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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OLDEN

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Destiny, 147:are to be seen and the pitch dark nights of olden times are fast disappearing. Light has alsoDiscipleship1, 5:taught by the current occult schools. In the olden days in the East, the Master exacted from hisDiscipleship1, 5:ancient rules in a modern way. Disciples in the olden days were the product of more peaceful times.Discipleship1, 214:devotion; that you already have, my friend of olden days, and you need not further unfold thatDiscipleship1, 214:Disciples - I.S.G-L. August 1934 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: I am myself feeling my way with thisDiscipleship1, 307:Disciples - D.L.R. February 1936 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIMES: I seek today to emphasize to you theDiscipleship1, 314:the sannyasin, or the teaching disciple. In the olden times, such a man left his home and hisDiscipleship1, 324:to Disciples - S.C.P. January 1935 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: To you, I would say at this time thatDiscipleship1, 410:when you use time rightly. My brother of olden time, you use so much time on that which is futileDiscipleship1, 481:Disciples - L.U.T. September 1936 My BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: Forget not that it is not simply thisDiscipleship1, 532:to Disciples - R.L.U. October 1935 BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: It will be apparent to you that thereDiscipleship1, 554:can help materially my brother and my friend of olden time, because of your natural "facility inDiscipleship1, 560:- S.R.D. TO S. R. D. August 1936 MY BROTHER OF OLDEN TIME: One of the things which is strongest inDiscipleship1, 634:and in the dream world in which you wandered in olden times to relieve the monotony of life withinDiscipleship2, 318:to the usual and apparent meanings. In the olden days, as you well know, [319] the Master would sayDiscipleship2, 729:L.T.S-K. November 1944 MY BROTHER AND FRIEND OF OLDEN TIME: There is absolutely no need for theFire, 1068:It was the basis of the alchemical work of olden days. "True, without error, certain and most true;Patanjali, 354:energy, and it was the knowledge of this in the olden days which gave rise to the belief anent thePsychology1, 40:live in love, and love in life." In those olden days no thought of purpose entered into the mindsPsychology2, 44:or by an individual desire to shine. In olden days, the neophyte was forced into a prolonged
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