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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ONCE

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Externalisation, 341:humanity has now the opportunity to settle it once and for all, and - for ever after - be free in aExternalisation, 342:the return of stability, the desire to end war once and for all and to break its constantlyExternalisation, 410:Approach is now possible and will take place once the world war is over and man - purified by fireExternalisation, 435:men and women to take such action as will, once and for all, end the possibility of a similar worldExternalisation, 439:history as the time of the Great Flood. Today, once again, the Powers of Darkness are attempting toExternalisation, 441:years to demonstrate, but the end is inevitable once the right direction of the will-to-good hasExternalisation, 443:take place would wipe out humanity - as happened once before in human history. I would here referExternalisation, 457:to over-fatigue and to complete collapse - once the war is over. This tendency is due to the weightExternalisation, 484:have called that of the Forces of Enlightenment; once these have been released, it becomes theExternalisation, 489:of emphasis upon which I would ask you to dwell (once it is permissible to use the phrases) are twoExternalisation, 548:in a subterranean [548] fashion, only to erupt once more in 1939, continuing with extremeExternalisation, 552:in which wars are generated and which, once generated, cannot be avoided. Externalisation, 582:not from the angle of its active Ashram. [582] Once the contact - in physical manifestation andExternalisation, 638:take place which will destroy humanity as once before it was destroyed, according to the Bible andExternalisation, 647:of the Hierarchy to distribute these energies (once they are released by the Christ) to the workingExternalisation, 678:atmosphere, and that is ever a preliminary step. Once the atmosphere or the air in which to breatheExternalisation, 683:calls "isolated unity" when he spoke of himself once as "being caught up into the third heaven" andExternalisation, 689:of Evil work both in substance and in matter. Once the reappearance of the Christ and of theFire, 71:origin by a spiral within the atom; these are at once followed by seven finer whorls, whichFire, 86:scaffolding a vehicle of manifestation. The moon once was the body of expression for one of theFire, 103:the menace of disintegration by fire too awful. Once in the history of the race (in Lemurian days)Fire, 170:one triangle it is not demonstrating in others. Once the fire has free passage along any triangleFire, 191:note of nature, for instance, were to strike but once upon the ear of a man (a note made up of theFire, 211:came to our planet eighteen million years ago. Once in every world period it is subjected to aFire, 212:manner, though twice it was nearly thus used, - once in Atlantean days, and once in the third yearFire, 212:nearly thus used, - once in Atlantean days, and once in the third year of the late war. This Rod ofFire, 240:by the desire of that same Identity to circle once more the wheel of rebirth. That "fire byFire, 559:not desire impulses; the process will be then (once the initial impulse on the mental plane hasFire, 570:the beginning they started systemic Karma which, once in effect, constitutes that which is calledFire, 723:all the occult Hierarchies of the system. Only once has such a Being visited our system, inFire, 727:other of the deva Hierarchies. This happens only once in the history of each scheme and occurs atFire, 727:the type for the devas of any particular scheme. Once in the history of each scheme, an avatar fromFire, 738:term for us - as you were told more than once before, - and the Law of Retribution is the only lawFire, 808:the main principles had better be given out at once in view of the unexpected development (sinceFire, 849:get in touch with all other Egos and groups once they have achieved the consciousness of the mentalFire, 857:symbols. These sheets are changed and corrected once every seven years, and are precipitated onFire, 946:put into circumstances which are insurmountable, once he has reached the point where he hasFire, 946:awakening him to his own innate possibilities. Once he becomes the conscious builder himself,Fire, 956:physical plane, an ability, gradually developed once the mind is brought under control throughFire, 976:the correspondence consequently holds good. Once the thought form has been vitalized and itsFire, 1028:for the clothing of his ideas. We now return once more to the realm of technicalities, and to theFire, 1036:high water mark of its activity is to be found once in every seven cycles. All that originates onFire, 1194:or soul devoid of every attribute. Once a Dharmakaya, an Adept or Buddha leaves behind everyGlamour, 28:in your willingness to be told the truth. Once you have each determined the specific nature of yourGlamour, 127:with which he, as a disciple, has to work. Once he grasps the relation of the lower major dualityGlamour, 200:will precipitate itself at the right moment once the higher light pours in. They are indicative ofGlamour, 201:evoking the subtlest kind of discrimination; but once that testing has been triumphantly passed,Glamour, 222:people can overcome glamor with relative ease once they become aware of it as a personalityGlamour, 224:for a given length of time (for instance, once a week for two years or more) without looking forGlamour, 249:the sun sign. The influence of the rising sign. Once, however, these are ascertained and there isGlamour, 264:in the Spiritual Triad. In all cases, however, once within the ring-pass-not of the three worlds,Glamour, 270:will and take definite forward moving action. Once the disciple has taken the necessary steps andGlamour, 272:sensed by you and lead you to greater activity - once the burning ground is passed - is my deepestHealing, 48:is entering slowly into a new usefulness. Once the cause of disease is shifted out of an organ orHealing, 70:influenza has its roots in fear and worry, and once the world settles down to freedom from theHealing, 97:to be healed, plus a loving heart. In [97] fact, once these conditions are met, too much use of theHealing, 97:of the nature of the one to be healed; but once it has aided in focusing the attention of theHealing, 98:radiance which shows itself in every man once he has linked the centers in the head. When thisHealing, 101:and carefully keep all thought in abeyance, once the preliminary work has been done, for energyHealing, 125:each phase of which presents its own problems. Once a disciple has mastered the rhythm of his outerHealing, 127:moment to the individual and to the race. Once the individual disciple, and humanity as well,Healing, 147:at the base of the spine. An active interplay, once established between the ajna center and theHealing, 206:in Love - fresh, compelling and selfless. But once that relation is established, the healer mustHealing, 215:The downward trend - producing Transformation. Once the head center is awakening and the discipleHealing, 245:entrance into human form and its exit therefrom. Once this exit has been made and the soul hasHealing, 271:will be simplified to this extent that, once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, theHealing, 293:in space." In these words the Master Serapis once summed up the matter when endeavoring to train aHealing, 308:which is a soul faculty and infallible, once a person has been rightly trained in its use. It is aHealing, 426:when all the lessons have been learnt, the voice once more will speak: "Restore with joy that whichHealing, 447:to which he is well accustomed and which he at once recognizes as not new. In his sleeping hours heHealing, 475:This is the stage in which - the fear of death once and for all removed from the racial mind - theHealing, 477:of the vital body can be exceedingly rapid. Once it is accomplished, the process of restitution isHealing, 492:is a point which should receive more emphasis. Once this is truly grasped and understood, a greatHealing, 493:to recognize and profit by experience, for this, once learnt, will greatly facilitate this thirdHealing, 493:consciously or unconsciously. The relation once again established (if those sought have not yetHealing, 494:One of the things to remember here is that once restitution of the physical in its two aspects hasHealing, 511:is the lowest aspect of the Spiritual Triad. Once integration has taken place between theHealing, 516:of its own essential liberation and realizes, once and for all, that it is now incapable ofHealing, 516:transmission. The second reaction of the soul, once this realization has been focused and admitted,Healing, 534:will be simplified to this extent - that once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, theHealing, 536:there will be less distress and disease on earth once the necessary planetary [537] adjustmentsHealing, 615:and the Hierarchy, acting in this capacity once a year; the Hierarchy itself is the intermediaryHealing, 630:will be simplified to this extent - that once the organ involved is known and thus isolated, theHealing, 645:and that of the patient, which can be used when once contact has been induced, for a definiteHealing, 654:- quiet, silent and controlled - by the healer. Once, however, the rapport is established, the workHealing, 698:performs the act of linking the two triangles; once this is done, he is ready for the healingHercules, 3:It must indicate the inclusiveness of the goal, once those problems have been surmounted, and mustHercules, 38:rightly understood. Let him proceed to labor once again, enter the second Gate, returning withHercules, 53:aspects constitute the controlling factor and once they have gained possession of the sacred bull,Hercules, 58:through that Gate. Capture the doe and enter once again the Holy Place." [60] The Tibetan (DjwhalHercules, 99:The lion and serpents must be slain again and once again. Well done, my son, go rest in peace withHercules, 141:oozing quicksands were a hazard, and more than once Hercules quickly withdrew his foot lest he beHercules, 149:This ugly head of the hydra must be destroyed once and for all before a man can declare himself toHercules, 171:steps, Hercules returned as he had come. When once again he reached the world of living things, heHercules, 196:Breathing fire and flame from all three heads at once, the monster came upon him. Geryon hurled aHercules, 217:all the twelve constellations rise and set once." Ibid, p. 167 The second thing, therefore, toInitiation, 14:system. Initiation leads to the stream that, once entered, sweeps a man onward until it carries himInitiation, 37:Beings from planetary and solar sources, and once or twice from cosmic sources, have at times lentInitiation, 84:remaining three steps were taken in three years. Once the second initiation is taken [85] theInitiation, 105:to take the other two, the sixth and seventh. Once a year, at the Wesak Festival, the Lord Buddha,
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