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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ONENESS

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Astrology, 292:unit which becomes increasingly aware of its oneness, its aloneness and its isolated attitude asAstrology, 626:and the demonstration of their essential oneness. Gemini, as you know, is the sign of divineAtom, 153:development of will or purpose, lies unity, the oneness of the subjective life, and the eventualAutobiography, 219:than most people do, and it was the sense of the oneness of humanity that I wanted the girls toBethlehem, 87:indistinguishable, there is the soul. Soul means oneness, unity, union between the inner wish andBethlehem, 143:the Divine Will raises his consciousness to oneness with the Divine Consciousness; for a time heBethlehem, 154:out in his words to Krishna: "This union through oneness which is taught by Thee, ...I perceive notDestiny, 47:in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the Life which pours through, permeates,Discipleship1, 25:and your goal also if you hold the thought of oneness, of service and above all else of love. Discipleship1, 93:and preparation for initiation. Hints anent the Oneness of Deity and man's relation to anDiscipleship2, 255:as preparatory to initiation. Teaching as to the oneness of Deity and of the universal order.Discipleship2, 759:We set out to develop a sense of unity and of oneness with all beings, yet at times we must learnExternalisation, 20:him to a realization of brotherhood and of his oneness in relation to all manifested lives. Externalisation, 103:love. Where these are lacking, this simultaneous oneness and directed thought and this "groupExternalisation, 253:evil is somewhat grasped, and above all when the oneness of humanity and the rights of human beingsFire, 420:can say "I am That" he is beginning to sense his oneness with his group. When groups make a similarFire, 422:of the groups in which the units recognize the oneness of their self-interest, and thereforeFire, 662:at the heart of Being, and to comprehend the oneness of the Universal Soul, and the Unity of thatFire, 737:is no longer felt, only unity and essential oneness is known. Therefore, as might be naturallyFire, 850:consciousness brings man closer to this realized Oneness. Fire, 850:based on similarity of vibration and oneness of endeavor, between every one of the planetaryFire, 1085:for man and in obedience to the law of oneness which connects the many, in the opinion of all trueFire, 1115:Deity. All the above serves to demonstrate the oneness of the tiniest unit with the one greatFire, 1214:units, and his realization of the essential oneness of all life which brings about the greatGlamour, 5:word, universality, or the sense of universal Oneness. Is that not something which all aspirantsGlamour, 95:The stage wherein satisfaction and sense of oneness is sought in the realm of material possessions,Glamour, 174:and lead to a developed appreciation of the oneness of life and with hylozoistic expression. TwoHealing, 546:must not be confounded with the sense of Oneness which marks the rightly oriented person. In theHercules, 138:of Assisi tamed by his love for it, and sense of oneness with it. Some highlights from the lectureHercules, 203:New Age, the universal spirit, identification, oneness with all your fellowmen. That is love and itInitiation, 13:unity with all that lives and the essential oneness of the self with all selves. It results in aInitiation, 75:through united service, loving cooperation, and oneness in aspiration, thought, and endeavor, - toInitiation, 118:the solar Logos, and realizes within himself the Oneness of all life and manifestation. ThisInitiation, 118:instead, through his own effort, a knower. His oneness with his brothers is proven, and he realizesInitiation, 119:awakened in him an unshakable realization of the oneness of the fundamental life as it manifestsInitiation, 202:recognition will be based upon: Unity of aim. Oneness of vibration. Identity in group affiliation.Intellect, 54:recognitions, which develop into that sense of oneness with all beings and with the supreme RealityIntellect, 137:fragment of divinity, conscious of its essential oneness with Deity. The Higher Self becomesIntellect, 153:brought back to the idea of Wholeness and of Oneness with the Universe, which we touched uponIntellect, 153:define illumination as an overwhelming sense of oneness with The Whole." - Hall, W. Winslow, M.D.Intellect, 184:down the old barriers, and demonstrating the oneness of the human soul. Speaking generally, thisMagic, 290:all lead back to the idea of unity, and of the Oneness of all manifestation, only to be known andMagic, 369:is fruitless until the soul realizes its oneness with the Father. This realization follows upon anMagic, 369:of group consciousness, of group solidarity, of oneness with all beings, and may not be interpretedMagic, 384:as a whole, the Life is known in its essential oneness, and the term, monad, begins to have someMagic, 393:soul as it is lost in the whole and realizes its oneness with the soul or self of all. Magic, 424:the constant emphasis laid upon the essential oneness of all humanity. It will [425] be the resultMeditation, 17:on to perfection through the realization of his oneness with all that breathes, resulting in thePatanjali, 32:becomes apparent as the student remembers the oneness of spirit and matter when in manifestation;Patanjali, 250:lower concrete mental substance. Realization of oneness with all souls, subhuman, human, andPatanjali, 288:This union is the result of the egoic oneness [289] brought down into full activity in the threePatanjali, 358:he has to realize his unity with all, and the oneness of his soul with all other souls. He has toPatanjali, 358:form aspects and the achievement of spiritual Oneness. It is aloofness from the materialPatanjali, 368:is a sure index of Kaivalya (state of absolute oneness A. B.) to be described in the followingProblems, 83:relationships, human fair play and the essential oneness of all men - these are the only conceptsProblems, 165:be recognized as a fact and not only would our oneness of origin, of goal and of life be recognizedProblems, 165:invocation, the unity of their effort and the oneness of their understanding. It is for this thatProblems, 179:of right human relations, standing for the oneness of humanity and for practical, but notPsychology1, 15:of the pioneering disciples of life the ideal of Oneness and of Unity. It has nevertheless been aPsychology1, 67:God enter into this wisdom. Reveal to each the oneness of the many lives. Quality - expansion orPsychology1, 380:in the racial consciousness, as well as the oneness of the Life which pours through, permeates,Psychology2, 100:behind the dualities - the stage of essential oneness - can, and will be recognized. When thisPsychology2, 106:and method, or complete understanding and oneness of approach. That fluid, perfect cooperation liesPsychology2, 106:contact and relationship, based on a realized oneness of purpose and soul love, is magnificentlyPsychology2, 363:center. Peace I demand. My mind is bent upon it. Oneness with all I seek, yet form divides. WarPsychology2, 364:for alignment. This alignment or sense of oneness is not in any way a mystical realization, or thatPsychology2, 367:discovering victory ahead, [367] achieving oneness with the enemy, the Warrior and the One." InPsychology2, 416:of the sense of unity and of balance, of oneness or of wholeness. In its higher human aspect, thisPsychology2, 417:This illumination reveals the essential oneness which exists on the the inner side of life andPsychology2, 675:of right human relations, for the basic oneness of humanity, for practical brotherhood, forRays, 60:in "isolated unity," aware of his mysterious oneness with all that is. The urge which distinguishedRays, 173:of the world which has exactly the same quality. Oneness, unity, synthesis and identification existRays, 265:no longer exists in him. It refers to his oneness in the world of [266] energies in which he moves,Rays, 298:might therefore be said that revelation concerns Oneness and nothing else. The practical nature ofRays, 298:glass through which all may see the reality of Oneness as it demonstrates [299] in practicingRays, 299:expression of an existent unity, based upon oneness of motive, of recognition, of orientationRays, 299:and the light streams forth, revelation of the oneness of all life is a simple and immediateRays, 300:The important aspect, at this time, of the basic oneness underlying all forms, and which theRays, 301:penetrating. They, therefore, are demonstrating oneness and synthesis in such a simple way that menRays, 301:proof of the existence of the world of spiritual Oneness. To all applicants the call has gone outRays, 302:long existed and has for aye been here. The Oneness of the Presence; the area [303] of love; theRays, 363:the student realizes that the great universal Oneness which he associates with monadicRays, 466:and cooperation with the Plan. Will. Direction. Oneness. The influence of the Triad. TheRays, 595:to further the revelation of that unity and that Oneness which is the major characteristic of theRays, 595:of men. It is unification and a growing sense of oneness which is required in order to take thisRays, 734:order to further the manifestation of unity, of oneness and of interrelation, and He comes,Rays, 764:has experienced and knows; the occult sense of oneness must guide unto the gate. What else willRays, 764:of the Path? Compassion first and conscious oneness; then death to every form that holds and hidesRays, 764:these thoughts into a threefold charge? First Oneness, then the Word, and lastly Growth. [765]
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