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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCUPIED

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Fire, 367:globes; [367] that each globe is again in turn occupied, by the life of the Logos during what weFire, 462:root-race, the animal kingdom has been primarily occupied with the stimulation and development ofFire, 475:is a subject that from the earliest ages has occupied the attention of students, scientists andFire, 479:to all atoms; to the mineral atoms which have occupied the attention of alchemists so much, to theFire, 484:be outlined: The seventh and fifth Rays are occupied with the return of the Son to the Father andFire, 553:All magicians who work with matter and who are occupied with form-building (either consciously orFire, 561:The period of utilization, wherein the form is occupied, vitalized by a central Life, and employed.Fire, 632:the power of Their psychic nature. Thus They are occupied in building the logoic physical body, andFire, 738:far more time than the evolution of the causes occupied." - From Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett,Fire, 776:is rapidly increased, and they are kept fully occupied in the work of perfecting the egoic body, inFire, 819:consciousness is developed. The sheaths are occupied by the Thinker, are gradually controlled byFire, 853:of the early teachers and divine kings who occupied the ill-favored bodies of the early humanity,Fire, 929:upon the dense physical plane. Men, when occupied in creation of any kind, and in the process ofFire, 948:so it might be called, which the Great Ones are occupied in destroying. Under the Law of Karma itFire, 988:force in evolution, and though they [988] are occupied with the material side of manifestation andFire, 1043:Chohans of the fifth or spiritual kingdom are occupied with the working out into activeFire, 1051:the a-b-c of this stupendous subject, and are occupied with the exoteric fringes of that great veilFire, 1065:transmutative process that the alchemists of old occupied themselves, but seldom did they reach theFire, 1067:all the elements has, as we have seen, occupied students down the ages. The alchemists of theFire, 1072:scientist who is producing new species is really occupied with the effect of sex energy in theFire, 1108:forces for, whilst in devachan, the man is occupied with the aggregate of the thought forms he hasFire, 1193:vacated body, as was the case when the Christ occupied the body of Jesus, or by a divineFire, 1193:and will be the case. The quality of the form occupied or used, and the nature of its work dependsFire, 1236:of the spiritual man. The man of the world is occupied with objective phenomena, with that whichFire, 1236:in studying the subjective side of life, and is occupied with the forces which produce all that isGlamour, 69:the world aspirant, humanity - are primarily occupied with glamor. Those aspirants who stand in theGlamour, 88:Much was consequently clarified. Many people are occupied today in their individual lives withGlamour, 89:glamor, illusion and maya. At present I am only occupied with giving you a general picture and aGlamour, 124:lacked group realization and were definitely occupied with themselves. They lacked the new andGlamour, 226:member is in the thick of glamor himself and is occupied with wrestling with it, he should abstainGlamour, 229:names the glamor with which the group is to be occupied. There will be no dissension anent theGlamour, 266:of the Hierarchy, cooperating with the Plan and occupied with the salvaging of humanity and,Healing, 64:social workers, physicians, and all those occupied with group training constantly meet with thisHealing, 91:is done by the relatively few. The rest are occupied with feeling, with sensuous perception andHealing, 276:constitute the whole man. Surgery will remain occupied with the anatomical necessities of the humanHealing, 354:cause, though modern investigation is occupied with secondary causes and effects of this ethericHealing, 355:However, when the group members are primarily occupied with their own ideas, their plans, theirHealing, 357:use that expression, and they are completely occupied with group love, group activity and groupHealing, 366:of the world, who are achieving, and who are too occupied and too one-pointed to waste much timeHealing, 431:entire theme of restitution with which we are occupied. The next point needs no proving, for it isHealing, 452:When the thought of the ego or higher self is occupied with its own plane, there is no energyHealing, 455:awareness. The soul is engaged elsewhere and occupied on its own plane with its own affairs. -Healing, 476:of [476] the commandeered matter of the form occupied by the soul during a life cycle consists inHealing, 542:his etheric body. [542] The soul of the healer, occupied with the stimulation of that point of soulHealing, 579:of consciousness. The true aspirant should be occupied with emotional, not physical, control andHealing, 589:and the personality; these two have been and are occupied with the task of establishing, in dueHealing, 598:with humanity. If they are among those who are occupied with the unfolding consciousness in man andHealing, 601:the more advanced the initiate the less is he occupied with the intricacies of centers and forces,Healing, 638:of consciousness into an isolated form, created, occupied and indwelt by a soul, by a living man.Hercules, 48:inevitably wrong. When a man's entire mind is occupied with the thought of women, or vice versa;Hercules, 150:not triumphed over the hydra. Most of us are occupied with the futile methods first employed by himHercules, 154:looking at the eagle, the spirit aspect. He is occupied with that marvellous symbol of lightHercules, 159:that lies back of all forms that you are not occupied with your own form, or mental or emotionalHercules, 160:brothers of the race, to the soul; and as we are occupied with these thoughts we build clouds ofHercules, 168:Talking about oneself, we are always occupied with our own problems, our own affairs. CastingHercules, 178:impacts of sensation are sought to keep the mind occupied. The central head was grasped by HerculesHercules, 178:head and conquered him, because all sun gods are occupied with the problems of humanity and becauseHercules, 198:heaven. That is the work of humanity. We are so occupied with our own problems that we forget theHercules, 203:That is the real way to work. As long as you are occupied with being loving you are occupied withHercules, 203:as you are occupied with being loving you are occupied with your own personality. "A newInitiation, 36:whilst the other members of the Hierarchy are occupied with the development of consciousness withinInitiation, 44:and a son of the Most High. Just as the Manu is occupied with the providing of the type and formsInitiation, 110:the initiations of a human unit. They are too occupied with greater affairs and with groupInitiation, 142:without the Triangle of force, has been occupied with a threefold work, their aim being to produceInitiation, 148:sections with an interlude between each part occupied by certain ceremonial work of the initiatedInitiation, 216:is the name of the office which is at present occupied by the Lord Maitreya, who is known in theIntellect, 138:in Meditation In the average man, the soul is occupied (as the Perceiver) with the three worlds ofIntellect, 219:and not with the Originator of the form; we are occupied with the Not-self instead of with theIntellect, 229:in mind is that the mind must be kept actively occupied with ideas and not with the effort to beMagic, 28:attitude. The orthodox scientist is largely occupied with structures and relationships, with theMagic, 97:in his environment. All the time that he is thus occupied he is "holding the mind steady in theMagic, 158:The tendency of most aspirants is to be occupied with their deficiencies in the work of meditationMagic, 159:endeavor [159] would be aided if they were to be occupied by the profoundly engrossing work ofMagic, 182:goal." How often does one find a student more occupied with the Master and what He will do than heMagic, 235:the instruction of his own soul and therefore occupied with group work, is the motivating powerMagic, 310:to the awakening mind and is not so entirely occupied with the mechanism which registers sensoryMagic, 338:quarrel and separation, these three schools are occupied largely with disproving each other'sMagic, 349:overwhelmed with the work and Their time is over-occupied. They give what They can but on theMagic, 353:voice of their Master as well. His time is fully occupied and disciples must train themselves to beMagic, 392:awareness of the solar Deity is not primarily occupied with selfhood. That - as a result of pastMagic, 424:the center of the stage. With what is the mind occupied during a long period of emotional upset? ItMagic, 424:activities of the soul when the personality is occupied exclusively with its own affairs? Is itMagic, 450:attitude. The Orthodox scientist is largely occupied with structures, relationships, with theMagic, 498:awareness. The soul is engaged elsewhere and occupied on its own plane with its own affairs. In theMagic, 529:from the phenomenal world. They are principally occupied with the finding of the center within theMagic, 565:by the magician, whether he be the solar Angel occupied with the magical work of manifestation, orMagic, 566:from the point of view of the initiate who is occupied with the wielding of forces and who, throughMagic, 620:wasting time in mystical dreams, or are they occupied in a practical application of the sensedMagic, 638:or the thought sent out. Those who teach are occupied with principles of truth, with vibratoryMagic, 638:by expressing their pleasure in words. They are occupied in making knowers and masters out ofMeditation, 151:facilitated. The occultist is at first occupied more with the form through which the DeityMeditation, 167:departments. The Manu manipulates matter and is occupied with the evolution of form, whether it isMeditation, 171:understand, he discriminates and studies; he is occupied with the concrete and its place in theMeditation, 347:taken at the right time, and each moment wisely occupied, leads to long distance covered and a lifeMeditation, 351:is the name of the office which is at present occupied by the Lord Maitreya, Who is known in thePatanjali, 138:When the thought of the ego or higher self is occupied with its own plane, there is no energyPatanjali, 247:to hold the mind stuff or chitta unwaveringly occupied with that object or thought for a prolongedPatanjali, 287:of all men. Through compassion, he is no longer occupied with his own selfish interests but entersPatanjali, 328:of a disciple for purposes of service, as Christ occupied the body of the disciple Jesus. ThisPatanjali, 384:bring about certain changes within the forms occupied by the real or spiritual man, but are not the
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