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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ONCE

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Astrology, 88:one triangle it is not demonstrating in others. Once the fire has free passage along any triangleAstrology, 110:because it is impossible to handle them all at once in the introductory remarks. The confusionAstrology, 129:processes. They are essentially correct because once a man is nearing or upon the Path he shouldAstrology, 167:the initiate from the mountain top of Capricorn, once that summit has been reached. It is at theAstrology, 292:easily demonstrated and instantly made apparent once modern science accepts the occult premises,Astrology, 307:Leo subject can usually attain his goal, once he accurately perceives that objective. This sign hasAstrology, 309:abstracting powers. He is instantly aware, once he is spiritually awakened, of his motivatingAstrology, 323:educational part in the awakening of the mind. Once that awakening of desire and its transmutationAstrology, 370:moves not only clockwise, but both ways at once and also at right angles to itself. The obviousnessAstrology, 413:life and the response of the physical plane life once they are comprehended. It is for this reasonAstrology, 422:but which some day inevitably you will. Once man is impersonal and free from the reactions of theAstrology, 479:rule of the square is ended. These words were once spoken to me by an ancient seer who bisected theAstrology, 499:the aftermath of the war will change all this. Once there is a measure of nervous release fromAstrology, 499:is a measure of nervous release from strain and once the swing of the world-movement has againAstrology, 516:will remain obscure to the average intellect. Once, however, the intuition can come into action,Astrology, 522:demonstrate future possibility for the world, once the flow of its energy is less obstructed. ItAstrology, 524:certain realities and activities inevitable, once the soul of each nation is functioning potently;Astrology, 526:Orient and this indicates eventual understanding once the second ray occidental soul becomes theAstrology, 537:of Mind to the Earth during the Lemurian age and once in the Atlantean period at the climax of theAstrology, 547:need unceasingly to grasp - the fact that once it has been established which constellations are atAstrology, 580:the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for all and to break its constantlyAstrology, 677:words 'the sheep and the goats'." (706) "Once in the history of each scheme, an avatar from theAtom, 133:regarded hitherto as imaginary, we have broken once and for all that rank materialism which hasAutobiography, 12:time on I knew the depths of poverty. I lived once for three weeks on tea (without milk or sugar)Autobiography, 16:were worthy but apparently dull. As my sister once put it, "they sat among their cabbages forAutobiography, 17:80 years old) she wrote to me regularly at least once a month. She was one of the great beauties ofAutobiography, 46:of that achievement and specially proud when I once sold two yards of flounces for $30 a yard, theAutobiography, 47:because they are my children. I think once the need for the physical care of small children is noAutobiography, 51:But such is not the case. I remember once when eight or nine people (all of differentAutobiography, 56:saw me break free in that connection. I remember once being sincerely flattered over the tremendousAutobiography, 59:greatest amusement as we struggled and strove. Once she gave me a real shock and started, I reallyAutobiography, 62:two Tommies of whom she knew nothing. Yet never once was a word spoken that could have outraged theAutobiography, 63:but I did it all "for Jesus' sake" and never once did a man attempt to be rude. However, I wouldAutobiography, 64:she asked me if I would go to India for her at once, emphasizing that I was not, of course, muchAutobiography, 67:of view, he was the devil. He had spoken to me once or twice, but I had made it very clear that IAutobiography, 68:with that, except that I went there for a month once to release Miss Ashe, who was in charge. InAutobiography, 68:idea what kind of things could happen to girls. Once, for instance, I was suffering fromAutobiography, 74:told silly stories; we asked riddles and never once did we talk religion and never once did I referAutobiography, 74:and never once did we talk religion and never once did I refer to their iniquities and then, asAutobiography, 75:I became very well known to many regiments. I once totaled up the number of regiments I had workedAutobiography, 79:looking back, I would hate to handle even today. Once a murderer took refuge with me having justAutobiography, 79:quite outrageous from the angle of Mrs. Grundy. Once I was at Lucknow and woke up one morning withAutobiography, 80:sailor and always feel quite at home on the sea. Once I spent three weeks returning to GreatAutobiography, 87:There had been other interested men but never once had I been intrigued until I met Walter Evans.Autobiography, 90:never see him again and that it was good bye for once and all. He accepted my decision and IAutobiography, 92:incarnations wake up to the fact that if they once saw themselves as they truly were at that timeAutobiography, 93:on the other. I have done that sleeping act once or twice in my life when I have been too run down.Autobiography, 94:I was essentially truthful. In fact, she told me once, walking up a country lane in Ireland, thatAutobiography, 96:and would I please consider marrying him at once. So there I was, with a solicitous aunt, twoAutobiography, 96:with me if I had encouraged all three men at once - which I had not. To give me my due, I was neverAutobiography, 106:and as a prominent Negro lawyer said to me once: "Most of us are children, particularly in theAutobiography, 107:when my three children were born, and only once had a hospital nurse with me. Anyway, when my firstAutobiography, 113:until she caught him and ordered him to come at once. She then tucked Dorothy under her arm, noddedAutobiography, 130:a bad egg." I am quoting literally. I remember once the foreman of the factory was standing byAutobiography, 153:have learned control of the physical nature. Once they have learned that control and once they canAutobiography, 153:nature. Once they have learned that control and once they can no longer be swayed by the appetitesAutobiography, 153:may indicate or their circumstances dictate. Once that has been proven, the situation is altered.Autobiography, 164:that the Tibetan has ever given me. If I once did so He would never dictate to me again. I want toAutobiography, 165:it. As he was a personal friend of Lord Reading, once Viceroy of India, he was given every facilityAutobiography, 175:years I have dictated over 10,000 letters and once I timed myself as regards a current day'sAutobiography, 181:marriage ceremony and [181] getting married at once. We returned to the office immediately for theAutobiography, 192:Long Island, and undertook to write a letter once a week to the group of men to study and readAutobiography, 202:because a bishop of this [202] church said to me once, "Don't ever tell me that a person isAutobiography, 207:I was ill she knew it automatically. I remember once being ill in England some years ago and withinAutobiography, 216:dangerous to follow two lines of meditation at once, has not only amused me but has always provenAutobiography, 280:propositions and esoteric conditions which when once grasped will simplify your approach to thatBethlehem, ix:Calvary? It was too far. Glory surrounded that once mangered babe, And hope for men who struggledBethlehem, 40:great unfoldments which we call "the new birth." Once that has been undergone, the life of theBethlehem, 51:which will enable us to live in two realms at once - the life which must be lived on earth and theBethlehem, 81:is the [81] hall mark of a perfect man. Having once seen and with open eyes beheld the vision ofBethlehem, 104:This mystical revelation can be perceived, and once perceived, remains a fact - inexplicable often,Bethlehem, 119:of our delusions or mistaken orientations. But once the clear light of the soul is thrown into it,Bethlehem, 148:degree in connection with each other also. Once the world of the senses has been transcended, andBethlehem, 164:My form so terrible! Behold my former shape once more, thy fear gone, thy heart at rest!" and thenBethlehem, 167:well we know, by a person in distress, and He at once responded to the need. One of the outstandingBethlehem, 194:on earth. Christ had to die in order that once and for all mankind might learn the lesson that byBethlehem, 226:can take Christ away from the soul which has once known Him. That is outside the range ofBethlehem, 258:"Secret Place of the Most High," to come forth once a year, so legend tells us, in order to blessBethlehem, 274:break the walls of the Self, opens up at once an infinite World-field. Set a second to my One, andDestiny, 8:free agent. This is an important point to note. Once an idea becomes an ideal, humanity can freelyDestiny, 55:no one knows exactly what the people will do - once aroused and educated. The time has not yet comeDestiny, 73:but which can flood the world, via France, once she dies to self. Capricorn, ruling Paris,Destiny, 75:This has twice occurred during the Piscean Age: once at the signing of the Magna Charta atDestiny, 96:demonstrate future possibility for the world, once the flow of its energy is less obstructed. ItDestiny, 99:certain realities and activities inevitable once the soul of each nation is functioning potently.Destiny, 101:Orient; this indicates eventual understanding, once the second ray occidental soul becomes theDestiny, 116:and a closer approach to the truth will at once appear. This concept also lies behind the teachingDestiny, 120:disciple who is ready for the third initiation. Once the second initiation has been taken, theDestiny, 134:to happen in all these spheres of interest, and once the etheric body becomes an establishedDiscipleship1, 10:your thoughts anent each other, and kill out at once all suspicion, all criticism and seek to holdDiscipleship1, 12:of group activity. This should demonstrate at once in the group itself and later on - when theDiscipleship1, 15:also be noted - whether pleasant or unpleasant. Once noted, however, they should be forgotten forDiscipleship1, 92:of consciousness at this point of endeavor. Once he does so, the die is cast. He either movesDiscipleship1, 98:not lightly admit a disciple to his group and once having done so, the situation is irrevocableDiscipleship1, 143:are susceptible of two methods of solution, once the nature of the problem is seen and realized.Discipleship1, 150:results of this acquisition will be employed. Once, my brother, you placed your finger upon a majorDiscipleship1, 174:needless and useless to attack all points at once and, therefore I say to you at this time thatDiscipleship1, 182:significance, advise you "to forget" this glamor once and for all. Let not this glamor limit theDiscipleship1, 194:your duties should render it inconvenient. Do it once in the twenty-four hours and do it with care.Discipleship1, 196:I care not when you do it, as long as you do it once within each twenty-four hours, taking one or
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