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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCURRENCE

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Astrology, 591:This refers not to events, happenings and occurrence, but to the nature of the life manifestationsAutobiography, 35:idea Who He was. I was scared stiff at the occurrence. Young as I was, I was intelligent enough toAutobiography, 38:that really took place. At the time of this dual occurrence this knowledge lay outside my field ofAutobiography, 39:happening but a real, physical plane occurrence. I found myself (whilst wide awake) in this valleyBethlehem, 161:intimates that he is the Son of God. [161] The occurrence can be explained only as the outcome ofDestiny, 77:a world happening, not a continental and local occurrence. Germany is therefore controlled by theDiscipleship1, 370:is also upon the first ray which is an unique occurrence and rarely to be found. It is here thatDiscipleship1, 661:are emotionally upset (and this is of frequent occurrence) and the furious self-assertion wherebyDiscipleship2, 247:group of souls. This happens not through the occurrence of convincing phenomena, but through anDiscipleship2, 340:acceptance of initiation or a recognition of its occurrence, i.e., the present attitude. Here youEducation, 53:family are also unfolding the rapidity of this occurrence being the result of Christ's action. CanExternalisation, 90:nature may be a tangible, factual and objective occurrence upon the Earth. In the founding of theFire, 299:scheme of allied number to effect the momentous occurrence known as the coming of the Lords ofFire, 368:ours in certain particulars, but the momentous occurrence in the third root-race was due to theFire, 462:An electrical stimulation of the nature of the occurrence in Lemurian days will not be required.Fire, 691:significance and to throw light upon that occurrence which concerns our own scheme, the Stanzas onFire, 692:which all bodies undergo. A second momentous occurrence is the appropriation by the variousFire, 787:with the physical brain of the child. A similar occurrence takes place in connection with theFire, 824:the colors hold the esoteric key to this great occurrence. This inner circle of petals is organizedFire, 894:to stand revealed. All this physico-psychical occurrence is possible to man owing to certain eventsHealing, 350:disease and death is not necessarily an unhappy occurrence. A new and better attitude to theHealing, 383:of possible cure. The mode of preventing the occurrence of cancer and the nature of its cause areInitiation, 14:senses the lesson to be learnt from any given occurrence and event, and that by means of theseIntellect, 8:is an act of the will; passive thinking is an occurrence." - Dibblee, George Binney, Instinct andIntellect, 243:diary and they write joyously to me that the occurrence is a most momentous happening in theirIntellect, 244:thoughts take form. Two things have produced the occurrence, if it has really happened and is notMagic, 242:We have with us always that symbolic daily occurrence wherein the part of the world in which weMagic, 486:that have their origination in physical plane occurrence, and therein lies the difficulty. TheMagic, 487:Or again, it may be true, some sad or evil occurrence or deed of some mistaken brother. What thenMeditation, 200:you call miracles will be matters of everyday occurrence. The subject is too vast to be more thanMeditation, 289:of the many possible) which are of such frequent occurrence, comparatively speaking, as to warrantPsychology1, 54:himself to be the Self - a rare and unusual occurrence for the majority. Every form inPsychology1, 97:fast, that we can no longer stand amazed at any occurrence. Psychology1, 257:their lesser cycles coincided. This is a rare occurrence, and when it happens the guardians of thePsychology1, 375:There are two happenings of close and imminent occurrence. Today the bulk of human beings arePsychology2, 234:in life and purpose, an inevitable, irresistible occurrence. This instinct or trend towardsPsychology2, 277:enlightenment which is the result of a rare occurrence - a Cosmic Touch. He challenged the peoplePsychology2, 296:In the case cited (which is one of quite usual occurrence) we find that The fifth ray of the mentalPsychology2, 349:process must bring to pass this phenomenal occurrence in the case of every human being, but it canPsychology2, 450:- from [450] the time angle - of almost regular occurrence. But this is not the case where thePsychology2, 457:of insanity. These exist and are of constant occurrence, and we esoterically divide them into threePsychology2, 502:physical body, such errors will be of increasing occurrence. The implications are obvious. Psychology2, 509:in spite of its reality and basically phenomenal occurrence. The realities of the kingdom of GodPsychology2, 569:medium. They constitute however, the exceptional occurrence. The revelation to the clairvoyant andRays, 299:oneness of all life is a simple and immediate occurrence; it comes first of all to the disciple asRays, 355:Master Jesus. Yet one event was a hierarchical occurrence and the other was a great human crisis;Rays, 355:and in the other and the more esoteric occurrence it is the One Who over-shadows Him, the Christ.Soul, 103:the tongue of flame in the heart, the earliest occurrence of which is perhaps Mahan. 11. 6-12." -
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