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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCURRENCES

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Astrology, 216:are entirely mental are portrayed as physical occurrences. A clue to this triple interpretationAstrology, 418:and events and not along the line of physical occurrences. This difference is basic and must everAtom, 124:escape our ken altogether. Perhaps there are occurrences within the solar system which may be dueBethlehem, 56:for there is a curious identity in events and occurrences. We have fought over the detail connectedDestiny, 64:those past facts which produce present occurrences. You will note that I would differentiate mostDestiny, 125:when this is the case some very extraordinary occurrences of animal mediumship under humanDiscipleship1, 642:psychic phenomena, but to certain spiritual occurrences and soul intuitions which can be sometimesExternalisation, 110:happening today is not the result of immediate occurrences. When I say "immediate," I refer to allExternalisation, 606:our planet. I am dealing with recognitions and occurrences and with factual events which are theFire, 717:in our root-race, that which corresponds to the occurrences in the earlier third and fourth races.Fire, 747:for Them an attitude of receptivity to occurrences at the close of each root-race, when there is,Glamour, 88:and trials. He must learn to think of the mass occurrences and their preparatory effect whereHealing, 18:These range all the way from purely external occurrences to hereditary predispositions. They mightHealing, 352:to cloud the issues with purely physical plane occurrences, temporary or chronic, or with death andHealing, 664:wars, of natural cataclysms and of the myriad occurrences and difficulties which make individualHercules, 183:happening and to understand and look for certain occurrences. Perhaps for the first time in theInitiation, 100:him to bring through to the physical brain, occurrences and happenings upon the subjective planesInitiation, 100:planes of life. Corroboration of these occurrences, and proof of the accuracy of the transmittedIntellect, 149:witnesses and the similarity of the related occurrences seem to indicate something in the nature ofMagic, 168:ideals, and he watches his reaction to life's occurrences and opportunities. He practicallyMagic, 392:the use of the word 'I', and which relates all occurrences to a self. Where this central consciousMagic, 494:a situation where one of the most beneficent occurrences in the life cycle of an incarnating Son ofMagic, 514:so much the result of reaction to physical plane occurrences and the restlessness of the desireMeditation, 90:in the lives of others, to foresee events and occurrences and to know the relative value of aMeditation, 196:of the forces of nature so that physical plane occurrences may be brought about. The initiating ofPsychology2, 24:phenomenal existence; but throughout all these occurrences in time and space, the soul everPsychology2, 483:conditions, limited circumstances and unhappy occurrences are the result of his own creativeRays, 13:suffers and experiences as a result of the inner occurrences and the meeting of subjective forcesRays, 333:and the restoration of the Mysteries. These occurrences are not only dependent upon the fitness ofReappearance, 54:our planet. We are dealing with recognitions and occurrences and with factual events which are theReappearance, 104:of Hercules which were dramas and not factual occurrences. He thus pictured for those who had eyes
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