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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCUR

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Astrology, 40:gain of previous incarnations. Gaps necessarily occur, and certain types of force are lackingAstrology, 227:in the next sign certain designed results will occur. The following Virgo life will be either oneAstrology, 391:[391] is needed if true understanding is to occur; initiation is the demonstration of intuitiveAstrology, 473:onward-moving, spiritual man. Certain lives will occur when one or other of these constellationsAstrology, 569:on to the Fixed Cross arrives, three things occur: The influence of the four energies of theAtom, 56:chapter of St. John's Gospel, where the words occur: "In the beginning was the Word, and the wordAtom, 100:of as having occurred, or occurring, or going to occur. This is, possibly, absolute consciousness,Atom, 133:scale, the conscious objective of man, what will occur? You will have [134] man putting his footAtom, 136:discipline and strenuous meditation does this occur. But some day we shall govern our entire lives,Bethlehem, 12:have emphasized these five important crises that occur, if so desired, in the life of those humanBethlehem, 124:In a commentary on The Bhagavad Gita these words occur: "There is a spiritual significance to allBethlehem, 278:which rises up in questioning when such words occur as the above phrase: "As Christ fulfiled it." ADestiny, 116:It is thus that points of juncture inevitably occur throughout the evolutionary process. When theDiscipleship1, 16:what diverse opinions you may hold or what may occur as time elapses. If you can hold together downDiscipleship1, 22:that any differences of opinion which may occur in the relations of this group of disciples will beDiscipleship1, 146:thus left free and untouched by aught that may occur. The ideal attitude for you is that of theDiscipleship1, 175:inevitable and is one of the things which occur to disciples who are truly on the Path. The outerDiscipleship1, 229:be mental and of the soul. If these crises occur within the astral body they produce a contractionDiscipleship1, 229:Note in which body or vehicle of experience they occur. Note, too, your reaction to them and theirDiscipleship1, 269:a new beginning. Unless such moments of crisis occur, the life simmers down to a general dead levelDiscipleship1, 308:by a definite act of the will, see three things occur: complete alignment, definite integrationDiscipleship1, 466:rounding-out process this exception does occur, and the first ray personality of your lastDiscipleship1, 469:difficulty has assumed), when sudden changes occur and the work - as far as he is concerned - hasDiscipleship1, 497:adjustments and orientation when situations occur. Your whole problem is tied up with your rayDiscipleship1, 522:and care not what may eventuate. Naught can occur that can really shatter your achieved balance.Discipleship1, 573:of an undesirable nature; report them should any occur. After the breathing exercise which I haveDiscipleship1, 732:of approach in mind, remembering that they do occur and occur in varying degrees of clarity and atDiscipleship1, 732:in mind, remembering that they do occur and occur in varying degrees of clarity and at variousDiscipleship2, 35:magnetic effect in the world. Changes constantly occur. In the past, the lines of force between theDiscipleship2, 277:then initiate the required changes. When these occur at a time of crisis and are far-reaching inDiscipleship2, 362:that error is apt to arise and mistakes can occur. In every ashram are to be found those disciplesDiscipleship2, 743:to a higher and more potent Ashram, vacancies occur which are always promptly filled. The occultExternalisation, 43:increase of the active energies that death may occur before so very long. This is quite a frequentExternalisation, 122:it constitutes a climax which will never again occur. Then took place the great war between theExternalisation, 271:an important symbolic happening. It had to occur, because these three words stood for no factualExternalisation, 444:war and the present one. This must not again occur and it is the task of the intelligentExternalisation, 453:this goodwill finds expression, two things can occur: first, certain potencies and forces can beExternalisation, 549:full expression of the divine will are bound to occur, if the correct sequence of activities isExternalisation, 695:own part in any current mistakes whenever they occur, and as long as he transfers responsibility toFire, 104:Secret Doctrine, II, 149, footnote, the words occur "Lemuria was not submerged but was destroyed byFire, 315:goal, at union, or at-one-ment, two things occur: First, the approximation of the two poles, orFire, 423:body involved. Many interesting events will occur and many experiments will necessarily be madeFire, 461:happened which is analogous to what will occur in the fifth root-race in connection with man, atFire, 467:levels. Cataclysms of a world wide nature will occur during the next one thousand years; continentsFire, 620:II, 116. 1 In the Voice of the Silence the words occur: "Before that Path is entered, thou mustFire, 708:the incarnation of the divine Egos, four things occur on that plane. If the student adds to theseFire, 719:In the next round opportunity will again occur, and the Manasadevas will again renew their work ofFire, 740:and works within his own scheme, but changes may occur through the following factors: PlanetaryFire, 742:of passing through his Heart center three things occur: They become differentiated into sevenFire, 749:and can be of service to the world, cases occur when he is over-shadowed by a great adept, or - asFire, 786:certain interesting points of manifestation occur which might be dealt with now, leaving theFire, 787:of form-building, certain very vital occasions occur which concern the Ego even more than theFire, 794:a revolution in astronomical circles will occur which will result in the study of the "ethericFire, 864:of destruction, and the first "rents" in the web occur. It is through these that the studentFire, 895:expansive feeling, but in the cases which do occur these devas pass several cycles in the birdFire, 895:in the bird realm. Why the two above events occur will not be apparent to the casual reader, norFire, 1198:gain of previous incarnations. Gaps necessarily occur, and certain types of force are lacking,Fire, 1234:even a small contact with his ego three things occur: He reaches out beyond the form and seeks toFire, 1283:bounds of the known universe. Then will occur that which is beyond the comprehension of the highestGlamour, 36:such a situation; such wrestling will naturally occur, because only that which is experimentallyGlamour, 160:side of the Group Angel. In this way there might occur that stupendous recognition for which allHealing, 125:definite physical difficulties are apt to occur, and with these I will shortly deal. It should alsoHealing, 125:out that difficulties of rhythm are apt to occur, and problems connected with the cyclic life ofHealing, 212:plus serious pathological conditions, then occur. Some of the glands become over-active; others areHealing, 316:vehicle. Then obsession or possession can occur. Such cases are frequently (I might say, usually)Healing, 316:certain hereditary forms of mental imbalance occur. These forms of imbalance are caused byHealing, 380:mankind, the Masters can usually gauge what will occur, but esoterically They refuse "to ponder onHealing, 425:are God's." In the incident where those words occur He was referring to the great act ofHealing, 425:ancient writings the following symbolic words occur: Said the Father to the son: Go forth and takeHealing, 513:works, intensifies its activity, and two things occur: The personality life becomes increasinglyHealing, 555:sympathetic relation. There is apt to occur what we might call "transference." The healer takes onHealing, 703:and dramatically arrested disease will not occur. If they do occur, it will be due to three things:Healing, 703:arrested disease will not occur. If they do occur, it will be due to three things: The destiny ofHercules, 139:on mountain tops that all the great revelations occur, where the mists of the valley disappear andHercules, 199:dangers of over-stimulation, the disasters that occur when a person makes certain contacts beforeHercules, 227:is, however, only temporary. Fresh opportunities occur. The consequence of his mistake has beenInitiation, 18:As evolution proceeds successive at-one-ments occur. At-one-ment on all levels - emotional,Initiation, 87:chains, and the expansions of consciousness that occur at the different initiations. Again, aIntellect, 11:there is arrested growth, abnormalities will occur and retrogression be found. Someone has saidIntellect, 113:In A Treatise on Cosmic Fire the following words occur: "The wise student regards all forms ofIntellect, 114:even a small contact with his soul three things occur: He reaches out beyond the form and seeks toIntellect, 161:of perception, is surely what we might expect to occur as man moves towards higher centers ofIntellect, 202:and in art, we have seen two amazing things occur: Organized big business, with its selfishIntellect, 232:way for the neophyte. There are others that will occur to the mind of the intelligent student.Intellect, 244:of recognition for which he hankers. It does not occur to him that the Guides of the race are tooIntellect, 245:of [245] less highly evolved beings. Nor does it occur to them that, should they be so advanced andIntellect, 255:in fault. When some of these primary troubles occur, the meditation work should be temporarilyMagic, 96:central nerve channel up the spine. This will occur as the transmission of light and truth to theMagic, 285:divine nature. This, curiously enough, can only occur when the lower spinal center is aroused, whenMagic, 346:warring militantly against the aspirant will occur; they may make their power felt in one or otherMagic, 512:into right activity. Much will consequently occur to make man successful, provided he can preserveMeditation, 6:with the causal consciousness. Temporary moments occur when this is the case and when (in momentsMeditation, 40:termini, and those where overlapping and merging occur. They demonstrate on the physical plane inMeditation, 65:is far reaching and certain reactions will occur. What results, therefore, when the Word isMeditation, 159:emotional body. Therefore, though accidents may occur which lead to unexpected physical disasterMeditation, 290:as earlier he formed his figures. Just what did occur? The pupil had succeeded in doing threePatanjali, 13:In the original the word "pleasure" does not occur; the thought conveyed is more technical, and isPatanjali, 18:for disciples of a certain degree these words occur and are of value to all probationary andPatanjali, 259:the immediate control of the responsive chitta occur like a flash of lightning. This is the statePatanjali, 261:acquired. When this is accomplished two things occur: [262] An instantaneous control of mind at
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