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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OMITTED

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Astrology, 12:play through our little planet, but they have omitted to take into adequate consideration theAstrology, 222:Therefore, the influence of the third ray is omitted or "occultly deflected," as it is called,Astrology, 242:note to Tabulation V both Libra and Gemini are omitted from the list. This is not an oversight butAstrology, 242:their belief in the Sphinx; the other omitted Gemini and Libra altogether. They were of an earlierAstrology, 265:and their attendant constellations, three are omitted. These are Leo, Libra and Capricorn. TheseAstrology, 364:and only the stabilizing seventh ray energy is omitted from the dowry of the man born in Gemini.Astrology, 364:of this sign, and yet - the ray of ritual was omitted. This is due to the fact of reaction,Astrology, 427:- Ajna center - Throat. One major center is here omitted because it is primarily related to theAstrology, 468:aspirant. [468] Four constellations have been omitted from this list: Leo - Self-consciousnessAstrology, 649:planets are mixed together and many planets omitted altogether, Planet Human Principle ColorAutobiography, 254:ago under the pressure of very heavy work A.A.B. omitted to delete one paragraph in which I speakBethlehem, 6:of traditional interpretation and have omitted to teach the secret and the technique of theBethlehem, 56:(from the theologians and the orthodox) had he omitted these important points. But evidently, inBethlehem, 212:us makes us eligible for that kingdom. We have omitted to realize that the "vicarious at-one-mentDiscipleship1, 485:process of inner, brooding reflection is oft omitted through enthusiasm and self-confidence. When,Discipleship1, 787:under the pressure of very heavy work, A. A. B. omitted to delete one paragraph in which I do speakDiscipleship2, 122:center become aligned and related. This stage is omitted from the enumeration given above owing toDiscipleship2, 344:You have - with only one or two exceptions - omitted to give much thought or study to theseFire, 414:the moon chain portrayed with the Neptune chain omitted. In the chart as given two chains areFire, 1270:awakened. Thirdly, the insertion of the omitted words would only serve to awaken confusion and evenHealing, 263:man - has instituted, carried forward, endorsed, omitted to do or has done right through the agesHercules, 167:and there is so much to say about it. I have omitted so much. Details of the Story We read that theIntellect, 238:outer form, and of its quality and aspect can be omitted, and the act of concentration, havingIntellect, 257:of undesirable results which should not be omitted. Many students of meditation complain that theirMagic, 248:in these phrases the idea of location is omitted and only the time equation considered. Air is theMagic, 467:Those stages which precede the human are omitted as none who will read these words possess thePatanjali, 73:long as the intense application of the will is omitted. Only the constant, steady, enduring effortProblemsIn 1953 a second edition was published which omitted outdated material. A further revision was madePsychology2, 300:the objective man (though that should not be omitted) we shall then have a fundamental change inPsychology2, 309:the physical plane and the mental levels are omitted from the recognition of the aspirant. Yet itPsychology2, 433:material phenomenal descriptions would have been omitted and probably not even perceived, and onlyRays, 204:forth, but that the concluding sound of the M is omitted, does that convey ought to yourRays, 208:It is for this reason that I have hitherto omitted to go into detail in relating these rules to theRays, 514:Certain sounds in this word-form are omitted because there is no way of depicting them, since theyRays, 671:is again only the ABC of occultism. What is oft omitted from normal consideration is the fact that
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