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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OCCURS

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Astrology, 276:the wheel of life and its reversed motion which occurs at a particular stage of evolution. I wantAstrology, 690:Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs. Such an event transpired in this round inAtom, 47:as they affect us personally, and all that occurs to others at a certain stage of our evolution isAtom, 71:[71] when we realize that not a single thing occurs that is not the outcome of the conscious willBethlehem, 101:there must come the same great expansion, and it occurs when we are fitted to take the secondBethlehem, 202:wishes of the "hidden man" are violated, the sin occurs. When these two aspects of man are unitedBethlehem, 248:Ascension The question then arises as to what occurs when the sense of values is distorted orDiscipleship1, 97:service to humanity at a later date. This occurs quite frequently between the first and secondDiscipleship1, 119:hands. It disappears from view. Disturbance then occurs. The soul, [120] whose eyes serene haveDiscipleship1, 205:and you tend to act precipitately. When this occurs, you later discover that you initiated conflictDiscipleship1, 474:part is to love without a change, no matter what occurs. Take her each day into the light and, byDiscipleship1, 552:- the service and art of healing. All that occurs in your life, my brother, and all preparationDiscipleship2, 86:to the group of workers as need arises and place occurs. I suggest that the work be kept fluid, asDiscipleship2, 312:produce an unavoidable precipitation which occurs in a flash of time; it results in anDiscipleship2, 438:of Initiation to which I would like to refer. It occurs when the light which the initiate hasDiscipleship2, 533:releasing factors. A major one for all disciples occurs around the age of thirty-five, and stillDiscipleship2, 536:MY BROTHER: In my last instruction to you there occurs one sentence which could convey to you theEducation, 32:- is carried to the throat center; when that occurs man can become a conscious creator on theExternalisation, 46:brain activity. [46] This bridging work, when it occurs today, is often simply a fortunate butExternalisation, 145:and formulas. Frequently, however, an hiatus occurs even when a man has integrated these threeExternalisation, 438:the Shamballa energy upon humanity very seldom occurs. It has been loosed only three times duringFire, 71:the atom powerfully and continuously; this occurs when a man is highly evolved and is nearing theFire, 275:of synchronization, may be attributed all that occurs in the world cycles. Thus we have theFire, 368:Man, or of a solar Logos, a similar event occurs. Such an event transpired in this round inFire, 395:The manasic principle actuates all that occurs within the man's aura, and he suffers, or he makesFire, 686:and of consciousness before a similar happening occurs in its fullness in the solar system, and theFire, 702:the Ego. On cosmic levels, an analogous process occurs in connection with such stupendousFire, 709:form and a vibration calling for response, there occurs a practically simultaneous happening. AFire, 727:only once in the history of each scheme and occurs at the time of its densest physical appearance,Fire, 731:of that which it may consume, and only when that occurs is it possible for the fires of mind (onFire, 750:D - Thought Elementals and Fire Elementals What occurs on lower planes is but a reflection ofFire, 804:activity of physical substance, and much that occurs is the [805] consequence of the interactionFire, 1063:be remembered in this connection that radiation occurs when the etheric or true form becomesFire, 1132:these various congeries of lives, and see what occurs during the final stages of consciousFire, 1193:Very rarely a more mysterious phenomenon occurs and the over-shadowing Buddha, Bodhisattva, orHealing, 55:above the diaphragm. The moment that that occurs he becomes subject, for a long cycle of lives, toHealing, 354:some part of bodily cell structure. This usually occurs where there is a weakness in the etheric orHealing, 389:where that inevitable and most familiar event occurs. Healing groups must prepare to deal with thisHealing, 500:is engendered by the soul. That which occurs within the threefold soul-sheath is necessarily theHealing, 542:and is closely involved and affected by whatever occurs. When this triangle of energy isHercules, 123:does not include its opposite, and all that occurs in between." Reminding one again that eightInitiation, 69:the Master's study for a private interview. This occurs when a Master wishes to see a disciple forInitiation, 77:that time is short. [77] To the disciple naught occurs but what is in the plan, and where theInitiation, 77:is possible to reach a point where naught that occurs can ruffle the inner calm; where the peaceInitiation, 102:initiate will know for himself when the event occurs and needs no one to tell him of it. TheInitiation, 131:By Sanat Kumara working through the Manu. This occurs when it is desirable to form a centralIntellect, 103:and no clear formulation of thoughts occurs. The clothing of ideas with words which clearly expressIntellect, 126:and the universe revolves around him. All that occurs has reference to him and to his affairs, andIntellect, 203:a transmutation analogous to that which occurs in the realm of the desire nature, must inevitablyIntellect, 220:locked. They are then surprised when nothing occurs, except fatigue and headaches. The withdrawalMagic, 160:best be described as purely selfish, all that occurs is as follows: It is lost, by being drawn intoMagic, 168:his own interests in those of others. When this occurs certain esoteric happenings take place. TheMagic, 176:to remain free from depression, no matter what occurs; liberated from discouragement; with a keenMagic, 193:- again speaking mystically - an hiatus or a gap occurs, in part of the equipment which the soulMagic, 498:of continuity of consciousness so that no hiatus occurs between the sense of awareness on theMagic, 587:attitude. If the incentive to justify himself occurs he recognizes it as a temptation to beMeditation, 2:For the average man, then, this alignment occurs only at intervals, - in moments of stress, inMeditation, 137:A standing firm and unmoved, no matter what occurs. Your feet may be bathed in the mud of earth,Meditation, 142:to be found numerous stages, at each of which occurs an expansion of consciousness, or anMeditation, 289:and in all verity before the Master. This occurs at rare intervals at first, and the consciousnessPsychology1, 218:vibrate in unison. Until such time as this occurs, this kingdom and its life will remain an enigma,Psychology1, 348:just beginning to wane. When this event occurs in connection with any type [349] of energy, thePsychology2, 49:to a higher degree. Another such point of crisis occurs when the mental body is swept into activityPsychology2, 56:form is also inadequate. But crisis after crisis occurs, and the inner form nature responds morePsychology2, 67:can be brought about. To understand clearly what occurs, it will be wise to define more accuratelyPsychology2, 69:happens only occasionally and rarely. Later it occurs more constantly, and thus a path of contactPsychology2, 126:there is their effect upon the individual. This occurs when the soul has been definitely contactedPsychology2, 212:of all the seven rays simultaneously. This occurs very rarely and the tremendous stimulation thenPsychology2, 215:group consciousness and identification as occurs when the final initiation is undergone? How canPsychology2, 291:possible. This freedom of choice never occurs except in the case of the awakening disciple. ThePsychology2, 334:When this is the case (and it seldom occurs before, unless to the eye of the initiate) thePsychology2, 447:taken place, then unification or at-one-ment occurs. New fields of energy then are entered, [448]Psychology2, 526:center is brought into radiant activity. This occurs as the result of the uprising (in a fresh andPsychology2, 538:center, as it rightly should be. When this occurs, then perversions of the sex life may take place,Psychology2, 609:gradually grows into a circle of some size. This occurs when the light in the head irradiates thePsychology2, 619:speak the truth with love when occasion occurs; refuse to become bitter over the pain which theRays, 83:sound. This has no reference - when it occurs - to the earlier initiations, but only to the finalRays, 444:and rarely in the early stages; later it occurs more constantly, and thus a path of contact isRays, 450:- is carried to the throat center, and when that occurs man can become a conscious creator on theRays, 531:find a word or a phrase which can express what occurs; the nearest I can approach to the truth isRays, 721:a great moment of basically historic interest occurs. All the Masters Who are initiates of theSoul, 65:fills all space and in which everything material occurs. A duality runs through the scheme ofTelepathy, 109:is involved when interpretation of contact occurs; the second aspect, that of love-wisdom, is the
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