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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OLDER

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Astrology, 662:chain." (Vol. I, 188-189) "Mercury is far older than the Earth." (Vol. I, 180) "Mercury is calledAstrology, 672:Fire "Venus... has no satellite... and is far older than the Earth." (S.D. Vol. I, 180 and Vol. II,Autobiography, 17:all through my life. They were both considerably older than I but we liked and understood eachAutobiography, 31:us, feeling (as she told me later when I was older) that I personally needed her care andAutobiography, 53:He was deadly dull and frightfully shy and years older than I and I got nowhere with him so IAutobiography, 140:Wisdom. I find that I get simpler as I get older and may be a little wiser. With the discovery thatAutobiography, 177:live in such a way that her children as they get older are critical of her. This has been very goodAutobiography, 203:of housework to be done the girls were getting older and were much more helpful in the house.Autobiography, 273:not only antagonism and rejection from the older groups but it will also evoke response [274] fromBethlehem, 47:He had to do. The ideas developed as He grew older. After the first initiation, the Birth atDiscipleship1, 168:as to preserve the first ray balance as you grow older and tendencies crystallize into habits. TheDiscipleship1, 250:as much attention to my words as you would to an older, loved and trusted friend? I ask for no moreDiscipleship1, 253:See to it that you crystallize not. As one gets older in the physical sense (a thought which youDiscipleship1, 287:to decide. I but indicate your goal. As one gets older, the method of active expression hasDiscipleship1, 310:are directed towards these ends. As you grow older, there is much that you have to give. The wisdomDiscipleship1, 422:and more adequate service. It appears to me, an older brother on the Way, that the law ofDiscipleship1, 465:easier for the soul to express itself through an older experienced body than through one that isDiscipleship1, 534:you are yourself aware. The recognition, by an older disciple, of definite growth in a younger,Discipleship1, 606:not done for six months. Forget not, that when older and, therefore, more powerful disciple turnsDiscipleship2, 101:I initiated with the assistance of some of the older and more experienced Masters, is by no meansDiscipleship2, 246:from true integration, and the experience of the older chelas can be of inestimable help if theyDiscipleship2, 284:when using the formula - a formula which is older than the Stanzas of Dzyan: God IS. The Lord forDiscipleship2, 412:of mental understanding and perception, the older process has proved too simple and elementary; theDiscipleship2, 412:calling for the needed higher illumination. The older position was that of understanding andDiscipleship2, 493:upon the physical plane through a much older disciple, A.A.B., who transmits to you my ideas.Discipleship2, 497:Soul. Your field of service has been real, but older threads of service must later be regrasped.Discipleship2, 498:for the future, particularly the sentence: "Older threads of planning must later be regrasped." YouDiscipleship2, 503:of the physical vehicle as it grows older, is not so easy a task; it requires a definiteDiscipleship2, 503:- is to render the teaching of the other and older esoteric schools and groups entirely exoteric.Discipleship2, 546:expanded and inclusive as in the case of older disciples. In your case, the achievement of aDiscipleship2, 549:thought and free choice of relationships. The older the disciple, the less is this the case, forDiscipleship2, 563:disciples have retained their position in the older and more potent Ashrams. One of these seniorDiscipleship2, 570:a glamor. Forget not that contact with disciples older and more experienced than yourself will everDiscipleship2, 622:service. If you care to talk to A.A.B. who is an older disciple than you are, you might find itDiscipleship2, 760:forward, side by side, of a younger and an older brother, resulting in a consequent closeEducation, 25:and which rests upon the authority of the older person. If this seems to you as yet impossible,Education, 62:esoteric students, particularly those in the older Piscean groups, to regard any interest in theEducation, 77:will be recognized, and that those who are his older associates will always comprehend the natureEducation, 77:and most careful guidance. It is the older generation who foster in a child an early and mostEducation, 129:or shouldered. This is the relation of the older to the younger, of the wise to the ignorant.Externalisation, 17:the safeguards offered and the experience of the older students. The emphasis in all esotericExternalisation, 125:and the date of their pronouncement is far older than is thought) they were expressed by theExternalisation, 158:year 1425 A.D. though it is thousands of years older than that. Owing, however, to the unreadinessFire, 483:transmute in the mineral kingdom. A few of the older students right through the ages haveFire, 922:from His brother, younger in point of time yet older far. Shiva is One, and antedates Them both,Healing, 224:types and of the newer racial strains with the older and more developed. I hold no brief for theHealing, 280:of the new experimental schools and the older and proven methods that the medicine of the futureHealing, 330:show no sign of that old age. India is far older than Europe, but the Chinese and Japanese stock isHealing, 330:Europe, but the Chinese and Japanese stock is older still, yet they demonstrate no such sign ofInitiation, 221:power that conveys perception or thought) is the older portion of the Vedas, the second part ofMagic, 102:Therefore, I say to you at this time, I - an older and perhaps more experienced disciple and workerMagic, 166:the first time or is taking up the thread of an older or partially achieved undertaking. Magic, 282:refined beautifying results of contact with an older soul, functioning in a body, cultured, clean,Magic, 328:by their fanaticism. They belong mostly to the older generation and the hope for them lies in theirMagic, 332:into a new field. In this [332] field the older techniques and mechanisms will gradually beMagic, 546:in English these ancient Atlantean phrases, older than Sanskrit or Senzar, and [548] known only toMagic, 632:and dense stupidities, be doing as well as an older disciple with his wider knowledge andMeditation, 355:power that conveys perception or thought) is the older portion of the Vedas, the second part ofProblems, 48:the initial gestures of the emerging individual. Older people are apt to foster in a child an earlyProblems, 48:on constantly at evil deeds perpetrated by older people; this will have perverted their outlook,Problems, 98:which meets with no approval from the older generation. The Gentile also objects in many cases. TheProblems, 99:faith is one of the oldest in the world; it is older than Buddhism by centuries; older than many ofProblems, 99:world; it is older than Buddhism by centuries; older than many of the Hindu faiths, and much moreProblems, 132:of acrimonious controversy from which the older churches are relatively free, owing to theirPsychology1, 272:come into incarnation with rapidity; but older souls need longer periods wherein to garner thePsychology1, 293:sex, because they can see more clearly than the older generation, and will think in wider andPsychology1, 396:their treasure firm." In this ancient writing, older than any of the written scriptures of thePsychology2, 134:repair work undertaken (on his behalf) by older, more experienced disciples. He becomes the victim,Psychology2, 313:to aid in the bridging process between the older "techniques of understanding" and the esotericismRays, 239:and group acceptance must and will supersede the older methods. These older methods, built aroundRays, 239:must and will supersede the older methods. These older methods, built around the directRays, 251:This has been revolutionary where the older schools of occultism are concerned. The teachingRays, 576:caused them distress, and astonished those older than He by His spiritual poise and knowledge. ThisSoul, 90:have temporarily taken the place of the older vitalistic, animistic, and mystical ideas. TheTelepathy, 151:etheric body is not in reality an ovoid (as the older occult books teach) but usually takes the
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