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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFFSET

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Astrology, 32:the manner in which an advanced individual can offset the influence of the planets and thus soAstrology, 32:constellations and the planetary Logoi. They can offset the lower influences as They awaken to andAstrology, 55:involving discrimination to regulate and offset the force of the pairs of opposites upon the astralAstrology, 527:for by the ray energies and which can be offset by soul energies rightly employed. From the angleAstrology, 531:there is enough love present in human nature to offset the possible misuse of energy with [532] itsAstrology, 588:high quality, aided by the Black Lodge. To offset this and eventually bring about the eliminationAutobiographyeverywhere which she sought strenuously to offset, the strain of inadequate finances for theAutobiography, 22:life could be determined and much later miseries offset, if the cause and the purpose of theAutobiography, 255:the true nature of the Masters of the Wisdom and offset the erroneous impression which the publicAutobiography, 301:teaching and action which would help to offset the crystallizations of the esoteric schools thatBethlehem, 197:of God's love can now be grasped and can thus offset the disastrous doctrine of an angry God WhoBethlehem, 199:when a man is "truly saved" that condition is offset, and with it the incidental sinful nature. ItBethlehem, 211:would give to His death, and endeavored to offset it by making the recognition of the dying thiefDestiny, 73:interests of the French nation can be offset, France then stands free some day to lead the worldDestiny, 79:agent as far as Germany is concerned is offset by the influence of Jupiter. It is not neverthelessDestiny, 80:or connotations, are dominant. That which can offset this unhappy situation is the influence ofDestiny, 82:are apt to forget that good intentions are oft offset by bad methods. The British are just andDestiny, 86:Leo control of the Russian personality has been offset. The planets which primarily influenceDestiny, 102:for by the ray energies and which can be offset by soul energies rightly employed. From the angleDestiny, 105:there is enough love present in human nature to offset the possible misuse of energy with its oftenDestiny, 110:two thousand years. These must be counted upon, offset and understood and the newer influence mustDiscipleship1, XI:that this Book of Instructions may do much to offset this evil tendency and may help to open theDiscipleship1, 20:under the larger plan and the will-to-good, be offset by a counter move of spiritual living andDiscipleship1, 46:and can be studied; weaknesses can then be offset and right indications fostered... [47] Discipleship1, 55:is now taking place and its objective is to offset the tendency of the race to crystallize intoDiscipleship1, 74:destiny. The Law of Cause and Effect cannot be offset. In those cases where it has been offset, itDiscipleship1, 74:be offset. In those cases where it has been offset, it has required the intervention of Forces,Discipleship1, 121:tone, but one lone disciple is hard put to it to offset the vibration of a powerful [122] astrallyDiscipleship1, 122:towards depression which you have amazingly offset by negation and a persistent attitude ofDiscipleship1, 128:the suggestion of another, such as myself. To offset this difficulty, I would remind you that yourDiscipleship1, 129:about. Two or three months do not suffice to offset the tendencies and habits of a lifetime orDiscipleship1, 134:possible certain liabilities. These should be offset by a stiffening of all first ray tendencies inDiscipleship1, 146:are quiet and therefore there is nothing to offset correct attitude. When this state ofDiscipleship1, 170:note its effect upon other personalities and offset its innate and oft most useful destructiveDiscipleship1, 177:thereby a tendency to preserve balance and to offset the powerfully controlling line of 2-4-6. IDiscipleship1, 211:separate tendency of the lower mind, for that is offset in you by your deep seated love of theDiscipleship1, 220:on to the second ray will now most definitely offset this and lead to a condition of focusedDiscipleship1, 221:the ray of detachment. This is, for you, offset by your soul ray. Owing to the fact that first rayDiscipleship1, 232:that this must be guarded against and definitely offset. You have a curious combination of raysDiscipleship1, 245:rightly ask me how and in what manner you can offset these tendencies. I can but reply to you withDiscipleship1, 254:its glamor-producing characteristics are to be offset and balance achieved. This relationship isDiscipleship1, 256:to fanatical and violent activity can be offset by wise handling of the life rhythm. You haveDiscipleship1, 279:of the mind. This the intuition must both offset and at the same time use. The mind emphasizes formDiscipleship1, 304:yours, but your fifth ray personality will offset some of this, as you function more easily on theDiscipleship1, 315:to include, which is a major asset; it serves to offset the first ray tendencies which are soDiscipleship1, 347:the old truth in a new way, but has often to offset the established habits of thought and theDiscipleship1, 371:and selfishness and that these qualities must be offset and subdued before there can be freedom ofDiscipleship1, 371:is limited. That weakness could be so easily offset, given sufficient illumined desire andDiscipleship1, 378:(though unfortunately at times) this is offset by your first ray personality which nips your secondDiscipleship1, 400:you have discovered, only relative; they are oft offset by the pouring in of a sense of innerDiscipleship1, 415:which you suffer could have been very largely offset by a quieter life of reading, gentle thought,Discipleship1, 415:the Way. This your first ray mental nature can offset if you will give it a chance and live more inDiscipleship1, 437:dogmatic and consequently separate. This must be offset by your second ray soul. Your astral bodyDiscipleship1, 445:my constant practice of observation? How can I offset this difficulty? How does the assumption ofDiscipleship1, 496:purely to spiritual laziness - a thing you can offset at once if you choose. You have a loving andDiscipleship1, 497:is far more dangerous to you, and will have to offset the consequent satisfaction by theDiscipleship1, 498:wish, and the right way for you. But you must offset its unavoidable difficulties through aDiscipleship1, 518:(again rightly or wrongly), but it must not offset or undermine any responsibility which it shouldDiscipleship1, 552:and self-forgetfulness which will offset and negate that spiritual diffidence and dissatisfactionDiscipleship1, 609:your intense earnestness. Remember, you have to offset constantly your sixth ray personality. WillDiscipleship1, 660:tautness which is really quite unnecessary. To offset that, I would ask you to ponder on one of theDiscipleship1, 669:and is - at this time - the only factor that can offset hate. In connection with this point, IDiscipleship1, 705:These can be noted and (up to a certain point) offset or stimulated by the group potency. This isDiscipleship1, 720:moments, they attempt to use the fire of love to offset the fires of the critical mind but at theDiscipleship1, 729:from themselves. In the meantime, he labors to offset their influence and to this extent his taskDiscipleship1, 751:because of - the effort they have to make to offset the new chela's personality reactions to theDiscipleship1, 787:nature of the Masters of the Wisdom, and thus offset the erroneous impression which the public hadDiscipleship2, 44:particularly in the inner Ashram) in order to offset it. I am putting this to you with frankness asDiscipleship2, 68:is rapidly healing the existent breach, and thus offset the work which Christ set out to do onDiscipleship2, 72:the Path together is adequate reward. It will offset the usual loneliness of the disciple's way andDiscipleship2, 110:found, need not persist, for the group love can offset them all; personality weaknesses, mistakesDiscipleship2, 189:upon an unconscious and unrealized self-pity. To offset this unrecognized habit of thought, thisDiscipleship2, 304:formulas have given a direction that naught can offset; the resultant conditions are inevitable:Discipleship2, 329:they must make allowance and which they have to offset. They have also to regulate the energy whichDiscipleship2, 332:harm attempted on my Ashram has been more easily offset, and the source of hate which itDiscipleship2, 332:because of its general ill repute. It has been offset by love and understanding which is not soDiscipleship2, 360:in evolution permits - the Ashram should take to offset the distortion of the Plan. Only in thisDiscipleship2, 447:however, ephemeral. Personality enterprises have offset greatly your reactions, and changes in yourDiscipleship2, 447:environment and in your established habits have offset much reaction. This is, perhaps, just asDiscipleship2, 473:of your time and plans will do much to offset the above difficulties and - in time - to cure them.Discipleship2, 481:of events, [481] accepts his karma and works to offset it, actuated by right motive. Let meDiscipleship2, 571:deals with the luxuries of life, you need to offset it with an equally potent expression - again onDiscipleship2, 578:of goodwill, and thus lasting good will offset temporary evil. This must not be forgotten. TheDiscipleship2, 603:vocation made by your soul which was intended to offset the limitations with which I have sought toDiscipleship2, 607:disruption of some of the atoms of your body, to offset a too rapid purification of the cells ofDiscipleship2, 611:it is for you to discover the nature of both and offset the liabilities through discipline andDiscipleship2, 685:dominant for so many centuries) could be offset, and the mental grasp of truth and of lifeDiscipleship2, 739:of the mind upon things occult will do much to offset the astral sensitivity which is one of yourDiscipleship2, 740:you are a disciple of some standing. This will offset the astral sensitivity, for the energy of theDiscipleship2, 740:in a worse degree, but had more experience to offset it and less time in which to succumb. I haveEducationwhich may also engulf the Eastern world? Can we offset the totalitarianisms which deify theEducation, 79:basic tendencies which are undesirable can be offset through the wisdom of the educator, plus theEducation, 88:gradually, our quarrels and differences will be offset and the idea of the One Humanity will takeEducation, 112:to particulars. This I shall always do, and thus offset the detailed point of view, the distortedExternalisation, 62:The Law of Cause and Effect can seldom be offset. In those cases where it has been offset, it hasExternalisation, 62:be offset. In those cases where it has been offset, it has required the intervention of ForcesExternalisation, 108:all schools of thought have, nevertheless, been offset to some extent by the growth of the sense ofExternalisation, 138:thought and action. This must be consciously offset. It has not yet occurred but it could happenExternalisation, 139:revenge unless it is definitely and consciously offset. Groups who are adhering to the principlesExternalisation, 141:the gained spirit of goodwill can be immediately offset, and so that understanding can grow in
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