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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFTEN

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Astrology, 16:his personality chart appears inconclusive and often most inaccurate. It is the force flowingAstrology, 123:tendencies of man are inhibited (for Pisces is often a sign of inhibition and hindrances) and theAstrology, 130:Gemini. The Earth on which we live, called often "Mother Earth." The Fish-goddesses of the signAstrology, 136:Aquarius puts all his wares into the window, and often in the room behind the window there isAstrology, 171:desire vanishes when love triumphs. Neptune is often spoken of as falling in this sign and for theAstrology, 211:a beneficent and not a malefic factor, as is so often supposed. When we come to study theAstrology, 213:which its Founder had never intended. Such is often the undesirable effect of the activities ofAstrology, 216:and the horoscopes of the three levels are often much distorted. A horoscope which could beAstrology, 251:he appears to vacillate but never for long and often unnoticeably, for there is always the finalAstrology, 285:of these dictators - an attitude which is so often ignored but which has real racial value. It isAstrology, 310:he has to do [310] is simply to be; he refuses often then to change or to take action, and whenAstrology, 344:A certain amount of repetition is necessary and often helpful; it serves to clarify and reinforceAstrology, 349:to you to bear in mind at this point what I have often told you, that the great White Lodge onAstrology, 359:possible for you to grasp the implications. So often in our studies, one is apt to forget that itAstrology, 394:appear and, therefore, love and wisdom are often noticeably lacking in the person born in thisAstrology, 394:its producing a struggle for unity, it produces often a set and static depression. He will beAstrology, 402:the first decan. However, Venus and the Moon are often used interchangeably and both express orAstrology, 446:one of the reasons why the Moon is spoken of so often as veiling Uranus. The Moon is frequentlyAstrology, 508:and a possibility which can be (though it often is not) a major determining factor, prior toAstrology, 523:and not the origin of them as the pacifists so often imply. Astrology, 525:intervals (consciously seldom but unconsciously often) against the evil influence, and the secondAstrology, 532:the possible misuse of energy with [532] its often disastrous consequences. The colors, theAstrology, 642:Sons of Light - called after their planets and often even identified with them - namely, Saturn,Astrology, 649:process. The sacred planets are called often the 'seven grades of psychic knowledge' or the 'sevenAtom, 26:know practically little about, and is what we often vision and hope for. The third stage lies aAtom, 106:patient with our brothers and sisters who may so often irritate us. What are the two factorsAtom, 107:that it is born blind, like a kitten, but it is often several weeks before a baby consciously seesAtom, 123:vicissitudes and happenings upon the planet. Often we consider the affairs of the world as due toAtom, 136:occurring now, occasionally, but it is not very often that the average man comes in contact withAutobiographydisappointment of inability to meet the need and often the inability to take advantage ofAutobiography, 3:I have no more to say on this subject. What, I often ask myself. could I have done without theAutobiography, 9:for use in the crises - real, objective, and often momentous - with which we are at intervals downAutobiography, 11:indicate the divine. Why is it that they are so often forgotten and the disagreeable, sad orAutobiography, 14:in nature and changeable in quality and often double-faced. I am none of these, at least, in spiteAutobiography, 22:"feel" into people and circumstances and to know often what they were thinking or experiencing wasAutobiography, 22:mystical tendencies. These tendencies are so often dismissed as adolescent fancies which willAutobiography, 29:"carrying his head under his arm." I have often, as a child, felt the gold clasps which the surgeryAutobiography, 42:created world, inscrutable, unpredictable, [42] often cruel (to judge from what The Old TestamentAutobiography, 46:many people; I had traveled a lot. I forget how often I have crossed the English Channel to theAutobiography, 46:to the Continent and back for I have crossed so often. Fortunately I am a first class sailor and IAutobiography, 50:and know everything, then I am helpless and often afraid. I do not care if people agree or disagreeAutobiography, 50:that my point of view would be right. Today, I often feel that there is just a chance that I amAutobiography, 57:I see it) in such a way that it is dogmatic. I often tell people: "Five thousand years hence thisAutobiography, 57:I don't know when I don't and that is quite often. These lecturers who think it lowers theirAutobiography, 58:my Bible, was to bake buns - hundreds of buns - often later in the day to load them into a ponyAutobiography, 59:and she looked on and wished us success and often said the word that was needed; but I do know thatAutobiography, 59:the word that was needed; but I do know that often she looked on with the greatest amusement as weAutobiography, 61:life. But I question our human techniques very often and I believe that God's way is often the bestAutobiography, 61:very often and I believe that God's way is often the best and that He often leaves us to find ourAutobiography, 61:that God's way is often the best and that He often leaves us to find our own way home, knowing thatAutobiography, 63:with equally tempting alliterative titles. I was often tempted myself to publish one entitled,Autobiography, 77:these formative years, almost entirely with men. Often for weeks at a time I spoke to no womanAutobiography, 78:and they usually die quite unafraid and are often very glad to go. Or else, they are in a coma andAutobiography, 78:so awful when you are face to face with it. It often seemed to me like a kind friend and I neverAutobiography, 83:Same God loves me as loves you." I have since often wondered who he was and have asked myselfAutobiography, 90:in spite of a very real sense of humor which has often saved my life. I've always taken life andAutobiography, 98:kindness of two men who did so much for me and I often wonder if I would be alive today had it notAutobiography, 126:Testament that shocked me and parts that made me often wonder how they ever got through the mails.Autobiography, 138:the publication of "The Secret Doctrine." I have often been amused by the orthodox Theosophists whoAutobiography, 140:Karma and Reincarnation by Theosophists who, so often, like to sound learned. Personally, I believeAutobiography, 144:They have not always understood me, and I have often agonized over them, and wanted to changeAutobiography, 153:from the normal superiority complex which is often an outstanding characteristic of a vegetarian. IAutobiography, 160:and she dropped into his arms, and as he has often said symbolically, she has been there everAutobiography, 171:Society in disgust and bewilderment. I have often wondered what would have been the fate of theAutobiography, 176:nor I had planned any such life and we have often said that had we known what the future held weAutobiography, 196:the curse of the T.S. and many occult groups. Often have I said to the school secretaries that theAutobiography, 199:seeing people by appointment and by 1928 I was often seeing people every twenty minutes rightAutobiography, 200:the beautiful, spiritual, subjective thing is often forgotten and this indicates a great lack inAutobiography, 204:regretted my stubbornness on this point. But I often regretted my lost hours of sleep. The threeAutobiography, 207:for she respected my judgment and found it often coincided with hers. I acted as a safety-valve.Autobiography, 208:same things. We liked the same colors and I have often wondered what I did in the past to deserveAutobiography, 211:in the dark blue lounging pajamas which he so often wore. He looked at me, smiled, waved his handAutobiography, 214:problems with Foster and going out to lunch. Often in the late afternoon there were classes and IAutobiography, 231: Autobiography of Alice A. Bailey - Chapter VI I often smile to myself when people boast and sayAutobiography, 248:is only of an average development, it can be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct,Autobiography, 273:theological in his presentation of truth but not often personally authoritative. His influence andAutobiography, 275:of the Ageless Wisdom - given to the public often under the pledge of secrecy - have become publicAutobiography, 279:progress upon the "Lighted Way," as the Path is often called. He will find himself finally standingAutobiography, 284:feeling, and the mind. These various aspects are often unrelated to each other and in the majorityAutobiography, 293:all our daily activities and not only (as is too often the case) to existing religious groups, toAutobiography, 301:disciplines particularly as to diet and the often fanatical allegiance given to the tidbits ofAutobiography, 301:she knew must succeed the mystical, and all too often impractical idealism of the earlier stages ofAutobiography, 301:training which was basically more emotional and often leads to separateness and spiritualBethlehem, 4:that He can be approached. But such testimony is often passed over lightly as being mystical,Bethlehem, 6:past and as a stepping-stone to the future, is often forgotten, and this perhaps is one of theBethlehem, 24:Love and sentiment and devotion are often confused with each other. Pure love is an attribute ofBethlehem, 33:interest. This our Western theologians have often forgotten. Christianity may and does preserveBethlehem, 59:Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem Isis was often represented standing on the crescent moon, withBethlehem, 70:it. This question of the earth's uniqueness has often troubled thinking people. Can soBethlehem, 104:once perceived, remains a fact - inexplicable often, but a definitely clear and inescapableBethlehem, 114:in Jordan His greatness, it cannot be too often reiterated, lies in His universality. Dr. BosanquetBethlehem, 147:lower man, with whom we have been dealing so often in these pages, is a dim reflection of [148]Bethlehem, 168:and His method are seen as one. Theologians have often forgotten this as they have struggled overBethlehem, 168:forth for the world, what He refracted, is often overlooked in the struggle to prove such doctrinesBethlehem, 176:The selfishness of the spiritual aspirant is often very real. It is surely evident, if oneBethlehem, 186:find it," (St. Matt., X, 39.) is a fact which is often forgotten and one which has a definiteBethlehem, 186:truth home to us, though his words have been so often distorted through translation and theologicalBethlehem, 198:logic to extreme conclusions. Calvinism is often summarized in five points. (1) Every human beingBethlehem, 203:we keep certain rules; probably because we have often paid the price, and certainly because we careBethlehem, 214:individual or selfish relation which we have so often ascribed to them. What were those seven
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