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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFTEN

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Bethlehem, 226:now, for He is in us all the time, although very often unrecognized and unapproached. TheBethlehem, 246:And still the risen Christ moves among us, often unrecognized, but busy with the task of worldDestiny, 14:God works through them, though stepped down and often misused and misapplied, by their differingDestiny, 16:out that such first ray exponents of force are often misunderstood and hated. They may and often doDestiny, 16:are often misunderstood and hated. They may and often do misuse the energy available but they alsoDestiny, 16:these disciples of Shamballa, headstrong and often cruel; they impose their will and dictate theirDestiny, 17:hate and self-will, human beings seek often to turn this energy to their own selfish ends. If humanDestiny, 32:and the incoming rays at any time. You have often been told that these events - for the emergenceDestiny, 58:may come into being. The genius of Germany has often in the past been expressed along the line ofDestiny, 61:new and magical religion about which I have so often told you. It will be the product of the greatDestiny, 69:the egoic expression of any nation but quite often as governing the personality manifestation, orDestiny, 75:whence they come. I would repeat here as I have often done before that I am not concerned withDestiny, 81:Britain's political activity. Gemini people are often distrusted, and the Gemini effect along thisDestiny, 98:and not the origin of them, as the pacifists so often imply. Destiny, 100:influence (consciously seldom but unconsciously often), and the second group - the leaders of theDestiny, 105:to offset the possible misuse of energy with its often disastrous consequences. The colors, [106]Destiny, 135:upon the ladder of evolution. Such points are often forgotten. If a man is, for instance, upon theDestiny, 143:This ray is not the ray of art, as it is often claimed, but is the energy which brings about theDiscipleship1hold good, but are susceptible of fresh and often different interpretations. The training to beDiscipleship1, 23:of the family or in that of another person is often to be found, for the beauty of the human heartDiscipleship1, 33:many today working intelligently with our plans, often isolated and alone. The main requirement inDiscipleship1, 43:Master K. H.; in discussion with him, we have often wondered how we should aid in the inaugurationDiscipleship1, 46:Do you realize that? Is not your attitude very often to be expressed in the following terms: When IDiscipleship1, 50:of the soul. This does not refer to what is so often referred to as "turning one's back upon theDiscipleship1, 56:the integration of all parts of his equipment. Often in the stress of activity in one body orDiscipleship1, 56:physical situation; disciples, however, often have a curious capacity to continue with their workDiscipleship1, 69:them and bent them to our will and use, often selfishly, yet sometimes with good and pure intent.Discipleship1, 77:are oft seen reversed; hence the glamor which often overcomes a disciple. In this connection, myDiscipleship1, 93:Age I - Talks to Disciples - Part IX You have often heard that the Guru, or Teacher, in the EastDiscipleship1, 96:point of your contact with the Hierarchy. I have often pointed out that a disciple is known by hisDiscipleship1, 111:necessarily retrogressive in effect. It can (and often does) mark a pathway fraught with psychicDiscipleship1, 113:set and crystallized fashion and have been too often unduly objective and not sufficiently moved byDiscipleship1, 117:to my vibration, for so you are. But not as often as you think. It is so easy for aspirants toDiscipleship1, 148:in physical disability, primarily (as I have often told you) in a lack of vitality and not illDiscipleship1, 192:When you are mentally alert, which is quite often, a temporary coordination is set up and there isDiscipleship1, 238:light and such thought-form of the teachers are often to be found and are purely astral and notDiscipleship1, 247:this facility. I would remind you that there is often a deeply scientific [248] raison d'ętre forDiscipleship1, 263:wisdom, much experience and much understanding. Often, however, you "stand in your own light," andDiscipleship1, 345:concrete mind to bear upon these relations, and often end by disturbing its rhythm. All that isDiscipleship1, 347:not necessarily mean an easier type of pupil; it often means the reverse. The Teacher has not onlyDiscipleship1, 347:to impart the old truth in a new way, but has often to offset the established habits of thought andDiscipleship1, 351:form of the following question: Group meetings often prove undesirable for disciples in the earlyDiscipleship1, 358:the time from the lower to the higher mind, but often fails to touch the intermediate point, thatDiscipleship1, 398:you with understanding and with joy. It is not often that I thus write. I have watched you standDiscipleship1, 400:release. The compensations on the Way are not so often considered as are the difficulties. In theDiscipleship1, 403:has used its force in harmony far more often than in conflict, as is the effect in the majority ofDiscipleship1, 403:relation between the second and the third rays often works out in difficulty, for they express twoDiscipleship1, 409:are so prompt, and contact with my energy so often produces in you over-stimulation and excitation,Discipleship1, 409:Your keen and active mind (which is, however, often an inaccurate mind) is swung into intenseDiscipleship1, 415:keeps you working at something all the time and often at something quite unproductive of goodDiscipleship1, 428:have thereby won much for your group. It is not often that I thus commend a brother. More oftenDiscipleship1, 428:is not often that I thus commend a brother. More often have I chided or indicated place forDiscipleship1, 436:you only a short instruction this time. We are often in touch and you are occupied now with freshDiscipleship1, 438:in this instruction. Also, my brother, as has often been the case in other lives, I stand by you inDiscipleship1, 465:I would remind you of something which is often forgotten: It is far easier for the soul to expressDiscipleship1, 473:- L.U.T. March 1933 BROTHER OF MINE: It is not often that one speaks a word of encouragement toDiscipleship1, 490:This dynamic and intense preoccupation can often hinder the expansion of consciousness and theDiscipleship1, 522:years and though old rhythms and thought habits often draw you back outside your garden of peace,Discipleship1, 522:with greater speed. You do not wander quite so often into the mazes of worry and into the foggyDiscipleship1, 581:an active assurance, a full fledged ambition (often of an entirely right nature, but occasionallyDiscipleship1, 581:by you. It leads you to a definite (and often almost uncontrollable) tendency to identify yourselfDiscipleship1, 581:on the periphery of their consciousness, but not often at their heart or their life. Will youDiscipleship1, 599:necessarily a sign of spiritual growth. It is often the first result of a soul contact and meansDiscipleship1, 608:from glamor. May I point out to you that very often, after a certain measure of glamor has beenDiscipleship1, 611:initiate activities yourself, doing hastily and often inadequately the things you were asked to do.Discipleship1, 630:others. Its doors stand wide open and you are often not to be found within your tower but are busyDiscipleship1, 630:have understood. Now you understand. As I have often pointed out to this group of my disciples, theDiscipleship1, 640:for it has been the conflict in your life (and often, my brother, a battle well fought andDiscipleship1, 655:consistently the lower nature? Thursday... How often did I refer to myself yesterday, either inDiscipleship1, 665:ray is the sixth ray, as you may have often suspected. This will link you closely by similarity ofDiscipleship1, 668:for speech or for silence. This waiting will often change the direction of your intent and noDiscipleship1, 741:are closed to all warnings and they function often behind a barrier of smug self-satisfaction. TheyDiscipleship1, 752:in forming his own group and today this is very often the case. The world is full of strugglingDiscipleship1, 769:by personality faults, delayed by inertia and often selfishly based. By the response of theDiscipleship1, 770:and plans in far greater completeness, but fail often to work them out as they should be in theDiscipleship1, 780:is only of an average development, it can be and often is amazingly correct. It is not so correct,Discipleship2, XIII:to give such training are false teachers, often sincere but self-deluded. This also has been statedDiscipleship2, 15:of love between each and all of you. It is not often that I speak to you in this manner, but in theDiscipleship2, 27:seeping through of information and knowledge is often a slow process, owing to the inadequateDiscipleship2, 43:refocusing brings its own difficulties. It leads often to a distressing consciousness of one's ownDiscipleship2, 46:between goodwill which the masses can and often do grasp, and the will-to-good which is the goal ofDiscipleship2, 50:renewed interest. Your interpretations are so often motivated by an unrealized spiritualDiscipleship2, 68:Christ set out to do on Earth. This point is often overlooked by well-intentioned disciples. It isDiscipleship2, 70:them in their brain consciousness. As I have often told you, the initiate consciousness is not theDiscipleship2, 70:to the current theosophical one. As I often told you, a man is an initiate, prior to any initiationDiscipleship2, 87:truth, and the sad part is that they are often sure they do. The new truths are over-shadowing usDiscipleship2, 107:There is therefore little true unity, and often what there is based on expediency or good manners. Discipleship2, 279:powerfully militates. The concrete mind often inhibits, as you well know, the free flow of ideasDiscipleship2, 322:instruction and wonder if you have read them often. You will find it of value to take these threeDiscipleship2, 338:of that which is deeply desired; the concept is often prostituted to an excessive emotionalism orDiscipleship2, 351:point of love and mediatory activity, as is so often the attitude of the disciple. The evolutionaryDiscipleship2, 393:and adapting" is carried forward. Mistakes are often made, because this triple work is dependentDiscipleship2, 414:the concrete mind is unduly dominant (as it so often is); the abstract mind is likewise active, andDiscipleship2, 421:of the cosmic physical plane - a fact which is often forgotten in the loose use of the wordDiscipleship2, 429:the various occult groups have promulgated. Often have I wished that H.P.B. (my first and earliestDiscipleship2, 463:of apprehension of suffering. Disciples are apt often to think that the injunction to identifyDiscipleship2, 472:added to the other three spheres of difficulty - often make the disciple feel that his cross (hisDiscipleship2, 488:one is young or old - is never necessary and often of a harmful nature. Many aspirants in thisDiscipleship2, 488:in the next life cycle, and their realization is often bigger than the present equipment of brainDiscipleship2, 493:at this time to do. They are to be found quite often in this group and this [494] is to be expected
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