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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFFERING

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Astrology, 70:Saturn - one bringing illumination and the other offering opportunity. At the various initiations,Astrology, 243:giving of form to the Sons of Mind and thereby offering opportunity for sacrifice and service. AAstrology, 369:planetary rulers of the sign, Gemini with Saturn offering at a certain fairly advanced stage theAstrology, 450:It will constitute a line of least resistance, offering opportunity, as well as the chance ofAstrology, 513:soul purpose and points the way to the future, offering opportunity. 6. The horoscope, built aroundAutobiography, 179:Bailey got a letter from Mr. Ernest Suffern offering him a position in New York in connection withAutobiography, 217:us, finding out what was our point of view and offering herself as a collaborator with us. SheAutobiography, 217:three girls accompany us if we went to Ascona, offering board and lodging to all of us, but not ourBethlehem, 185:not as an imposed sacrifice, but as a willing offering to the [186] final glory of God. "He thatBethlehem, 198:and as a result of the age-old habit of offering sacrifice to God, the true mission of Christ wasBethlehem, 205:primitive man seemed to feel that by making an offering to God he succeeded in making redemption ofBethlehem, 210:and man. The suffering incidental to such self-offering is morally creative." (The Buddha and theDiscipleship1, 5:New Age, the Master is responsible for the offering of opportunity and for the right enunciation ofDiscipleship1, 187:learn to "go out" more definitely to others, offering them the opportunity to serve and help in theDiscipleship1, 199:organ of vision for the spiritual man, and am I offering this organ to the higher self to use? CanDiscipleship1, 241:upon and accomplish each day's task... Your offering to the group is the providing of opportunityDiscipleship1, 298:These two papers will constitute your individual offering to your group brothers. Should you notDiscipleship1, 380:activity and pushing them forward in their work, offering them their needed opportunity andDiscipleship1, 399:the organ of vision for the spiritual man? Am I offering this organ to the higher self to use? CanDiscipleship1, 525:though that too must be included in the life offering of a disciple, at this time of world stress,Discipleship1, 567:on the Way. His pondering upon me and the offering of his devotion as a result in no way affectedDiscipleship2, 110:Hierarchy. The coming cycle is momentous in its offering of opportunity, and I would have you -Education, 136:souls, with the conscious intent of [136] offering the opportunity to hasten the "birth into theExternalisation, 196:the sea, and the fruits and the flowers are all offering themselves to humanity. Man is theExternalisation, 242:share, with wisdom and a planned efficiency, offering to the planetary life and to each other thatExternalisation, 520:Receiving them into the Ashrams of the Masters. Offering Their disciples opportunity to serve inFire, 115:manvantara will see the solar ring-pass-not offering avenues of escape to those who have reachedFire, 472:grown man returned to the care of his mother, offering up his self-reliance in exchange forFire, 540:circumstances, and not of free will. It is the offering up of the physical body upon the altar ofFire, 1013:Objectivity may then ensue as a voluntary offering to the good of the group or planetary existence,Fire, 1170:as an animal. In the final Initiation or the offering up of the entire bodily nature, [1171] thisFire, 1271:Master of the blazing sphere consumes Himself. Offering Himself the One that is, the new-madeGlamour, 23:service you can render to this general cause by offering yourselves for this training. If you canGlamour, 60:his mind steady in the light, yet what he is offering to the idea is but a poor thing at the best.Hercules, 58:giant and in his hand he held the golden apples, offering them, with love, to Hercules. The searchHercules, 113:from her, only to find her hands held out and offering him the gift, offering the symbol of unityHercules, 113:her hands held out and offering him the gift, offering the symbol of unity and love, of sacrificeHercules, 119:always too literal. Even as the old practice of offering slain animals at the altar passed, soMagic, 373:us with him. He but serves our purpose now, offering us a home within his body, yet remainingPsychology1, 217:forms and appearances which are their specific offering. It is needless for me to enumerate themPsychology1, 219:and sublimated form, being gathered out of the offering of the vegetable kingdom instead of out ofPsychology1, 231:The work is oft-times handicapped by the devoted offering of the emotional aspirant. The Plan isPsychology1, 247:moisture, the food in the air, and the proffered offering of the insect kingdoms into thePsychology1, 297:on all three planes simultaneously, and upon the offering of opportunity for incoming souls, thenPsychology1, 374:basic truth. The bringing in of force and the offering of a channel are all mystical ways ofRays, 651:inflow of the first ray Shamballic energy, and offering no obstructions or hindrances from withinReappearance, 125:teachers, teaching the so-called Mysteries, offering spurious initiations (usually at a cost and
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