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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFFER

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Statement:I have told you nothing which would lead you to offer me that blind obedience and the foolishAstrology, 98:work out, is there not, in these ideas which I offer to you as suggestive considerations and asAstrology, 169:with his knees upon the rocky mountain top to offer his heart and life to the soul and to humanAstrology, 508:be imprisoned by them. On the other hand, they offer opportunity if he is oriented towards theAtom, 15:and when unified, they embody, perhaps (I offer this simply as a suggestion) just as much of theAutobiography, 21:appreciate what the world seemed to be or had to offer. I was convinced that better things layAutobiography, 179:across the Hudson. Foster accepted the offer and left for New York whilst I [180] stayed behind toAutobiography, 246:key to The Secret Doctrine and is intended to offer study to disciples and initiates at the closeBethlehem, viii:and destiny. In closing, I would like to offer my grateful thanks to Mr. William Cummings and Mr.Bethlehem, 72:to transmute their knowledge into wisdom, and to offer all that they have to the Christ within.Bethlehem, 73:whereby we approach nearer to God. Then we can offer to God that rare and wonderful gift of a mindBethlehem, 74:at the end of a [74] long journey, and can now offer, if it so will, the gifts of material life, ofBethlehem, 74:and let the reason of the pain drive us to offer it up as our ultimate gift to Christ. Pain is everBethlehem, 245:He expressed. He had that which was of worth to offer to God and man, and He offered it upon theBethlehem, 246:worth while, he is then, and then only, ready to offer his life upon the altar of sacrifice and ofDiscipleship1, 45:to them. I am your teacher. I make succession. I offer instruction. I indicate [46] the way to theDiscipleship1, 173:there is no inner contact. These disciples offer no strain to the inner teacher and, in the lastDiscipleship1, 187:do. We offered you opportunity and you must also offer opportunity to others. Secondly, be notDiscipleship1, 293:personal - so that they may embody a thought and offer food for mature consideration. The time bothDiscipleship1, 301:choose to avail yourself of what I may have to offer, and secondly, because your particular type ofDiscipleship1, 346:yourself as high in the head as possible offer yourself to the soul for recharging. Follow this byDiscipleship1, 356:life problems; you have the gift of strength to offer to others and the experience gained throughDiscipleship1, 359:will begin to emerge... Present what you have to offer; this can be much when you have learned withDiscipleship1, 444:of observation for the spiritual man? Can I offer this organ to the observer to use? Can I hold myDiscipleship1, 472:not say, for you know well I whereof I speak. I offer you the way out in four simple rules: CleanDiscipleship1, 479:incarnation. Wrench that hatred out and seek to offer love and understanding. Therein, frankly,Discipleship1, 530:of giving one greater vision. It is pure joy to offer it to the thirsty and weary, and each day,Discipleship1, 531:which lies revealed within you, prompts me to offer you this opportunity for specialized training.Discipleship1, 531:the hidden spiritual life which you have yet to offer to your fellowmen. You have a faculty forDiscipleship1, 595:to the particular training of any of you. I only offer opportunity. NOTE: It will be apparent fromDiscipleship1, 614:money is the least important thing you have to offer. You have been occupied with large schemes,Discipleship1, 617:the past and it is for this reason that I again offer you a more conscious contact with myself. IDiscipleship1, 662:I repeat, you can. I and the group need you. I offer you neither suspension nor the opportunity toDiscipleship1, 762:of the best the aspiring personality has to offer and which has been slowly turning its attentionDiscipleship1, 778:key to The Secret Doctrine and is intended to offer study to disciples and initiates at the closeDiscipleship2, 27:in imagination, as spokesman for his group and offer the group in service and deep consecration toDiscipleship2, 465:must work as they will, with what they choose to offer and with a trained understanding of theirDiscipleship2, 676:own way. That would make it impossible for me to offer you an esoteric possibility which will nextDiscipleship2, 678:the unique thing which the Goodwill work has to offer is the Plan for humanity which the HierarchyEducation, ix:comfort from a warm heart and Einstein does not offer this way out. Indeed, Einstein offers noEducation, xi:and principles, this department shall not offer degrees in its own area or 'field.' The DepartmentEducation, 70:bring this about, the best that the East has to offer and the knowledge of the West will have to beEducation, 135:of parents - planned because intended to offer experience to incarnating souls, with the consciousExternalisation, 13:the physical brain alert and [13] active can offer himself as an intermediary between men inExternalisation, 25:forces of Those extra-planetary Beings Who offer Their help at this time and particularly duringExternalisation, 191:of the greatest number and who at the same time offer opportunity to all, seeing to it that theExternalisation, 262:together spiritually and selflessly, and so offer themselves as channels for these new and unknownExternalisation, 312:are dominant: The determination to offer group service - as a group - to the world group. TheExternalisation, 417:theologian and the narrow doctrinaire have to offer no longer satisfies the intelligent seeker orExternalisation, 462:of expression to the Forces of Enlightenment and offer Them opportunity to change the ways of humanExternalisation, 555:scarcely be possible) with the Buddha, then offer themselves as channels for the spiritualExternalisation, 619:and the opportunity which spiritual events may offer. The desire to do good and to accomplishExternalisation, 620:and silence. Circumstances and environment offer no true obstacle to the spiritual life. Perhaps heFire, xiv:as to the nature of man. The best that man can offer as a solution of the world problem mustFire, 711:instrumentality of certain cosmic entities who "offer Themselves" up in order that Man may be. FromFire, 878:their initial sacrifice by a final one, and offer themselves upon the fiery altar. The causal bodyFire, 1218:of their essential nature, only in order to offer up the best they have and realize to theFire, 1270:of being and of men in all their many grades offer their prayers, their life and adoration. TheGlamour, 40:concerning the four aspects of glamor, I would offer the following tabulation for your carefulGlamour, 114:exists in the fact that these conditions offer the opportunity to the man of evoking theGlamour, 214:eventually come. First, however, let me briefly offer for the use of the individual aspirant aHealing, 32:This is a somewhat new thought which I offer for your consideration. I have asked A.A.B. to insertHealing, 39:of biliousness to which so many are prone. I offer these above illustrations to demonstrate theHealing, 103:aura and focus yourself and all that you have to offer within the head, picturing yourself as aHealing, 103:purity of motive, inspired by a loving heart, we offer ourselves for this work of healing. ThisHealing, 103:offer ourselves for this work of healing. This offer we make as a group and to the one we seek toHealing, 253:New Thought, Unity and Christian Science offer their aid, and seek quite honestly to bring theHealing, 350:enlarge upon it. But I have said enough to offer you food for thought. As regards the lengtheningHealing, 556:into such submission to the soul that they offer no obstruction to the healing art. He hasHercules, 67:about the difficulties, problems and tests that offer to the disciple immediate opportunity. It isHercules, 118:on the ways of death. Go rest, my son." We offer no apologies for repeating the words of the mythIntellect, 111:what the eye sees, what the ear hears, they offer forthwith to desire. This offers it again, in theIntellect, 127:at this point that all the great world religions offer to man a way of knowledge and a process ofIntellect, 138:a man has gained control of the mind and can offer it to the soul as a transmitting agent, then aMagic, 63:at other times he feels that he has naught to offer and his service is arid and apparently withoutMagic, 78:of the people, providing them with bodies which offer not that resistance which occidental bodiesMagic, 78:of rhythm which facilitates occult work, and offer a quiet field for mantric and ceremonialMagic, 133:They apportion the tasks; then, to those who offer themselves for service and who have some measureMagic, 138:and yet refusing hate - has something rare to offer in these days and the Great Ones can use him.Magic, 138:the law. Stand ready then to lift them up and to offer to them opportunities for service, knowingMagic, 294:possibilities which these avenues of realization offer. Until the mental apparatus is sufficientlyMagic, 635:goes unerringly forward. May I in all earnest offer to you the paradoxical injunction to work withMagic, 638:which are immanent in the present situation. I offer to you opportunity and I tell you that you areMeditation, 12:of the highest the lower nature has to offer, man begins to meditate. Disorderly at first are hisMeditation, 207:A blind is not a blind when recognized, and I offer not the key. One or two hints however I mayMeditation, 289:of lives totally different from those of others, offer a wide field to choose from, and no onePatanjali, 135:which the emotions or intellectual pursuits will offer; they cover the whole gamut or range ofPatanjali, 419:Limpid the waters of the lower life and fit to offer to the thirsty ones who, groping, cry ofProblems, 69:and material gains, and by a failure to offer full cooperation with humanity as a whole. TheProblems, 104:no country anywhere wants to open its doors and offer the unwanted Jews asylum. No nation wants toProblems, 109:scientific knowledge to all that Africa has to offer of usefulness and productive materials to theProblems, 124:in every land and composing all faiths do not offer spiritual guidance and help, humanity will findPsychology1, 106:with small groups of probationers to whom They offer opportunity and give an occasional hint. EachPsychology1, 281:of the faculty of discrimination, which will offer choices to man, and thus develop a truer sensePsychology1, 325:have something of a surer and greater value to offer to the whole. Within all these groups whichPsychology1, 398:by the three who loved that which they had to offer more than that which they longed to take, werePsychology2, 33:and yet know all. The Blessed Ones love not, yet offer love divine. The Blessed Ones remember not,Psychology2, 127:submit to the Law of Sacrifice. Then it will offer no impediment to the life which must and willPsychology2, 219:and identity so that the form aspects of life offer no barrier to his all-embracing spirit. It isPsychology2, 564:for the higher powers. I would like to offer two other points to your consideration: First, that
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