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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCUPATION

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Destiny, 24:what the immediate purpose is and Their major occupation is the working out of that will intoDiscipleship1, 340:live rightly and correctly; it is not the full occupation of your time, nor is it place or power.Discipleship2, 572:chosen task of competent citizenship and life occupation and yet, at the same time, to add to thatExternalisation, 82:quiet - and if you fill your days with vital occupation and true service, guarding with care allExternalisation, 195:by intermarriage, or by isolating groups for occupation of special areas, or by any man-made ideasExternalisation, 313:still others take refuge in a feverish outer occupation with things which the average man who isFire, 717:in the human family, the full conscious occupation by the Logos involved is consummated. It is theFire, 1089:spaces until earth conditions were such that the occupation of adequate forms became possible. TheHealing, 367:whole and not of the part, and through steady occupation in creative work on the physical plane.Healing, 460:process. The withdrawal of the etheric body from occupation of the dense physical body has oft beenHercules, 71:overburdened Guides of the Race have no better occupation than to tell them personally how to live,Initiation, 102:work for the Lodge if he is free from occult occupation and mystic introspection during the periodInitiation, 152:produces animal forms, both for human and animal occupation, for it must ever be remembered thatIntellect, 148:the Light, a man must not give up his ordinary occupation in doing it. The ancients said: WhenIntellect, 207:may be the activity of the moment. Should the occupation be such that it can be carried forwardIntellect, 257:to life and its problems, and some potent mental occupation will effect a cure. It is for thisMagic, 85:receptive to the soul, and this is his positive occupation (note the use here of the wordMagic, 324:and contact fails of accomplishment. If occupation with mundane affairs is necessitated - and suchMeditation, 124:to enter the physical vehicle, and prevent its occupation by the real Ego. This is the most commonMeditation, 348:dispassion, utter self-forgetfulness, and utter occupation with the next step to be taken. TheProblems, 41:and whose countries have felt the full brunt of occupation, are laying their own plans. They knowPsychology1, 406:its life trend and purpose, its appearance and occupation. It is selective of quality, whenPsychology2, 466:life activity, no vocational calling, no mental occupation and no condition which cannot providePsychology2, 478:the secret are: Instruction. Focus of attention. Occupation. The nature of the human responsePsychology2, 479:intermediate plane. Definite physical or mental occupation (again arranged according to type)Psychology2, 498:the present moment with constructive creative occupation and so drive out the undesirable elementsTelepathy, 195:the ashramic consciousness and their conscious occupation is called, in the ancient writings, "the
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