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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OMITTING

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Autobiography, 273:and the unimportant details and [273] omitting that which is spiritual and essential. TheyDiscipleship1, 157:attached meditation would be in order for you, omitting the detail of the stage of ascent butDiscipleship1, 363:yourself as a failure and yet at the same time omitting to take those steps which would make you aDiscipleship2, 124:the names of each of your group brothers, not omitting yourself. 9. Then see this wheel as activelyEducation, 108:only with the broad and general outlines and omitting any study of detail or of specificMagic, 4:points the students are at liberty to ponder, omitting idle speculation as to the exact details ofMeditation, 118:following a devotional meditation and unwisely omitting to balance that group's causal body, hePsychology1, 263:five "elevating" influences, are as follows, omitting the two earlier and intangible races whichPsychology2, 730:The question may be raised whether we are omitting to recognize the presence of the vast millionsRays, 30:out and makes a direct contact with humanity (omitting the transmission via the Hierarchy, which
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