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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCULTIST

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Meditation, 147:within or to the Master Whom he recognizes; the occultist attains by the recognition of the law inMeditation, 147:needs of the indwelling life. In this manner the occultist arrives at those Intelligences Who workMeditation, 148:the second, the fourth and the sixth rays. The occultist works through the Rays of Power, Activity,Meditation, 148:this fifth ray the mystic is resolved into the occultist and works then with all the rays. ByMeditation, 148:govern the universe of which he is a part. The occultist recognizes the kingdom of God in nature orMeditation, 148:of the World Teacher, or the Christ, and the occultist more frequently under that of the Manu, orMeditation, 148:may be seen, and the mystic becomes the occultist and the occultist includes the characteristics ofMeditation, 148:and the mystic becomes the occultist and the occultist includes the characteristics of the mystic.Meditation, 148:after initiation the mystic is merged in the occultist for he has become a student of occult law;Meditation, 148:by the term, Probationary Path. Before the occultist can manipulate wisely the matter of the solarMeditation, 149:and thence to the Monad, or Spirit. The occultist works from the physical to the mental, and thenceMeditation, 149:intelligent will. Therefore he has to become the occultist. The occultist similarly fails andMeditation, 149:Therefore he has to become the occultist. The occultist similarly fails and becomes only a selfishMeditation, 151:will outline as briefly the course taken by the occultist, and his type of meditation, contrastingMeditation, 151:be fused into one. The line of form is, for the occultist, the line of least resistance, andMeditation, 151:occult knowledge is powerfully facilitated. The occultist is at first occupied more with the formMeditation, 151:mind in his process of finding the Self. The occultist, through his intelligent interest in theMeditation, 152:necessarily so, for the dangers threatening the occultist are not those of the mystic. Pride,Meditation, 152:is the merging point of the mystic and the occultist. Here their paths become one. I spoke earlierMeditation, 152:in the forms built by the mystic and the occultist in meditation. I might touch on some of theMeditation, 153:of more rounded out development, and is both an occultist and a mystic, the forms built willMeditation, 154:by the mystic, and Meditation as pursued by the occultist. We have largely generalized and have notMeditation, 157:rays are the line of least resistance for the occultist, while other forms on the abstract orMeditation, 206:those vehicles function. When it is known by the occultist which color is applicable to whichMeditation, 251:evolution parallels that of the mystic and the occultist. I seek most strongly to emphasize thisMeditation, 279:manifestation (which secret must be known by the occultist) but the emphasis is laid thus in orderMeditation, 282:of the man who wields the law, the method of the occultist, and the rudiments of the method areMeditation, 284:one-pointedness that is the sign of the occultist blended with the wisdom and love which areMeditation, 285:on the physical body and its wise control the occultist realizes the essential importance of theMeditation, 313:for the mountains have a direct effect on the occultist and impart to him that quality of strengthMeditation, 313:characteristic and must be that too of the occultist. The sea or expanse of water close to aMeditation, 318:is supervisory more than didactic, for the occultist is always esoterically self-taught. Much ofMeditation, 325:the theories and occult laws upon which the true occultist will later base his practical work. WeMeditation, 353:of this Hierarchy which is called by the occultist the Occult Hierarchy. This Hierarchy is formedMeditation, 357:The Life Principle, the breath of Life. The occultist believes the following statement: "Life wePatanjali, 18:of nature is expressing itself, is (to the occultist) false and untrue knowledge. [19] At thisPatanjali, 25:thinkers should remember that the Eastern occultist does not consider the organs to be the physicalPatanjali, 30:of doctrinal faiths has several meanings to the occultist. For the purpose of a clearerPatanjali, 44:these two ways, remembering that the white occultist blends the two and if in this life he followsPatanjali, 47:made. The mystic must eventually become the occultist: the head qualities and the heart qualitiesPatanjali, 54:note "FA." It is a note with which the white occultist has nothing to do, for his work is concernedPatanjali, 85:on Sutra 10 is of interest. The oriental occultist uses the word "dream" in a much more technicalPatanjali, 87:the earlier statement to the effect that, to the occultist, life on the physical plane is but aPatanjali, 95:of arriving at an understanding of nature, the occultist works inwards from the external form inPatanjali, 98:of the form. This expresses its quality to the occultist and is the result of the subtler elementsPatanjali, 101:arrived at. It is here that the language of the occultist and mystic both fail, for language dealsPatanjali, 161:and must be regarded as such. The task of the occultist is to work with the force which lies backPatanjali, 207:and that, from the point of view of the occultist, rebellion but stirs up increased trouble, andPatanjali, 222:specifically dealt with by the white magician or occultist. They are dealt with in black magic, andPatanjali, 276:great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experiencePatanjali, 279:scientific process, known only to the trained occultist. Patanjali, 281:body is the true form from the standpoint of the occultist and not the dense tangible sheath. ThePatanjali, 293:of the "many mansions," the "auric egg" of the occultist. In the science of yoga, which has to bePatanjali, 293:the mystic has to make onto the path of the occultist, keeping, as he always does, his mysticalPatanjali, 294:knowledge and conscious power of the trained occultist and yogi. From the point of power in thePatanjali, 342:result in the complete equipping of the white occultist for all forms of magical work. StudentsPatanjali, 348:terms to express this lower personal self. The occultist never concerns himself with the densePatanjali, 355:by the mystic or "pure vision" by the occultist but it is one and the same thing. The two otherPatanjali, 364:This is inferred in the word "genus." The modern occultist might prefer the word "ray," and thePatanjali, 378:to be found in the spiritual realms, or, as the occultist would say, on those two planes which arePatanjali, 390:this type of karma leads to what the oriental occultist called "avitchi" or the eighth sphere, - aPatanjali, 393:the temple of Solomon, the karana sarira of the occultist. That body, at the final liberation, isPsychology1, 161:mystic who is on the way to becoming a white occultist. The reverse condition can also be true, andPsychology1, 195:may be the study of forces, and that the occultist moves in the worlds of force, but these are alsoPsychology1, 195:emergence of these energies, so that the skilled occultist can eventually work in a dual yetPsychology1, 359:therefore, the need to turn the mystic into the occultist, and to train the modern aspirant inPsychology1, 412:Human and Solar 1st Ray Force Energy Action The Occultist 2nd Ray Consciousness ExpansionPsychology2, 82:in words. From the angle of the illumined occultist it is meaningless, even more than it is to thePsychology2, 155:with reality which is the "wish" of the occultist. All this is desire in some form or another, andPsychology2, 208:presumably imaginative. May I say here that the occultist regards all the above affirmativePsychology2, 237:the silence of the unknown. The mystic and the occultist have both testified to this vision, and toPsychology2, 364:of identification which can characterize the occultist; with that there is still an awareness ofPsychology2, 447:with a view to their unification. Trained as an occultist and brought mentally to such a state ofPsychology2, 544:of identification through initiation. The occultist, in his turn, must learn to include thePsychology2, 544:unaware. The mystic is too apt to feel that the occultist over-estimates the way of knowledge andPsychology2, 544:and that the intellect can give him nothing. The occultist is equally apt to despise the mysticalPsychology2, 544:The mystic must and will inevitably become the occultist and this whether he likes the process orPsychology2, 544:He cannot escape it in the long run, but the occultist is not a true one until he recovers thePsychology2, 610:mystic who gets into difficulty, as does the occultist who uses the light which he discovers withinPsychology2, 624:surety of its touch on life. The mystic and the occultist are frequently passing through a cycle ofPsychology2, 710:as yet in relation to the psychology of the occultist, who is only the mystic functioning on aRays, 11:and one-pointedness which is the hallmark of the occultist. In the right aspiration at theRays, 108:the mystic feels it, or identification, as the occultist terms it, but something that appears whenRays, 174:this H.P.B. referred when he said that the true occultist works entirely in the field of forces andRays, 294:visionary mysticism and produces the practicing occultist. A study of the creative methods of hisRays, 365:the mystic or the registration by the so-called occultist of a contact with the Hierarchy. ThereRays, 404:of the Master K.H. to His disciples that the occultist has to learn to master and control theRays, 528:which has not yet received the attention of the occultist. Rays, 550:one of the initial steps towards becoming a true occultist. This world of energy in which he livesTelepathy, 10:of energies and begins to work - as does the occultist - in the world of forces. It should also beTelepathy, 41:than that of direct telepathic reception. The occultist ever approaches the subject connected withTelepathy, 141:means a far larger percentage than the average occultist is willing to admit. H. P. B. was,Telepathy, 145:streams or lines of energy, to which the Eastern occultist has given the name "nadis." These nadis
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