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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - OMNISCIENCE

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Astrology, 556:underlying the words: Omnipresence and Omniscience, and are in process of unfolding the higherAstrology, 606:knowledge, knowledge into wisdom and wisdom into omniscience. Ray IV - That which is the illuminedAstrology, 630:The stage wherein wisdom is transmuted into omniscience and both consciousness and form areAtom, 53:universal consciousness in which omnipotence and omniscience are realized: in a word, to the fullBethlehem, 198:sovereignty of God, including omnipotence, omniscience and eternal justice - a common ChristianDiscipleship1, 347:is a dangerous thing." The Path leading to omniscience is one of pitfalls and of difficulties. HasFire, 245:"Consciousness is the cosmic seed of supercosmic omniscience. It has the potentiality of buddingGlamour, 266:- has now the full gifts of omnipresence and omniscience. He is aware of the underlying unity,Healing, 84:all states of consciousness, and so achieve that omniscience which is the birthright of all theHealing, 443:factor such as courage. They must be met by the omniscience of the soul, working through the mind -Hercules, 60:is the quest of sense, whilst wisdom is the omniscience of the synthetic knowledge of the soul.Hercules, 150:be swept off my feet by the power and light, the omniscience and omnipotence of my soul. I wouldIntellect, 172:soul" can be turned upon any problem. Thus the omniscience of the soul will be manifested on earth.Intellect, 185:"He was one, who having attained to omniscience, all-pervading goodwill, and glowing love, togetherIntellect, 246:with the soul. They have had a flash of its omniscience and are swept off their feet by the veryIntellect, 266:they will know how to submit all problems to the omniscience of the soul; they will know the secretMagic, 16:fields of learning is but the forerunner of that omniscience which characterizes the soul. TheMagic, 16:truth about all things exists, and we call it omniscience, infallibility, the "correct knowledge"Magic, 291:large generalizations, and remember that as the omniscience of the soul is tapped, the moreMagic, 309:factor such as courage. They must be met by the omniscience of the soul working through the mind, -Magic, 403:omnipresent and eventually open the door to omniscience. This next development of the plan willPatanjali, 49:is the Master of all and He is the sum total of omniscience, being (as is easily seen) the sumPatanjali, 52:existed there have been those who have achieved omniscience, those whose germ of knowledge has beenPatanjali, 358:of life. Then, as an initiate, he arrives at omniscience or all-knowledge, and the Halls ofPatanjali, 367:Neither time nor space exist for him, and omniscience and omnipresence are his distinctivePsychology1, 104:the standpoint of the soul, with its faculty of omniscience and its freedom from categories ofPsychology1, 134:through human instrumentality of the divine omniscience), then will the Lord of Concrete Science,Psychology1, 304:of omnipotence and omnipresence as well as omniscience, and if man is essentially divine, thenRays, 40:bottom" (as The New Testament expresses it). The omniscience of the divine Whole is also broughtRays, 53:omnipresence and - at will - express the divine omniscience and prepare himself to manifest in fullTelepathy, 7:forms constitute the world etheric body, makes omniscience possible. The etheric body of theTelepathy, 7:of adepts, we shall have the steady growth of omniscience. This is the whole story of telepathic
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