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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCUPIED

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Patanjali, 424:fulfiling the law and at the same time to be occupied with the vision and with service and not withProblems, 14:along these idealistic lines; thousands are occupied with planning a better world and thousands areProblems, 28:statesmanship, religious groups, fanatically occupied with their own ideas, capital and labor,Psychology1, 9:the basic concept that in all occult work one is occupied with energy - energy units, energyPsychology1, 72:applications at this early stage. I am occupied with stating a general outline, with thePsychology1, 106:is so great, and the Masters are so entirely occupied with world affairs and with the dominant andPsychology1, 111:inflow of Love. Secondly, let not your mind be occupied with idle speculations as to the identityPsychology1, 119:the heavenly nature, and all aspirants who are occupied with an intelligent struggle towardsPsychology1, 159:Most High starts the work of creation. Ray II is occupied with the first formulations of the planPsychology1, 178:a preparation. The seventh and sixth rays are occupied with the work of government and with thePsychology1, 184:particular fear will come to an end. Men are so occupied with their demand for light, so earnest inPsychology1, 297:Suggestions for the Present Cycle I have been occupied with indicating a situation which at presentPsychology1, 328:man. Up to the third initiation, man has been occupied with the process of fusing soul and bodyPsychology1, 329:man is [329] oriented towards, and becomes occupied with, a further fusion in consciousness, thatPsychology1, 415:Since Atlantean days the animal kingdom has been occupied with the development of karma. DomesticPsychology2, 10:to the group. Today, the masses are occupied with the task of becoming conscious of themselves, andPsychology2, 71:of this Treatise. Such students are presumably occupied not only with the establishment of thePsychology2, 85:who have attempted to elucidate them, have been occupied with imparting to humanity anPsychology2, 110:the case) to second ray energy. Nor are we occupied with considering the relation of soul to form,Psychology2, 122:increasingly the fashion and the custom to be occupied with some form of service. The tide is on.Psychology2, 188:or communication as follows: 1. They will be occupied with an endeavor to facilitate communicationPsychology2, 192:clue) those building forces will be increasingly occupied with the building of the subjectivePsychology2, 215:in him is evoked just in so far as he is occupied with matters which concern group good. The secondPsychology2, 239:vision) the Hierarchy is at this time primarily occupied. Their watchwords are unification andPsychology2, 243:governs all soul relations. The soul is occupied not only with the form that the vision of itsPsychology2, 246:of the race. Hitherto we have - as a race - been occupied with the symbol and not with that forPsychology2, 247:is essentially one whose sense of awareness is occupied with subjective contacts and impacts and isPsychology2, 270:that the New Group of World Servers is primarily occupied, - looking at their activities from thePsychology2, 277:full and complete development. They become so occupied with the theme that they forget the composerPsychology2, 283:on initiation has hitherto been primarily occupied with the relations of the individual man to thePsychology2, 287:Holy Spirit. 5. The disciples of the world are occupied with the integration of the personalityPsychology2, 311:Much was consequently clarified. Many people are occupied today, in their individual lives, withPsychology2, 337:to that of integrated personality, selfishly occupied with self-emphasis, self-interest,Psychology2, 350:sense. Today, in our Aryan race, humanity is occupied with the task of adding still another aspect,Psychology2, 360:arranging? He manages to get nowhere. Ever he is occupied with the distant objective, with thatPsychology2, 372:of the love of God. He is all the time occupied with himself, with his work, his sacrifice, hisPsychology2, 396:and belief. The creative imagination will be occupied with those measures which will "throw thePsychology2, 400:in the ancient books. They are entirely occupied with the task of sensing and with the endeavor toPsychology2, 400:On a much lower plane, those of you who are occupied with the effort to make soul quality expressedPsychology2, 408:carefully studied. Today, modern education is occupied almost exclusively with this stage and whenPsychology2, 470:of many quite intelligent people. They are occupied with so many possibilities that they end byPsychology2, 486:they claim come from God. Groups everywhere are occupied with the task of orienting people to thePsychology2, 507:of consciousness on the astral plane are all occupied, at some level or another, with some form ofPsychology2, 547:is only with the last of them that we are here occupied. These five groupings of disease are: Psychology2, 555:careful elaborating. We have for too long been occupied with the effort to develop the form side ofPsychology2, 567:automatically employed, are uncontrolled, are occupied with matters of no true importance and arePsychology2, 572:I can give you are so simple that those who are occupied at this time with teaching and proclaimingPsychology2, 637:nations and all religious organizations, and are occupied with the formulation of the new socialPsychology2, 637:economic plenty, and understanding. They are occupied with the task of inaugurating the new worldPsychology2, 639:recognize the situation as it exists. We are occupied with the formation of that new party whichPsychology2, 642:the various groups dealing with the problem are occupied with laying the blame on others andPsychology2, 644:it has only servers in every country, who are occupied simply with the task of discovering the menPsychology2, 655:of true brotherhood. This group will not be occupied with experiments in the various fields ofPsychology2, 715:of any inner synthetic plan, but are selflessly occupied in meeting world need as best they may,Psychology2, 715:the inspiration of ideas. The first group is occupied with the Plan as its [716] members can visionPsychology2, 716:in the plans of the Council, are not all occupied with the problem of humanity in this presentPsychology2, 726:not all of the Masters and Their groups are occupied - as was earlier said - with the immediateRays, 34:will with the divine will? He is not then occupied with increasing his sensitivity to contact, orRays, 54:(the seed of the intuition), so that even whilst occupied in expressing the M and then the m, heRays, 60:and again vision. He has therefore been occupied with becoming aware of the field - an [61]Rays, 80:until the third initiation, the initiate is "occupied with the relationship of the 2 and the 4;Rays, 93:spoken utterances whilst on Earth. He was then occupied with His task of World Savior. His work asRays, 112:themselves as Masters with Ashrams and as occupied with training people for initiation. Signs ofRays, 137:You need to remember that the disciple is occupied in resolving the many sounds into the Word; whenRays, 148:factors the first seven rules have been occupied, and I have tried to help you to see theirRays, 159:head, heart and throat centers in man. They are occupied with the circulation of energy betweenRays, 172:the mystery of duality with which they are occupied, and the very moment that theory as toRays, 281:are well aware that many of the Masters are occupied with the evolutionary processes of the variousRays, 281:worlds. They forget that the majority are not so occupied. Have you ever wondered what it is thatRays, 288:disciple is beyond registering triplicity and is occupied with the duality of manifestation, withRays, 293:ponders the significance of expression, he is occupied with his ability to express the truth whichRays, 293:create "a new heaven and a new earth." He is not occupied with what he himself expresses as a soulRays, 293:any planning on his part. He is, however, occupied with the sequence of activities which I willRays, 295:or as much of it as they can grasp; they are occupied with the expression of soul as that soulRays, 296:the dynamic, ever-moving purpose. They are not occupied with form, but with life, with organismRays, 313:and therefore the work upon which He had been occupied as a soul was finished, for twelve is theRays, 338:the divine purpose with which he must himself be occupied in relation to the manifestation of theRays, 363:Just as those who read and study these ideas are occupied with concepts and thoughts totallyRays, 400:with the human kingdom at all, but are fully occupied with carrying out the divine Will in otherRays, 406:soul aspect within the solar system. They are occupied with the subtler expressions ofRays, 406:Logos. The Masters taking this training are not occupied with individual states of consciousnessRays, 419:that the Initiate of the sixth degree is occupied when He passes on to the fifth or Ray Path. HisRays, 435:indicate the disciple's task and keep him fully occupied. To the recognitions entailed he has toRays, 446:granted by the students. Such students should be occupied not only with the establishment of theRays, 448:having effected all the lower syntheses, are now occupied with bringing about a still higher union,Rays, 482:in all his stages [482] of unfoldment has been occupied might therefore be stated to be theRays, 487:"intention" of the disciple who is consciously occupied with the rainbow bridge, the firstRays, 488:been relatively quiescent; the disciple has been occupied within the mind and upon mental levels,Rays, 489:the mental plane. At this stage the disciple is occupied with two energies: one, quiescent and heldRays, 500:Aspirants and probationary disciples are occupied with a definite process of focusing theirRays, 502:He is aware of himself, personality and soul, as occupied with the process of bridge building. HeRays, 537:physical plane. This does not mean that he is occupied with making his lower concrete mind active,Rays, 537:influences pouring into and through him. He is occupied with the task of becoming aware of theRays, 579:aspect of the astral body; this aspiration is occupied with reaching out towards contact with andRays, 641:can be averted if [641] the nations are fully occupied with the task of reconstruction and if anRays, 661:the nine initiations, only this time we shall be occupied with the relationship and the detailRays, 730:preparations for more war, and is not primarily occupied with that which causes war and which, ifReappearance, 27:and, therefore, the work with which He had been occupied (as a soul) was finished; twelve is theReappearance, 141:be met when the leaders of the churches are occupied with temporal concerns, when the emphasis isReappearance, 174:so. The United Nations is unfortunately perforce occupied with rapacious demands from all sides,
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