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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFT

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Meditation, 259:the things that are to us the most familiar are oft the most frequently overlooked, and the mostMeditation, 262:reached His goal and (which is a thing not so oft comprehended) through meditation, or theMeditation, 288:that is a fairly just exponent of the inner man. Oft the man is of far greater caliber andMeditation, 298:Experiments are being made now, unknown oft to the subjects themselves, to see how quickly a manMeditation, 309:and developed, being not based, as is so oft seen, on personality, but on that instinctiveMeditation, 345:of service, but dissipates force; he renders oft destructive action, he wastes the time of wiserProblems, 35:This characteristic connotes an undying, though oft unrecognized, sense of divinity; it involvesProblems, 149:and humanity at the same time made great, though oft unconscious efforts to draw near to God. FromProblems, 153:by the recognition of certain factors which are oft overlooked. A profound and sound optimism isPsychology1, xix:most valuably to the group awareness. Oft an aspirant says to himself: "Of what real use am I? HowPsychology1, xxiv:be implied and not really elucidated. As I have oft told you, it is only the initiate of the thirdPsychology1, 9:work of the focused mind can be seen. It has oft been said the black magician is rare, indeed, andPsychology1, 73:destructive force. First ray personalities are oft destructive, as well you know, but the energyPsychology1, 109:of such an outpouring of communications is oft an increase of spiritual pride and ambition, andPsychology1, 228:of God in substance, and its outstanding, though oft unrealized, characteristic is imprisoned orPsychology1, 231:equipment of the would-be server. The work is oft-times handicapped by the devoted offering of thePsychology1, 231:offering of the emotional aspirant. The Plan is oft-times delayed in its fruition by the ill-timedPsychology1, 256:was but little removed from them. It is oft forgotten that there was a stage in human developmentPsychology1, 278:of expression, and for that which is unusual and oft abnormal. Weak minds then succumb to thePsychology1, 280:or the evolutionary line, and which outrage oft the very laws of nature itself. Energy is anPsychology1, 296:direction, for this truth is obvious and has oft been voiced. Later, but not for a long while yet,Psychology1, 315:been for long in esoteric circles much idle and oft foolish talk anent the ray upon which a man mayPsychology1, 327:that the power to levitate the body, which is so oft today the subject of psychic interest andPsychology2, 13:of time. The mental grasp of the individual is oft-times much greater than his power to express thePsychology2, 22:the mental man. It is this deep seated, though oft unrecognized, interplay and cultivatedPsychology2, 33:Ones dwell ever in the high and lofty place, yet oft can walk on earth in light phenomenal. ThePsychology2, 119:that time is good intention, mixed motives, and oft fanaticism. This we will later elucidate. ThisPsychology2, 126:have become sensitive to impression, but they oft-times misinterpret the truth and are biassed byPsychology2, 126:ideas and are sensitive to soul impression (oft-times misinterpreting the truth, being biassed byPsychology2, 158:difficulty. The heart of man is sound, but oft asleep. Serve and obey! These are the watchwords ofPsychology2, 159:selfish man. This selfish spiritual desire is oft the major sin of so-called esotericists and mustPsychology2, 214:a soul in command of the personality. These have oft been adequately outlined by disciples down thePsychology2, 219:the larger areas of [219] the spiritual plan are oft amused at the importance which the disciplesPsychology2, 221:purpose of God. However (and this is a point oft forgotten) this tendency is motivated by thePsychology2, 246:activities of the lower mind. But one thing is oft forgotten in the great expectancy. There is noPsychology2, 267:and the clear outlines of a truth are oft lost in a maze of words. [268] Psychology2, 274:the vibratory quality of the soul" are phrases oft used. It should prove useful to students if theyPsychology2, 309:they have sequentially to deal. This is a point oft forgotten. Emphasis is usually laid upon thePsychology2, 312:of opposites. The Dweller on the Threshold is oft regarded as a disaster, as a horror to bePsychology2, 316:but words themselves are limiting things and oft veil and hide the truth. Her book, therefore, isPsychology2, 356:Thus speaks the Old Commentary, which is so oft quoted in these pages. It is not possible to doPsychology2, 365:crises are produced by the bringing together (oft the clashing together) of the higher forces ofPsychology2, 415:It should also be remembered here (as I have oft pointed out) that the reality which we call thePsychology2, 425:utilizes". I would here remind you, as I have oft done before, that words fail to express andPsychology2, 435:and those conflicts of duality which so oft afflict and hinder the disciple. It is the seat also ofPsychology2, 449:as well as for men. This latter point is oft forgotten; the hierarchical crisis is of greatPsychology2, 471:of the human consciousness. Glamor has oft been regarded as a curious attempt of what are calledPsychology2, 471:root in human pride and satisfaction. Maya is oft regarded as being of the same nature as thePsychology2, 473:to him. This revelation, in the early stages, oft deceives him and he becomes the victim of thatPsychology2, 489:awaiting their time to be reborn, they are oft contacted subjectively and unconsciously by humanPsychology2, 496:sex thought-life, to sexual jealousies (oft unrecognized) and to physical underdevelopment.Psychology2, 505:mind and the brain. [505] It becomes, therefore, oft a case of the "blind leading the blind".Psychology2, 516:out in all the clamor and in the ardent and oft noisy psychology of the great national movementsPsychology2, 712:the word "tentative"? We use it because (as has oft been stated) even the advanced members of thePsychology2, 729:in techniques have necessarily been made, and oft the law of love has been infringed. Sometimes,Psychology2, 737:or the newly imposed rule with acquiescence and oft quite unintelligently, provided they can eatPsychology2, 742:so to evoke the spirit of good will, present but oft inactive in the hearts of all men, that thereRays, 11:Ego, the moment of greatest development is oft the moment of greatest pain (if apprehension measureRays, 29:of the ashram. This is a factor with which they oft feel I have not to deal. It can only become aRays, 34:the aspirant to the Greater Mysteries, but he is oft bewildered in the beginning and frequentlyRays, 68:uses the attractive force (to which we give the oft misleading name of love) of that fundamentalRays, 125:on earth can touch or affect it. This is a point oft forgotten. The rule as given to applicantsRays, 178:the Spiritual Triad are active, and - as I have oft told you - upon those levels there is no suchRays, 202:and carried to a consummation. This has oft been hinted in my writings. "The Way of the HigherRays, 210:is to recognize this and hence the injunction so oft misunderstood: Kill out desire. This has to beRays, 213:being prepared for the same initiation. This is oft a hard saying for group members to accept. TheRays, 231:which produces the need for care. Mankind is oft unpredictable, owing to the factor of free will.Rays, 232:I only mention this as a striking example of the oft misunderstood fact that the same energy orRays, 259:The transition stage is most difficult and oft bewildering; it presents its own problems, basedRays, 261:he learns the meaning of love and slowly, and oft through the mastering of pain, he absorbs theRays, 314:The meaning of these words is not as is so oft stated by Christian theologians and thinkers, aRays, 315:reorient the personality to the soul, as is so oft believed. The word Express, in its deepestRays, 316:in the initiate. The first two initiations - oft regarded by humanity as major initiations - are inRays, 350:different. You have here the true meaning of the oft-used and misunderstood phrase, "the parting ofRays, 358:It is necessary also to bear in mind a fact oft forgotten, but which has been known and taught everRays, 377:substance is not a principle. This you have oft been told. The cosmic astral plane is a reservoirRays, 381:center between Shamballa and Humanity. It has oft been told in occult and theosophical literatureRays, 411:altered. This had not been anticipated, for - as oft I have told you - the Masters know not whichRays, 499:interracial relationship. That this vision is oft distorted, that it is materially oriented or onlyRays, 671:this is again only the ABC of occultism. What is oft omitted from normal consideration is the factRays, 724:revelation and future opportunity. You have oft been told that there are four Lords of KarmaRays, 727:the word essential, He does not mean (as you oft do) that which is needed or necessary; He isRays, 758:of mankind, and not for its destruction as is so oft the case today; to this must be coupled theReappearance, 151:not the cold and heartless intellectual thing so oft depicted. It is in reality the intelligentTelepathy, 15:the Field of Knowledge, and the Known. You have oft been told that every sacred book, such as theTelepathy, 21:One point should here be borne in mind, which is oft forgotten: The inflow of the new ideas fromTelepathy, 38:lives, this requires periods of adjustment and oft of reorganization of the life. These changes,Telepathy, 106:from all aspects of the lower psychism - a point oft forgotten. A thick veil of concreteTelepathy, 113:Through the use of this invocative demand - oft speechless and not consciously expressed - theTelepathy, 137:they are normally expressing. This is a point oft forgotten. It is needless for me to point out
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