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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCUPIED

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Astrology, 14:the ABC of this stupendous subject and are occupied with the exoteric fringes of that great veilAstrology, 17:classes: the exoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the horoscope of the personality, andAstrology, 17:and the esoteric astrologers who will be occupied with the purposes of the soul. That the risingAstrology, 60:emphasized. A great part of our study will be occupied with the relation of the six constellationsAstrology, 131:and - at the same time - remember that we are occupied with the Great Illusion which it is theAstrology, 194:of that divine aspect is practically entirely occupied with manipulating the forces inherited fromAstrology, 331:who has taken the three lower initiations is occupied henceforth with the effects of the cosmicAstrology, 480:again the fact that the new astrology will be occupied with the charting of the life of the soul.Astrology, 506:has carried the divine work further along and is occupied with the task of synthesizing into oneAstrology, 579:and its relation to the seven rays. We have been occupied with the signs and their effects, andAstrology, 671:intelligence proceeds from the luminous seat occupied by our sun in the center of the heavens, thatAstrology, 682:globes; that each globe is again in turn occupied by the life of the Logos during what we callAtom, 17:which are purely material, is just as much occupied with the study of the divine as is his franklyAtom, 17:side; and that the philosopher is, after all, occupied in emphasizing for us the very necessaryAtom, 25:are concerned with their own life; they are occupied with the objective and with that which isAtom, 32:considers only the materialistic aspect, and is occupied only with that which can be seen, which isAtom, 72:too much engrossed with the form, and too much occupied with our prison, and if disruption has setAtom, 104:and the longer period that it has been occupied in becoming aware. Let us now take the two stages,Atom, 106:atomic stage, centered entirely in themselves, occupied only with their own business, intent uponAtom, 106:of having a good time, and only incidentally occupied with affairs which concern the group. This isAtom, 108:that we recognize no difference, being entirely occupied with the things which are transient andAtom, 113:within the greater whole. He will no longer be occupied with the things of selfish interest, butAutobiography, 91:the soul either remembers or cares what form it occupied or what it did two thousand, eightAutobiography, 99:Margaret, back to the old bedroom that I had occupied for so many years and proceeded to make myAutobiography, 112:who were wrong but that it was I. I had been so occupied with the problems of Alice LaAutobiography, 173:parts of the United States who were presumably occupied in teaching and spreading brotherhood. TheAutobiography, 206:we decided that a lot of these people who occupied chairs in my audiences were what is called inAutobiography, 213:we now have a number of spiritual projects all occupied with the service of humanity and all ofAutobiography, 224:with Olga in her own home but after that we occupied a small cottage overhanging the lake which sheAutobiography, 235:proceeded to carry out. From 1933 until 1939 we occupied ourselves with the spreading of theAutobiography, 235:years the peace groups in the world have been occupied in spreading the idea of peace, piling upAutobiography, 248:claimed to be more than a working disciple, occupied with world work (which no one can deny) andAutobiography, 262:little real understanding. Esoteric schools are occupied with promoting the growth ofAutobiography, 266:world, the Kingdom of God. The new schools are occupied with more esoteric values. They train theAutobiography, 270:all esoteric schools, that the Arcane School is occupied. It is not occupied with preparingAutobiography, 270:that the Arcane School is occupied. It is not occupied with preparing disciples for initiations andAutobiography, 299:material. The Tibetan, therefore, has been occupied, in part, by the founding of his own ashramBethlehem, 6:experimental experience disappear. We have been occupied with the details of the outer form of theBethlehem, 15:the light. Today Christ and His disciples are occupied (as they have been for two thousand years)Bethlehem, 68:to feed the peoples. Today the whole world is occupied with the Bethlehem idea, with bread. In thisBethlehem, 197:sin to a position of such importance that it occupied (as it still does) a primary place in theBethlehem, 197:the educators of the race are almost entirely occupied with sin and how to prevent it. One wondersBethlehem, 197:if the exponents of the Christian faith had occupied themselves with the theme of love and lovingBethlehem, 231:we are told little of Christ's own life, or what occupied Him between the time He rose again untilBethlehem, 241:the adventure a feeling of self-pity, and are so occupied with what they have to leave behind, whatBethlehem, 257:Science, religion and philosophy are today occupied with significance, and their investigations areBethlehem, 262:divinity and claim our birthright. We have been occupied with much thought and discussion about GodBethlehem, 263:one Life behind all forms. We have been too much occupied with material and selfish interests. ButBethlehem, 273:of an activity. To work for the whole; to be occupied with the aiding of the group; to be cognizantBethlehem, 280:only today are we in a position to grasp it. So occupied have we been with our own individualBethlehem, 281:here and now it is but a futile hope. They are occupied with the processes of self-perfection andBethlehem, 283:to theology or to the formation of doctrines and occupied with their enforcement, but to love andDestiny, 8:excuse to put before the other nations when occupied with any infringement of recognized law. ThisDestiny, 11:with the form aspect. The Hierarchy is primarily occupied, as you know well, with the consciousnessDestiny, 19:but its outlines cannot be seen because men are occupied entirely with their individual or nationalDestiny, 20:interest of the average worker. They are occupied mainly with the interests and the good of theDestiny, 20:with the petty interests of the individual - occupied with his little problems and concerns. ThisDestiny, 43:spiritualistic movement; its investigators are occupied with the form side of life and [44] itsDestiny, 95:that the theme with which we [95] are now occupied is one of general interest but not of individualDestiny, 113:is destroyed and the devotee becomes much more occupied by the method of applying his ideal than byDiscipleship1, 15:and the linking of the group with other groups occupied with special work within the Ashram and theDiscipleship1, 56:be remembered that when the disciple is fully occupied in living the life of service on all threeDiscipleship1, 70:manner with the number four, and they are occupied with the bridging work carried forward betweenDiscipleship1, 84:outer plane of expression. Most disciples are occupied vaguely with achieving inspiration but knowDiscipleship1, 124:yourself with the problem of the hour, so occupied were you with the Hierarchy, its personnel andDiscipleship1, 127:different nature to that with which you are now occupied. It will lead you to enquire if yourDiscipleship1, 135:source of interior wisdom. So it is with you. Be occupied with the problem of sensitive responseDiscipleship1, 141:before he again takes up the earlier work which occupied him. He will have much to do as your workDiscipleship1, 148:this divine ignoring for the next six months. Be occupied with meeting the immediate needs of theDiscipleship1, 188:work at this time, for your time is fully occupied in service. I suggest a meditation to you... Discipleship1, 242:usefulness. My brother, for long you have occupied the center of the stage in your own thought. YouDiscipleship1, 261:of true spiritual perception and be not so occupied with the task of service that you neglect theDiscipleship1, 354:Your time is fully and constructively occupied, my brother. Discipleship1, 385:with which you are of necessity so constantly occupied and brings to you refreshment andDiscipleship1, 387:inertia. So much of the life at that time is occupied with the processes of keeping in suchDiscipleship1, 396:of outer circumstances. When an individual is occupied and preoccupied with a particular and [397]Discipleship1, 401:you for your consideration. You have been much occupied for many years with the cares of a greatDiscipleship1, 406:into constructive channels. You need to be more occupied with those whom you can help, than withDiscipleship1, 407:touch them with too powerful a hand. You are too occupied with the mental formulations of thatDiscipleship1, 425:as yours. The Angel of the Presence. Be not so occupied with the personality self, seek moreDiscipleship1, 436:this time. We are often in touch and you are occupied now with fresh adjustments to life. TheseDiscipleship1, 466:usual rule. In the case of the disciple who is occupied with some particular rounding-out processDiscipleship1, 488:into the strengthening and helping of groups, occupied with collective world service. Seek eachDiscipleship1, 499:- D.E.I. April 1939 MY BROTHER: You have been so occupied with service during the past twelveDiscipleship1, 500:time. Your mind and time and heart are fully occupied with responsible work for us. All I wouldDiscipleship1, 567:Ponder on this thought. Secondly, that I am much occupied with world work and, with the exceptionDiscipleship1, 580:One or two of my other disciples are also occupied with the same task but they have nearlyDiscipleship1, 600:principle or are fighting for principle and thus occupied with truth. You say that you report theseDiscipleship1, 610:deal with souls, and not with the work. They are occupied in aiding individuals and, throughDiscipleship1, 613:of planning. You are sensitive to the Plan, but occupied with your own plans and believe that yourDiscipleship1, 614:important thing you have to offer. You have been occupied with large schemes, none of which haveDiscipleship1, 664:who are oriented in the same direction, who are occupied with the same problems, and who areDiscipleship1, 680:this preparatory period, the Masters are today occupied, among other things, with preparingDiscipleship1, 680:eventually for initiation. They are consequently occupied with forming new groups of disciples whoDiscipleship1, 682:attention the Master pays him and the less he is occupied with thinking about the Master. In theDiscipleship1, 682:his own soul. In the intermediate stage, he is occupied with the achieving of a sense of proportionDiscipleship1, 683:are sensitive to this Plan. He is not primarily occupied in looking for people who are good -Discipleship1, 689:souls. The problem with which such disciples are occupied is not the adjustment of relationsDiscipleship1, 705:noted that disciples in an Ashram are primarily occupied with world affairs. As a group they areDiscipleship1, 718:The Hierarchy builds for the future; it is not occupied with the present. All that it does is done
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