Form collectively.Meditation, 140:therefore the occult student is trained by the occultist. In studying the topic, "The use of formMeditation, 140:The use of Form by the mystic and the occultist. [141] The use of specific forms for specific ends.Meditation, 147:angle and study the difference between the occultist and the mystic. Meditation, 147:Use of Form in Meditation 2. Form as used by the Occultist and the Mystic August 8, 1920 TheMeditation, 147:you for we are to take up form as used by the occultist and the mystic. It might be of value to usMeditation, 147:of fact. The mystic is not necessarily an occultist, but the occultist embraces the mystic.Meditation, 147:mystic is not necessarily an occultist, but the occultist embraces the mystic. Mysticism is but oneMeditation, 147:The mystic deals with the evolving life; the occultist deals with the form. The mystic deals withMeditation, 147:form. The mystic deals with the God within; the occultist with God in outer manifestation. TheMeditation, 147:works from the center to the periphery; the occultist reverses the process. The mystic mounts by
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