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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFT

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Astrology, 207:just [207] a faculty of the mind, as is so oft supposed, but it is essentially a creative power. ItAstrology, 212:"serpent of wisdom," which is the esoteric name oft given to the soul. Astrology, 212:a religion which has waged a cruel and oft illogical war upon sex and its implications; it hasAstrology, 213:making it a definitely militant religion, oft cruel and sadistic (as witness the murders andAstrology, 237:(and these surely are the goal, subjective and oft unrealized, of all legal procedure) are theAstrology, 262:and their esoteric meaning are abstruse and oft difficult to those who have been reared under theAstrology, 284:I would remind you here of a point which is oft forgotten by astrologers; this is that, in the caseAstrology, 309:of great expression and he can be (as has oft been pointed out by astrologers) both an electric,Astrology, 313:until after the third initiation - as you have oft been told - there is little to be known or saidAstrology, 411:to the second Ray of Love-Wisdom or (as it is oft called in esoteric astrology) the Ray ofAstrology, 450:the Hierarchy and Humanity, are potent in their oft unrealized effect upon the individual people.Astrology, 567:this sign is expressed for us by Christ in the oft misinterpreted words: "Other sheep I have whichAstrology, 570:today of humanity as a whole, and - as I have oft told you - it is this process of invocation whichAstrology, 593:Nevertheless, the picture of the divine Plan so oft emphasized in occult books and by occultAutobiography, 252:me is against me." Let me repeat what I have oft said before. The Hierarchy and all its members,Autobiography, 268:the disciple to his fellowmen. This is a point oft overlooked by teachers, who lay the emphasisDestiny, 66:influences change with frequency. This is oft forgotten, because the cycles are so much vaster thanDestiny, 81:the personality or lower angle - the secret and oft devious diplomacy and subtlety which has in theDestiny, 82:they are apt to forget that good intentions are oft offset by bad methods. The British are just andDestiny, 112:all three are equally divine, which is a point oft forgotten. The second objective of the sixth rayDestiny, 118:have no more relation to the crude attempts and oft ridiculous undertakings of the magicians,Destiny, 131:asceticism and stringent rules of physical life, oft making sinful that which is natural. This hasDiscipleship1, 58:forward upon the inner planes, and unrealized oft in the waking consciousness of the acceptedDiscipleship1, 77:danger and of weakness. Astral conditions are oft seen reversed; hence the glamor which oftenDiscipleship1, 86:their neatly expressed idealistic concepts) are oft glimmered by the future beauty because they areDiscipleship1, 95:through both mind and brain. This is a point not oft emphasized and sometimes contradicted. I wouldDiscipleship1, 143:of affairs is inaugurated. This method - though oft the best - is not easy for the second rayDiscipleship1, 144:and tender because so many very good people are oft unintelligent and lazy. Look [145] for thoseDiscipleship1, 151:These occult phrases deal with things basic and oft unrecognized. If recognized, they are notDiscipleship1, 170:other personalities and offset its innate and oft most useful destructive work. Ponder on joy,Discipleship1, 173:of those who are spiritually selfish (oft unconsciously) and over-eager for development andDiscipleship1, 219:difficulty and of energy disruption, accompanied oft with loss of personality balance. You have,Discipleship1, 222:expression, sometimes with disastrous results (oft of a psychical nature) upon yourself. YourDiscipleship1, 223:in the group - an aspect of the work which is oft forgotten but which is of real importance. ToDiscipleship1, 234:initiation, and the relation between the two is oft forgotten. It is one of an unrecognized glamor,Discipleship1, 241:and play no experiments with it as you have so oft and foolishly done in the past. Keep busy withDiscipleship1, 242:contacts and have a feeling of resentment - oft unrecognized - when this is not the case. This wasDiscipleship1, 244:them away from you and your first ray power oft shatters that particular inner body which is forDiscipleship1, 244:conscious life of a first ray soul. Is this not oft the case with you, my brother? It is not thatDiscipleship1, 261:for further and constant training. The disciple oft becomes absorbed in the work to be done to suchDiscipleship1, 279:the principal training elements in your life. Oft you have been bewildered and your fellowmenDiscipleship1, 285:This is your obligation to your soul, and herein oft lies your failure. May I use this wordDiscipleship1, 290:in mind that group work involves sacrifice and oft the doing of that which might not be preferredDiscipleship1, 310:of being. The fear of an isolated loneliness has oft beset you, yet you have realized at the sameDiscipleship1, 310:at the same time that that type of loneliness is oft the setting of the disciple. The increasedDiscipleship1, 312:The outer personality claims of attachment are oft so powerful that their clatter and their rattleDiscipleship1, 322:close alliance. A high grade astral body acts oft as a distorted where your vision of character isDiscipleship1, 323:through you. Say daily the following words, as oft as you feel the urge and when you choose: "TheDiscipleship1, 323:strength I give. The central Light I reach so oft, I pass along the lighted Way to those who needDiscipleship1, 324:dynamic will must supersede dynamic longing. You oft confuse the two. It is the will of the soulDiscipleship1, 325:person they are ever difficult; their need is oft not recognized nor are they deemed necessary. TheDiscipleship1, 326:The ardent flames of inner love and aspiration oft burn too fiercely the physical vehicle. Pass onDiscipleship1, 326:This you also quite markedly lack; you have oft said, have you not, how difficult you find it toDiscipleship1, 328:which is needed has seemed to you inadequate and oft futile. You have ascribed this inability toDiscipleship1, 349:with a long purpose in my mind. Meditation is so oft regarded as the means for establishing soulDiscipleship1, 349:the means for establishing soul contact. People oft forget, however, that this contact is broughtDiscipleship1, 351:yourself. But I have seen and known. It is not oft that I pause in my strenuous life to tell aDiscipleship1, 355:in application of knowledge to the situation. So oft with aspirants, the main weakness lies in oneDiscipleship1, 355:to apply your ideals to it at need. You treat it oft too well, and yet at times you alternate goodDiscipleship1, 364:clearer light and more efficient living. This oft I have told you. Your keynote for the future isDiscipleship1, 369:July 1937 MY BROTHER: You have, as you have oft been told by me, only one major problem and that isDiscipleship1, 370:It fosters your fear of attachment. Thus you are oft emotionally and astral detached and isolatedDiscipleship1, 384:so full of detail and of duty that the soul is oft irked thereby. Give it time to prove itself. ItDiscipleship1, 400:as you have discovered, only relative; they are oft offset by the pouring in of a sense of innerDiscipleship1, 408:and a more established peace. This you oft have realized you need. Give the next few months to aDiscipleship1, 415:a major question with many disciples. You have oft made the remark that you know so little, thatDiscipleship1, 418:the inner conservation, the more severe will oft be the disciplining. You received a tremendousDiscipleship1, 421:is in each and all of you will, and can, and oft-times does, light your path of life. TheDiscipleship1, 424:other - a result, differing from that expected oft ensues. The achieving also of a tranquil centerDiscipleship1, 477:and your service to the work which I am doing is oft rendered null and void by your innerDiscipleship1, 485:This process of inner, brooding reflection is oft omitted through enthusiasm and self-confidence.Discipleship1, 485:enter into a world of glamor from which it is oft difficult to emerge. Your fourth ray attributesDiscipleship1, 490:This you should most carefully bear in mind, for oft this directed power is not being adequatelyDiscipleship1, 503:[503] even though it may (if so desired and oft it is) protect the physical man also. It is theDiscipleship1, 504:in the light of the Eternal. You are immersed so oft in the terror of the moment (yes, terror isDiscipleship1, 508:by the old rhythms are still possible; you are oft profoundly discouraged by the cropping up of theDiscipleship1, 510:and pass into the clear light of day. There is oft a mist in your garden, but on the top of theDiscipleship1, 515:of value if I touched here upon a question which oft arises in the minds of disciples workingDiscipleship1, 516:detached. You tie yourself to those you love and oft the clinging hands of love can hinder progressDiscipleship1, 523:myself. 3rd month - From the high point I oft come down and walk the ways of life and beauty withDiscipleship1, 531:to be disgusted with yourself - an inchoate and oft unrealized disgust. That is due to the fermentDiscipleship1, 543:round which falls to those who tend a home. So oft the tending of a home, the functioning as a wifeDiscipleship1, 544:This method of beginning an instruction is one oft used by me, as you well know. It is necessarilyDiscipleship1, 544:and being not free from human error and, walking oft in the vale of illusion, they may be led toDiscipleship1, 560:known for years that such a tie exists. You have oft wondered of what use it is to you. You haveDiscipleship1, 560:stop you. Remember, my brother, that we are oft hindered by the unexpected, and not by that whichDiscipleship1, 562:those devotional aspirations which you direct so oft to me, and cast them from you. Then with aDiscipleship1, 581:not so right) and a power to analyze and oft to criticize others, their personalities and theirDiscipleship1, 594:work out together. It is this together which so oft proves difficult to our workers. It is groupDiscipleship1, 602:those who look on at the lives of aspirants have oft a sense of this urgency - an urgency that theDiscipleship1, 603:by the ancient rhythms. Your other motives are oft beautiful, but spoilt by the underlyingDiscipleship1, 604:root of all the difficulty. It is governed so oft by expediency. Give not so much time to intricateDiscipleship1, 620:even if it is not far off. The battle today is oft a losing one. Think, my brother, of the ages ofDiscipleship1, 650:but stand beside you, occasionally speak a word, oft times smile with you and be busy with my manyDiscipleship1, 650:influence upon your life is destructive and who oft have hurt you much. (I refer not to yourDiscipleship1, 654:that the reality for which you thus struggle is oft forgotten. It is lost to sight in the dramaticDiscipleship1, 658:complex, as that much misused word is oft employed, nor are you the victim of a defeatist complex.Discipleship1, 660:and direction and not so much a painful and oft dramatic effort to measure up to a standard whichDiscipleship1, 663:period of one-pointed aspiration, of painful and oft agonizing detachment from all that theDiscipleship1, 664:tell you that in spite of the difficulties and oft the increased problems of the spiritual life -
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