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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OFTEN

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Glamour, 83:book in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. These have often been misinterpreted and their meaningGlamour, 83:problem of glamor. The trouble is that disciples often do not recognize [84] the condition as oneGlamour, 103:sequence. They proceed with much overlapping and often with a partial simultaneity. It is only whenGlamour, 125:in the world today, and why? [125] I have spoken often of the work which this group and certainGlamour, 132:it becomes simply a nice concept and often a sadistic incentive and thus enters immediately intoGlamour, 134:that this idea of integral relationships (often distorted in presentation and hidden through wrongGlamour, 146:of those to whom you are mentally opposed (often under the guise of a strenuous adherence to whatGlamour, 146:as you feel yourself to be. This is something often forgotten and I would remind you of it. I mightGlamour, 172:whole process of revelation. Glamor can be and often is related to the distortion of that which hasGlamour, 188:The revelations of science, though focused often through one man or woman, are more specificallyGlamour, 188:a revelation comes. The effort of such a group often lifts upon the wings of its unrealizedGlamour, 200:in. They are indicative of the Real and are often mistaken for the Real; they are in conflict withGlamour, 211:between glamor and the reality. These often closely resemble each other on a superficialGlamour, 213:this realization. The power of unified emotion (often expressing itself in what is called mobGlamour, 222:with which they can deceive themselves (and seek often to deceive others) greatly hinders theirGlamour, 257:It is here that the average aspirant fails so often. He is usually so intensely preoccupied withGlamour, 258:the strengthening of the physical nature; this often leads to serious results, for the breath isGlamour, 259:instability in the life expression (which is often referred to as temperament) and keeps theHealing, 10:sounding phrases, embodying an ideal, and based often on selfish desire? Do they not constituteHealing, 22:man from correct realization. This fact is often unrecognized. The apparatus of realization is asHealing, 29:will be deliberate, though we shall refer often to the physical body and to the diseases of whichHealing, 68:has grasped some of the New Age concepts have often equally dosed minds and see nothing but the newHealing, 92:that those plans are not materializing, owing often to the inadequacy of the physical equipment;Healing, 95:of over-stimulation and of the impact of energy (often from the mind and the soul) upon anHealing, 111:death. It might, however, be desirable (and it often is) that the disease be permitted to do itsHealing, 123:of those affected make their appearance, and often persist for many lives, until the person thusHealing, 124:of men, arousing them to activity of some kind - often good and spiritual, sometimes evil,Healing, 126:to another, making mistakes, arriving often at complete discouragement, identifying himself withHealing, 139:These all merge and blend into each other, and often constitute a formidable and confusing arenaHealing, 157:stage of unfoldment. Feeling in the heart is often confused with thinking. The ability to think inHealing, 166:powers. That they frequently heal (though not as often as they think they do) is true, but whenHealing, 212:only fortunately for them nature protects them often from themselves. They endeavor consciously toHealing, 219:within the organism of the body; this weakness often produces mortal disease. Medicine in the nextHealing, 238:- through interest in business and leadership - often sacrifice their lives and pay the penalty ofHealing, 242:- not breathing exercises as now taught, with often such dangerous results, but a breathing rhythmHealing, 256:many of their claims to success (and they are often irrefutable) can be classed under the generalHealing, 256:our hospitals which - in spite of failures and often gross stupidity - greatly ameliorate the painsHealing, 257:he would have recovered in any case, though he often does so more rapidly, owing to the remedialHealing, 271:that the fanatical cultist or healer of today so often goes astray. The old approach to medicine,Healing, 311:with this, I would remind you that disease is often a mode of clearance and ultimately beneficentHealing, 311:light of day they can be handled, understood and often dissipated and ended through the tribulationHealing, 315:run more slowly, as old age creeps on, cancer often appears, proving the truth of my primaryHealing, 317:headings, as the theme is too complicated, and often there are several predisposing factors, andHealing, 317:there are several predisposing factors, and often only indications of trouble which may never comeHealing, 317:physical condition. It is syphilitic in origin (often carried over from another life) and is, inHealing, 322:occult or esoteric standpoint?" This question is often in the minds of healers as they ask theHealing, 328:brings about serious difficulties at times and often hinders true physical healing, on account ofHealing, 329:Physical healing by prana is very common. It is often temporarily effective, but it concerns andHealing, 329:and Occidental Bodies The question is also often in the minds of some healers whether there is aHealing, 338:on the little stage of a person's life. This can often be quite unrealized and have a trulyHealing, 342:with which the saints of the world were so often afflicted. One thing I will add, however, for yourHealing, 462:body, are in violent conflict and the process is often fierce and long; it is this battle which isHealing, 474:starts in the eyes. This process of detachment often shows itself in the relaxation and lack ofHealing, 475:and lack of fear which [475] dying persons so often show; they evidence a condition of peace, and aHealing, 477:the body just vacated. That is why clairvoyants often claim to see the etheric body hovering aroundHealing, 478:he habitually lives. The voice of the soul, often unfamiliar but sometimes well known and loved.Healing, 484:during life; the hovering etheric body is then often "possessed" by an evil entity or evil force.Healing, 484:the cause of the attacks and the disasters which often dog the steps of those who discover ancientHealing, 538:to a crisis and the patient will die. This often happens under the ministrations of cultist healersHealing, 545:place; in both cases the feverish anxiety so often present will not intervene between the healer'sHealing, 551:ethically reached via the sacral center, he is often quite easily cured and will respond moreHealing, 579:centers. These drastic physical disciplines are often attempted today by well-intentionedHealing, 585:livingness and quality exist apart from form and often come into major expression and usefulnessHealing, 592:and mystics, largely of a nervous nature and often affecting the heart or the blood stream. TheyHealing, 601:he does this with deliberation, a healing will often follow. Any man or woman - given real interestHealing, 608:of the moon, the symbol of form, called often the "mother of the form." The emanation coming fromHealing, 652:there is life there is hope." Life can and often is prolonged after the will of the soul is towardsHealing, 656:of the healer's aura; his emotional reaction, often very powerful, is equally aided to attainHealing, 661:One. It is not the harmlessness enjoined so often by me as I speak to aspirants, but a harmlessnessHealing, 699:personality is easily ascertained, but there is often no indication as to the soul ray. This canHealing, 702:and particular rays cannot be assigned, it is often possible to determine whether the general trendHercules, 29:other constellations, which symbolically (and often in a most amazing fashion) embody theHercules, 31:starts with a partial failure, as is so often the case with the inexperienced and impetuousHercules, 33:of violent fluctuations and exaggerated efforts; often a sign of failure, but always of ultimateHercules, 44:or light-bringer. Scorpio, the scorpion, is often transmuted with Aquila, the eagle ... which risesHercules, 70:the occult knowledge of reality. This is often forgotten by aspirants. They rest content withHercules, 90:168) The Three Symbolic Constellations Jesus is often called the Good Shepherd, and he has beenHercules, 92:Apollo. the sun god. One of the things that is often forgotten by students of psychology and thoseHercules, 108:potent beyond the average, the aspirant often becomes a somewhat trying and difficult person. HeHercules, 108:powerful; hence, he is exceedingly individual, often very aggressive, self-confident andHercules, 120:for his lack of love and understanding. It often happens to advanced disciples. The thirdHercules, 123:an attitude of 'live and let live', which is often not without a taint of smugness andHercules, 128:owl, and those who think themselves wise are too often full of solemnity and a bit stodgy, butHercules, 132:reflections? First of all, the glamors that so often chain a man to earth are substantiallyHercules, 132:illusion, clinging to life as an end in itself, often fleeing from truth as from a catastrophe.Hercules, 133:would only be an encumbrance; therefore, it is often better to allow a person to fashion hisHercules, 143:not a sordid one of the unevolved man, as is often thought. Again, one must read carefully andHercules, 145:impulses to the surface, it is true, but often stops at that point. The individual realizes that aHercules, 146:ever greater heights of achievement. Comfort is often a brake upon such striving. Clogged down withHercules, 147:individual suffering from this affliction too often wishes to receive everything and to giveHercules, 229:carried forward under great difficulties, and often in blind ignorance of the forces released andInitiation, 15:It does not bring about attainment, as is so often the misconception. It simply marks theInitiation, 17:does not adequately convey the idea. Words so often mislead. At the fifth initiation, when theInitiation, 38:bringing peace and contentment with them. More often have they come as agents of destruction,Initiation, 63:this process of building, in the words so often quoted: [64] "Sow a thought and reap an action; sowInitiation, 73:of dispassion. Lack of discrimination is not so often a hindrance to disciples these days, owing toInitiation, 79:certain desired ends. This it is also which often causes the temporary downfall of advanced souls.Initiation, 156:the silence, and the voicelessness which often distinguishes natures but little evolved, and whichInitiation, 181:cells in the body of the Heavenly Man, and lead often to events unforeseen and apparentlyInitiation, 197:have for common sense; this factor is very often lacking, and students do well to remember that
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