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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - ONES

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Psychology1, 171:that during that time the attention of the Great Ones should be turned towards a definite attemptPsychology1, 175:strong. Such is the problem before the Great Ones at this time. What will They do to bring thePsychology1, 176:present a more serious problem to the Great Ones than do the peoples of the Occident, for ignorancePsychology1, 186:work, and with that appeal from the Great Ones I seek to occupy myself. Everyone is needed and mustPsychology1, 303:do, in a measure, safeguard the little feeble ones, and will be regarded therefore as binding uponPsychology1, 353:are the major results. There are many minor ones which tend to perfect the divine purpose for thePsychology2, 13:fact and cause much stumbling among the little ones. But at the same time, they are working towardsPsychology2, 32:out. It flickers and is gone. Yet the Blessed Ones reveal at will that quality. The color purePsychology2, 32:a little while, then disappears. The Blessed Ones, at will, can take a form, yet are not then thePsychology2, 33:are not. All is and all is not. But the Blessed Ones at any time can sweep forth into manifestedPsychology2, 33:own spiritual will.) "Naught holds the Blessed Ones. Neither the deities nor form; neither desirePsychology2, 33:can grasp, and only that in part. The Blessed Ones are not, and yet They are. The Blessed Ones knowPsychology2, 33:Ones are not, and yet They are. The Blessed Ones know naught, and yet know all. The Blessed OnesPsychology2, 33:Ones know naught, and yet know all. The Blessed Ones love not, yet offer love divine. The BlessedPsychology2, 33:love not, yet offer love divine. The Blessed Ones remember not, yet all is recollection. ThePsychology2, 33:not, yet all is recollection. The Blessed Ones remain in isolation pure; and yet at will can take aPsychology2, 33:and yet at will can take a form. The Blessed Ones dwell ever in the high and lofty place, yet oftPsychology2, 33:walk on earth in light phenomenal. The Blessed Ones manifest not through form; yet are all formsPsychology2, 33:many pages of writing, shewing that the Blessed Ones are naught and yet are all there is; that TheyPsychology2, 33:inclusive of, form is the life of the Blessed Ones. It ends with the wonderful injunction:Psychology2, 34:heresy of separateness. Then we, the Beatific Ones, will eventually find ourselves merged with allPsychology2, 134:within him produces the stumbling of the "little ones" and there has to be constant repair workPsychology2, 136:contacted some group thought-form of the Great Ones. He will be under the illusion that he is aPsychology2, 178:and deep, for recognition by one of the Great Ones. When this freedom from the personal is found,Psychology2, 179:have dominated eventually, and the indefinite ones have been eliminated and rendered totallyPsychology2, 182:esoteric objectives will emerge as the earlier ones are reached: Group Unity. This must be achievedPsychology2, 183:and a close telepathic interrelation. The Great Ones, Whom we all seek to serve, are thus linked,Psychology2, 260:their fellow men. These awakening souls are the ones who can at times be influenced to retard orPsychology2, 381:into good or of bad characteristics into good ones (for this should take place quite definitelyPsychology2, 450:following reasons: The attention of the Great Ones is entirely focused owing to planetary affairs,Psychology2, 523:to be made from all the lower centers to higher ones and that this is usually done in two stages.Psychology2, 558:powers and has not yet developed the higher ones. Hence the reaction to be seen on every hand todayPsychology2, 571:assured, past all controversy, that the Great Ones have chosen him for special privilege and forPsychology2, 629:moment and to the service which the Great Ones are seeking to render. This cooperative effort byPsychology2, 635:which means success to any leader. They are the ones who have the controlling vote in nationalPsychology2, 649:time Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones So let it be, and help us to do our part thePsychology2, 650:with the rapidly emerging plan of the Great Ones, has been vitally increased in numbers during thePsychology2, 652:the present condition. The new Plan of the Great Ones is, therefore, in the last analysis, simplyPsychology2, 666:themselves? How can the Plan of the Great Ones make progress and the leadership of the world passPsychology2, 713:Ageless Wisdom and to the disciples of the Great Ones. Only that is of importance to us whichPsychology2, 713:these days which purports to come from the Great Ones and which is stated to embody Their will andPsychology2, 713:their number many thought forms of the Great Ones. These thought forms necessarily exist, and arePsychology2, 735:The Great Approaches At a gathering of the Great Ones not so long ago, the question was asked:Psychology2, 741:ideas work out when complex and complicated ones fail in their objective. The Hierarchy of MastersPsychology2, 748:enterprises that the servers of the Great Ones and of humanity will direct their attention. TheyRays, 8:aspirants and the preparing of the few earnest ones to tread the Path of Discipleship. The finalRays, 11:Master - the medium of help among many little ones. I commend the above thought to you knowing thatRays, 12:because the coming few days are exceedingly busy ones for me as they are for all members of theRays, 26:great. The true significances are not the simple ones which appear upon the surface. The words ofRays, 83:the earlier initiations, but only to the final ones. There are five obvious crises of initiationRays, 92:of God the Preserver. He "tends the little ones." The work here referred to concerns His activityRays, 116:of the third degree, just as the words "little ones" or "little child" apply to an initiate of theRays, 139:which are (from the insight of the Enlightened Ones) only the ABC of life. These truths are: TheRays, 194:as well as numerous smaller and less important ones, to which no reference has been or need beRays, 382:humanity could now produce its own "enlightened ones." Rays, 496:its relation to the personality, and the outer ones as they concern you and your environment. "IRays, 551:present in our planet today, but these are the ones which will (in a vague sense) mean something toRays, 731:them life after life - only to create new ones until mastery is attained. Then - as a result of theRays, 733:the personnel of which are known as "The Wise Ones and the Attractive Energies of Shamballa." I amReappearance, 6:the doctrine of Avatars or of divine "Coming Ones" has to do. Reappearance, 17:the Pharisees and the Sadducees were not the ones who recognized Him when He came before. TheyReappearance, 17:that the reactionary churchmen will be the ones to recognize Him today. He may reappear in aReappearance, 56:associates and advisors; these will not be the ones who gathered around in those earlier simplerReappearance, 83:known as the "Nourisher of the little ones." As Dispenser of the Water of Life and as Nourisher ofReappearance, 83:the Water of Life and as Nourisher of the Little Ones, He enters upon His duties in the AquarianReappearance, 83:the Water of Life. The Nourisher of the Little Ones. These are descriptive of His threefold dutiesReappearance, 86:of the Aquarian Age. As Nourisher of the Little Ones, we are dealing with an aspect of Christ'sReappearance, 87:As esotericists know, the term "little ones" refers to those disciples who are "babes in Christ"Soul, 15:practice are usually the right and appropriate ones! - Köhler, Wolfgang, Gestalt Psychology, p.Soul, 25:by a self. "The second group, the selfless ones, claim to be unable to find any self, orTelepathya telepathic medium of interrelation. The Great Ones, Whom we all seek to serve, are thus linked,
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