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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCUPY

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Autobiography, 178:world is too important to any man or woman to occupy themselves with defaming and running downAutobiography, 216:the first to move into this new building and to occupy the top floor, the 32nd. Today we occupy theAutobiography, 216:and to occupy the top floor, the 32nd. Today we occupy the 31st floor also but our quarters areAutobiography, 297:seek to deal with causes rather than to occupy ourselves with attempting to neutralize unfortunateBethlehem, 239:in the human consciousness. It will inevitably occupy more and more of man's attention until it isBethlehem, 266:and even when a child, He said that He came to occupy Himself with His Father's business. He obeyedDestiny, 72:countries (territories) and the nations which occupy them. This is not an arbitrary matter but dueDiscipleship1, 131:work is found for you in a group which is to occupy itself with the dissipation of world glamor. IDiscipleship1, 287:summed up for you the major task which should occupy you for the remainder of your life anDiscipleship1, 414:If you can learn this lesson, you will then occupy yourself with the things of lasting moment andDiscipleship1, 465:meditation to do these next six months. Occupy yourself with the group meditation and with the FullDiscipleship1, 514:the spirit of liberating love will suffice to occupy you during the next few months. You are nowDiscipleship1, 533:will be as follows. You have that which should occupy your thoughts during several months. 1stDiscipleship1, 567:of the Full Moon Approaches I cannot and do not occupy myself with any of you, as individuals. I amDiscipleship1, 610:and, through individuals, the world. They do not occupy themselves with the form side. That, too,Discipleship1, 643:wrote. The new group work will also suffice to occupy you fully. There is much in what I say whichDiscipleship2, 12:correction, adjustment or eradication should occupy your attention and be consciously dealt withDiscipleship2, 77:your previous instructions over the years, to occupy your attention for the remainder of your livesDiscipleship2, 167:a [167] deeper insight and understanding; they occupy a no-man's land, intermediate in the one caseDiscipleship2, 511:as a disciple to further our plans and to occupy yourself with definite group work. Our disciplesEducation, 77:largely on parental failure to understand and occupy the child, are of no real moment. If theseEducation, 85:perhaps a platitude to say that education should occupy itself necessarily with the development ofExternalisation, 10:an empty shell, which an obsessing entity can occupy and use. When speaking thus I am dealing withExternalisation, 40:in which it can play an important function, and occupy a key position), which can gradually aid inExternalisation, 546:has to add to all the many objectives which occupy His attention still another - the effort toFire, 60:for instance - are the internal fires that occupy the central sphere, or the caverns which - filledFire, 360:of expression of certain Entities or Beings, Who occupy them for cycles of definite duration inFire, 365:and not the transference of the forms which they occupy. The whole matter is psychic, and based onFire, 495:of life from graded form to form will occupy his attention. The following facts might also beFire, 646:the constituent substance of his centers. They occupy this position for karmic reasons, and are,Fire, 836:the substance of the three other kingdoms. They occupy a place in the deva evolution analogous toFire, 1078:were vacated in order that our humanity might occupy them, and a vast interchain [1079] radiationFire, 1193:One or other of these three can, if so He will, occupy a body on the physical plane which will notFire, 1195:manifestation and the forms which they are to occupy are gradually evolved, that consideration ofGlamour, 228:in rotation so that all the members of the group occupy that position) starts the work by callingInitiation, viii:far advanced for them, and that they need not occupy themselves with them at this stage of theirInitiation, 32:more exalted helpers and the Lord of the World occupy. It is of value for men to remember that theyInitiation, 41:are the large groups of initiates and devas who occupy themselves with the right adjustment of:Initiation, 145:of the Masters and initiates in Lodge assembled, occupy them until the moment when the Rod has beenInitiation, 153:and provides the body which the spirit must occupy, thereby making divine incarnation possible. AIntellect, 253:that each race has to do. They will, in short, occupy themselves by building up the characters ofMagic, 6:whilst matters telepathic, psychic, and peculiar occupy the attention even of skeptics, scientists,Magic, 180:channel, throwing thoughts into it. He may occupy his disciple's body, the latter standing aside,Magic, 183:moods and thought periods which so often occupy the major part of his thought life. Magic, 352:been attained; the form that the Christ is to occupy has been constructed and now that form is toMagic, 529:III. The third type of activity which should occupy the attention of humanity, and one as yetMagic, 583:it is likewise of such proportions that it will occupy all of a man's attention and time, even hisMagic, 602:from the bodies which he considers it wise to occupy temporarily and to employ. He must realize hisMagic, 608:during the next two hundred years. They do not occupy themselves with idle speculations as to theMagic, 638:leisure, of such developed powers that he can occupy himself with their trivial affairs in time andMeditation, 123:with the One Who seeks to inspire, or to occupy or employ his lower vehicles. The motive is everMeditation, 171:The basic rules of expression and of government occupy his attention, and by studying the rules andPatanjali, 63:so often seen amongst those who prematurely occupy themselves with the awakening of the centers andPatanjali, 171:between the self and the not-self, and to occupy himself with the affairs of spirit and not withPatanjali, 214:where the disciple is concerned, and he should occupy himself with Raja Yoga plus bhakti yoga - hePatanjali, 328:a dead body, as Christ did in Palestine, or occupy the vehicle of a disciple for purposes ofPatanjali, 395:the stream of desire-impelled mind images which occupy his attention and form the motive power ofProblems, 58:perhaps a platitude to say that education should occupy itself necessarily with the development ofPsychology1, 31:What do I mean by this? I mean that we shall occupy ourselves with that which is emerging throughPsychology1, 116:we, when enough has been printed and taught to occupy the attention of the aspiring man for many aPsychology1, 136:In the larger picture, with which we are not to occupy ourselves in this treatise, the planetPsychology1, 163:second ray type of animal, while the cat and dog occupy a similar position on the fourth and sixthPsychology1, 186:with that appeal from the Great Ones I seek to occupy myself. Everyone is needed and must goPsychology1, 300:does the incarnating spiritual man occupy first a male body and then a feminine, thus rounding outPsychology2, 190:and the world of men. 5. Political work will occupy other groups more specifically than does anyPsychology2, 397:become increasingly aware. He has to learn to occupy himself with the task of cooperating withPsychology2, 469:the carrying out of the mass of unrelated ideas occupy him. There is no real effort made to carryPsychology2, 479:type) should be arranged and the man forced to occupy himself in some chosen manner. The threePsychology2, 638:of World Servers lies in three factors: They occupy a midway position between the masses of men andRays, 168:the Spiritual Triad. Some Masters pre-eminently occupy themselves with the mind aspect within allRays, 653:but with the "sensitivity of the universe," occupy the interim between the fifth and the sixthReappearance, 34:a deeper insight and understanding; they occupy a no-man's-land, intermediate on the one handTelepathy, 33:The Growth of Telepathic Rapport Disciples must occupy themselves increasingly with right
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