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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCURRING

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Astrology, 375:ruler and the guiding influence of that which is occurring everywhere. I would like here to callAtom, 72:ourselves by remembering that all this is occurring just because the life within those forms isAtom, 100:be possibly conceived of as having occurred, or occurring, or going to occur. This is, possibly,Atom, 136:to any passing entity or spook. This can be seen occurring now, occasionally, but it is not veryAutobiography, 52:Bailey - Chapter II One of the words constantly occurring in occult books is the word "Path,"Bethlehem, 77:in the Gospel story, we find the word "down" occurring. Christ went with His mother "down intoBethlehem, 159:its ancient prototype. Always, in these rarely occurring events, God has been glorified by theDestiny, 26:country. And, I would remind you, all that is occurring is an evidence of energy and is expressiveDestiny, 120:of the destroyer. What can, therefore, be seen occurring is the effect of the Shamballa force uponDiscipleship2, XIII:will find your name and perhaps some suggestions occurring in other papers than your own. It is asDiscipleship2, 263:six intermediate expansions of consciousness, occurring between the major initiations. They areEducation, 62:of every kind are simply symbols of what is occurring in the inner worlds, and it is into theseExternalisation, 105:Men either feel responsible for what is occurring or they are shifting the responsibility openlyFire, 88:of the physical) intangible. Phenomena are occurring all the time which remain in the domain of theFire, 467:the Raja-Lord) certain very definite events are occurring which - though invisible to the ordinaryFire, 490:This is seen in an interesting way as occurring during the process of the final initiations whenFire, 503:view of universal or group consciousness it is occurring NOW. For instance, such an event as theFire, 910:the rationale of that which can be seen occurring, and if the thinkers of the race can be shown theHealing, 467:but is fully aware within himself of what is occurring. If he is strongly focused on physical planeMeditation, 103:correctness without the student knowing what is occurring on the physical plane; but on the innerPsychology2, 196:due preparation. This "week of group impact" occurring every seven years, will run from DecemberPsychology2, 326:around us on every side and can note it occurring in our own lives. We can divide people into threePsychology2, 330:with such episodes in human history as those occurring at the time of the Wesak Full Moon. There isPsychology2, 678:that which is inevitable, and when all that is occurring is seen in its relation to an eternalRays, 671:within the head" is basically related to what is occurring in the sacral and throat centers, as theSoul, 115:thought. Certain degraded practices and schools, occurring both in the East and the West, teaching
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